The kids have been back in school for a month and I am sure by now you or someone you know has already suffered from a cold and/or flu virus. I know, we already have. Our whole house was hit within a couple of weeks of the kids returning to school, where it seems to be a very popular hangout for bacteria and germs! 

Join us for a Twitter party and get your family ready for the cold & flu season with Boiron Canada! 

Getting ready for cold & flu season

Date: Thursday, October 20th 8PM-9PM EST
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Prizes include: 

· 1 grand prize – value $150 : Boiron medicines for cold, cough & flu + Serenity baskets from Jules’s wellness

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See you there! 

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The spookiest day of the year is only a few more weeks away, the kids keep on reminding me every day. While I've already begun taking out my Halloween decorations and costumes from previous years, the kids haven't exactly decided on what they want to go out trick or treating as yet. 

They're usually pretty good at coming up with ideas way in advance and we have had some great costumes over the years. 

It has been a wishy-washy decision, unlike other years. One day the boy wants to be a zombie and the next he wants to try on one of his old Batman costumes and maybe give it one more go around before retiring it from Halloween fun. 

For the oldest, this may be her last year coming out with her siblings (so she says). She has mentioned she wants to be a "possessed doll" but hasn't really said much more than that. Of course, our Miss M wants to be a princess. Not just any princess, though, she wants to be Elsa from Disney's movie Frozen.

While they are making their final decisions, I am finding Halloween inspiration through their favourite shows on Netflix! If your little one hasn't quite decided on a costume yet, check out these Netflix-inspired  Halloween costumes for little kids with step-by-step instructions you can make in a breeze!

What I like best about DIY costumes like these is that you and your kids can always add things to make them your own. 

These are just a few simple and cute costume ideas to get you started, all it takes is a little inspiration and imagination to be whatever they want to be this Halloween. 

Countdown to Halloween with spooktacular programs streaming this month only on Netflix Canada

Have your kids decided what they want to be yet? 

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian #AMEblog readers!

No matter how you celebrate, may your plates be filled with delicious food and your hearts filled with joy and love. 


As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The point of wearing pink isn't just for fashion, you're also making a statement, showing your support for those who have been affected by cancer. It shows your support in hopes of one day finding a cure. 

Ardene has collaborated with Barbie and the Rethink Breast Cancer Foundation to create a limited edition lifestyle collection: Ardene x Barbie. Not only are these comfy and trendy but they have a socially conscious message at the core. This initiative brings a fresh and youthful approach to cancer awareness. 

For the month of October, 100% of net profits of the Ardene x Barbie collection will help support Rethink’s work to empower young people impacted by breast cancer. The Ardene x Barbie collection includes*: 

  • Barbie Beanie 
  • Barbie Lounge Joggers 
  • Super soft Barbie joggers 
  • Super soft Barbie Tee Barbie Ringer Tee 
  • Barbie Boyshorts 
  • Barbie Bootie Slippers 

*Each item sold separately.
You can find these at Ardene online or in select stores for a limited time.  

*Posted for Breast Cancer Awareness month on behalf of Ardene and Mattel. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author*


What do you mean I have time to actually do my hair? Yes, when we are going out somewhere, as busy as I am, I still take the time to doll myself up now and then. One thing I dislike is my hair. I don't know, maybe I was born with it or maybe it's from years of bad hair products and whatever else I've done to my mop top but most days, it is an uncooperative flat mixed with frizzy, mess. This stuff could scare little kids, my own kids are just used to the scary morning look.  

What helps make it manageable and less embarrassing is using the right products for my hair like shampoo and conditioners I know work. I minimize the styling products that  tend to weigh my already thin hair right down or products that may end up giving me that "I didn't wash my hair in a week" look. Another thing that helps is using the right tools. I use heat when I style. It takes away that "frizzy, beach-hair wannabe" look I end up with if I just simply let it air dry. 

Conair has been an innovative beauty and personal care company for as long as I can remember. Everything from styling products to brushes, hair dryers to straighteners, curlers, and shavers, you can find the right tool for your needs with products from Conair. 

Meet the Infinity Pro Ionic Straightening Brush by Conair

A new way to get straight, sleek and shiny hair without the flatiron. This takes my three step hair routine down by one! 

To get rid of the frizz, I have been using the old  brush and blow dryer or flat iron methods for years. I've tried different types of straighteners until I found one that works for my hair. 

I have always wanted to try a straightening brush. The concept of having two steps in one is amazing for me, anything to help save me time in the bathroom before the kids start banging on the door! 


400°F (204°C) High Heat*
- Advanced Ionic Conditioning
- Silicone Bristles for added shine
- Diamond Ceramic Technology
- 30 seconds instant heat
- Limited time four-year warranty

How it works:

Very simple to use, just plug it in, flip the switch to the setting you want and let it heat up. It only takes 30 seconds to reach full heat! 

It's got three heat settings for every type of hair. I tested it out on medium at first but high seemed to give me the best result for my hair. 

Brush your hair and style it as you usually would! Your hair runs through between the regular and diamond ceramic bristles giving it body with a sleek and shiny look within minutes. Tip: If you have longer, thicker or curly hair, separate and brush your hair in parts instead. 

The results:

For the best results, I let my hair completely air dry naturally after washing and towel drying it. I heated the brush to high and brushed my hair as I would if I was styling it but without the blow dryer. Within minutes my "beach wave wannabe" style was gone! The brush has a 360° rotating wire so it not being cordless isn't a problem. The brush isn't heavy and it literally took minutes to tame the mane. 

Seriously impressive, I did not use any hair products other than shampoo and conditioner from wash through style. Good-bye Flatiron, it's been great but I found better. 

Thanks Conair for sending along the Infinity Pro Ionic Straightening Brush, my hair thanks you too! 

Posted on behalf of Conair. A complimentary product obtained for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 


It's hard to believe 2016 only has a few months left to it, that went fast!

With the change of season, I had a change of heart when it came to the old #AMEblog logo. That "Mom" character needed to go. For now, I have made this temporary banner - A Motherhood Experience The Blog. It needs some work but that'll come with time. Everything else is staying the same including fun articles, reviews, and giveaways! 

I'd like to announce a new adventure, I have created another blog! I would love if you would go and follow on social media!

Lifehood Story is my new blog. Life is a story in the making and this is my lifestyle blog about it. Less mommy-blog and more everything else. I will still be keeping up with parenting stories, crafts, recipes and more here on AME. I know I have some readers who may not have kids, #LifehoodStory will be for you! Read more about my adventure in the first post! 

For now, Lifehood Story has associated Instagram and Twitter accounts @LifehoodStory. If it gets enough readership it might earn itself a Facebook page and a proper domain. Only time (and you) will tell! 

Enjoy and thanks for following! 


We have been working with Miss M on potty training for a while. She understands the concept, she asks to go to the bathroom and all of that but she still relies on training pants just in case we have any messes as she may still forget from time to time, especially at night. We are hoping to have her in big girl underwear before too long.

Sometimes all they need is a little boost, Pampers sent us a cute surprise to encourage Miss M to keep on the right path to potty training featuring new Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear.  

We had fun creating an unboxing video just for the special event. Miss M's expression is priceless. You even get to hear my "video voice" as my oldest calls it. Watch the fun below! 

We have used Pampers in the past and we think these new and improved Easy Ups are much better. They look and feel like real underwear which makes your little one feel less like a baby and more like a "big kid". They'll think "underwear" and you'll know its "Pampers". 

Unlike other styles of training pants for little kids, Pampers Easy Ups fit like real underwear and less like a typical diaper with a cotton feel on the outside and a 360 degree elastic that stretches all the way around and not just on the sides. Easy Ups is the only training underwear with Extra Absorb Channels™, helping to keep toddlers dry during the day AND night. Dual Leak-Guard Barriers™ around the legs prevent the leaks that can happen when they are on the move.

Pampers Easy Ups come in two fun themes - Dora the Explorer or Thomas and friends to help get them excited about potty training.

You can find Pampers Easy Ups where diapers are sold nationwide in sizes 2T-3T, 3T-4T, and 4T-5T. 

For more than 50 years, parents have trusted Pampers to care for their babies' happy, healthy development. Pampers offers a variety of diapers, wipes and training pants designed to provide protection and comfort at every stage. 

You can learn more about Pampers products by visiting www.pampers.com. Join the Pampers Rewards program, and find ideas and information to help you and your baby get the most out of love, sleep, and play. 

Connect with Pampers on social media - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube #PampersEasyUps

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Do you know exactly what you are putting into your grocery cart and what you could be avoiding?  

Do you know how to get the right Nutritional Facts by reading the Nutrition Facts table (NFt) on your food packages? 

You may remember my post here about the Nutritional Facts table (NFt). The NFt can help you make educated choices when choosing the food you serve to your family by starting with the Serving Size and then looking at the percent daily value (% DV). By using the Serving Size and % DV in the NFt, you can choose foods that have more of the nutrients you need like fibre and calcium, and less of what you don’t want , like saturated and trans fats and sodium.

It really makes a difference when you take a minute to check these things out when you are shopping for your family meals.

We were invited to attend the Carp Fair and visit the Nutrition Facts Education booth and play a little game to see how well we understand the Nutrition Facts table (NFt) by playing  “Nutrition FACT-O” game. This was not your typical carnival game! Kind of like PLINKO but with nutritional facts!

The host asked us specific questions about items using info on the NFt. It may sound easy but this was timed and we had a whole 30 seconds to answer the questions. If we got it right we got a “Nutrition FACT-O” chip to send down the down the Nutrition FACT-O board for a chance to win branded prizes and ballots for a chance to win a grocery gift card. The faster you answer, the faster you win.

I think the kids did pretty good with answering the questions, I even found myself stumped on one or two. I blame the lack of coffee that day. We had a nice day  the Carp Fair and learning more about Nutrition Facts! 

If you #FocusOnTheFacts you could win a $300 Grocery Gift Card from Nutrition Facts Education! Test your skills and take the quiz, for your chance to win.

Visit http://FocusOnTheFacts.ca for full details and official contest rules!

Follow Healthy Canadians on social media Twitter and Facebook!

Win it!

We want you to #FocusOnTheFacts! Enter for your chance to win a $100 grocery gc! Use the giveaway ballot below to enter! Giveaway ends October 7th 2016. 

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Fall is officially upon us and October is almost here! That means we have been thinking about all things spooky and spectacular for the past few weeks. The kids are still trying to decide what they want to be for this year's Halloween trick-or-treating festivities. 

In the meantime, while they contemplate being a witch or a zombie, I am digging out my ever growing box of Halloween goodies. No, I didn't save a bunch of candy from last year but we do have some great decorations to celebrate the spookiest time of the year. 

I have always loved decorating, even if it's as simple as adding themed decorations around a typically ordinary room. It sets the mood for the occasion and it's always fun to dig out the box and the memories it holds year after year. The kids won't be young forever, I like to enjoy these moments now! 

Hallmark Canada has some fun Halloween and fall themed items to get us in the spooky spirit. From Pumpkins, ghosts and talking books, oh my! The house is going to look howlingly good!  

Canvas Trick or Treat bag $6.99 - Premium Felt Totes Assortment $19.95 - Vampire Door Decor $16.95 - Medium glass candle holder/vase $19.95 to $39.95.

Spooky Metal House $24.95, Halloween ornaments $5.95 each - Tea towels $16.95, Oven mitt $12.95 - Spook-tastic dancing ghost $39.5 on special $24.95 - Large fabric pumpkin $19.95 - Candy skull salt and pepper set $12.95 - Flameless candles $12.95. 

"Spells and Potions" treat presenter $24.95 special value $14.95

Add these inspirational Fall and Halloween themed items to your decor and get the house looking spooktacular for October. You can find these and other amazing items by visiting your local Hallmark Canada store or on the Hallmark Canada website


One lucky AME reader has the chance to win a Spook-tastic dancing ghost ($39.95 value) courtesy of Hallmark Canada #LoveHallmarkCA! Enter by using the giveaway ballot below!

Open to Canadians 18+ (excluding Quebec). Mandatory entry must be done for extras to count. One entry per household. Ends October 14th, 2016. For more information about giveaways please see our disclosure page. 

Good Luck! 

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Summer brought us days of sunshine, swimsuits and skirts. Now that fall is in the air, it doesn't mean we should be neglecting our legs! We can still look and feel beautiful, even if we have to put on a couple of extra layers. 

We always look for the smoothest, closest shave when it comes to our legs. 

One of my favourite razors is the Schick Intuition

It's got a 4 blade, pivoting head and a protectant moisture bar surrounding so you don't have to worry about nicks and cuts plus, no need for shaving gel with the lathering moisture bar. The moisture bar/blades come in different scents and the handles in different colours available at most drug stores.

It's the first "all-in-one" razor system I would recommend for both efficiency and cost. Also great for first-time shavers. 

This was one of the first razors my oldest daughter tried when she started worrying about her own feminine care. It made things less tricky and she loved the results of the built-in moisture bar. Having used these in the past, I can agree Schick Intuition is a great razor if you're looking for something simple. 


You can learn more about Schick Intuition at Schick.ca.

Readers, rate & review Schick Intuition!

Would you like to rate and review a Schick Intuition Razor on Amazon.ca

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Due to high volume entrants across the blogosphere, this giveaway is now CLOSED! 25 lucky AME readers have been emailed and will each receive a Schick razor to rate and review. 

Winners have 48 hours to reply to winning email or submit their info before new winners will be chosen. If a winner has won this elsewhere we ask they let us know so that we may redraw! 

Good luck!

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