In 2013, little girls (and many parents) around the world fell in love with one of Disney's most epic movies, Frozen. People are still talking about it three years later. We just can't "Let it go!"

Our oldest daughter was 9 years old when the movie came out, she loved it but wasn't at the age of wanting to really collect any toys or apparel themed from the movie. We added it to our (ever growing) movie collection and it has been watched over, and over again. Not by our oldest child but by our youngest, Miss M.

At almost four years old she is obsessed with all things Frozen. She is always referencing Anna and Elsa in some way or another. When it snowed a few weeks ago, she told me Elsa did that. It was not surprising that this year she asked for Elsa and Anna dolls from Santa.

Hasbro has some great Frozen toys available for your little one this holiday season such as:

Disney Frozen Fashion Change Elsa Doll

The star of the show, Elsa, comes dressed in her beautiful icy gown and comes with her coronation dress and matching accessories to really play out the movie! I know our own little "Elsa" will be very pleased this Christmas! Includes doll, two outfits, two pairs of shoes and a crown. Ages 3 and up. $19.99 ARV

Disney Frozen Anna and Kristof Set

What's Frozen without two of the most important characters, Anna and Kristof. This 2-pack set includes Anna and Kristoff wearing outfits they are wearing during the ice-skating finale in Frozen. Includes 2 dolls, 2 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes. ages 3+ $24.99 ARV

Disney Frozen Fever Olaf

Even serious play time needs some comic relief. Add Disney Frozen Fever Olaf to your Frozen collection! Celebrate with Olaf and 3 Snowgies from Anna's birthday party in the Disney short, Frozen Fever. Mix and match all the pieces, including the Snowgies. With a birthday cake, 2 cups and a snow globe gift for Anne, Olaf is ready for some celebrating! Ages 3 and up. $22.99 

You can find these and other great Hasbro toys at your local toy retailer like Toys R Us or find a retailer near you on the Hasbro.com website! 


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The holiday season is upon us which means once Christmas time has come and gone, we will be on winter holidays from the everyday. The kids will be off from school for a couple of weeks which means I also slow things down and use my time to relax and regroup for the coming New Year.

I have developed a habit when it comes to watching my favourite shows and movies. I tend to binge watch a whole new season in just a few sittings, leaving myself with an empty feeling and searching to find out when the next season is rumored to becoming back to my favourite streaming service, Netflix. 

While I'm taking a little break for the next round of episodes from my favourite shows to stream, I find myself searching for movies of similar taste or movies with actors from the show I just finished, to see what else they have done and keep myself entertained until the next run. 

Apparently, I am not the only one who does this. Netflix released data explaining a new binge routine with 65% of users taking about a three day break before starting up a new show and during that break over half (61%) watch a movie to fill the gap. That's more than 30 million people who agree, some things just go better together! 

Canadians have some interesting pairings when it comes to movies that most often follow series among Netflix users. Some popular choices are:

- Quick paced, coffee loving Gilmore Girls fans keep pop culture references fresh with movies like Clueless and Mean Girls. If you have not binged through Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life yet, get to it! The last four words will have you wanting more! 
- When it comes to relationship dramas like Grey's Anatomy, movies like Sleeping with Other People and Couples Retreat are popular choices. 

-After a round of Marvel's Jessica Jones, fans look for other strong leading ladies in movies like The Hunger Games and V for Vendetta.
- People enjoy continuing the silliness of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with  movies like 13 Going On 30 and The Princess Bride.

Changing to movies between series also gives people a bit of a change from watching one genre to another. If you're watching something a bit scarier like The Walking Dead which CAN get your heart pumping, you can calm yourself down with a movie like The Martian or The Do-Over.

Check out the graphic below for more popular series/movie combos! 

Click to enlarge!
For every series, there is a matching themed movie to keep you in the mood for more only on Netflix

December is a great month to get comfy and stay in for some serious Netflixing.

Do you find yourself looking for movies between binge watching series? 

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The digital world is all about streaming. Whether you are a gamer, a YouTube video creator, a pod caster or all of the above, one of the most important tools is your microphone.

Turtle Beach Stream Mic is a USB plug-in digital microphone made for people who want to sound great, no matter what they say. It's the first professional-quality, plug and play device that's compatible with PC, Mac, XBox One and PS4 so you can sound great on any platform. 

We are very familiar with Turtle Beach products, hubby's favourite gaming headset was one of his best investments when it comes to his gaming. Although somewhat on the pricer side of things, you know that you are getting a good quality product you will really enjoy. 

You already game like a pro, now sound like a pro with Turtle Beach Stream Mic. With a simple USB plug-in, you can stream directly from your console and through Adaptive Mic Patterns with TruSpeak technology, on board processing and dual capsule mic, your audience will hang on to your every word - even if you're just trash talking.

I personally love the look of this mic, it resembles an old radio mic from back in the day with a little bit of new age added to it. The front is sleek with a mute/unmute button for full control. The back has a headset plug, volume control, console input switch and USB plug. The mic is small enough but has weight to it. It comes with a desk stand or you can mount it elsewhere. 

I also like that it is pretty universal when it comes to usage. Hubby can use it for gaming on his XBox One or we can use it for voiceovers in videos. Who knows, maybe I can take up pod casting on the side. 

If you're looking for a great digital gaming or recording mic, I recommend checking out the Turtle Beach Stream Mic. 

Check out the videos on the official website to learn more and see just how the Turtle Beach Stream Mic works! 

You can find these at Walmart online for $129.96

Follow @TurtleBeach on Twitter and Like the Turtle Beach Facebook Page for the latest updates! 

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Star Wars has been a huge thing ever since I can remember. We have seen every Star Wars movie, of course, Star Wars items would be on somebody's Christmas list this year! Hasbro Canada has come great Disney Star Wars toys and collectibles for the biggest of fans! 

Chewbacca Electronic Mask

Remember the "Chewbacca Mom" video, that pretty much made this toy popular earlier this year. It stars a mom, her (very contagious) laugh and pure fun in a simple toy. Of course my kids saw this viral video too and wanted one of these to add to their mask collection. Our son has a bunch like Iron Man, Spider-Man, G.I. Joe and now for Christmas, Chewbacca. This mask works with movement to make wookie sounds that would scare any Storm Trooper. Open your mouth slightly for a low wookie growl or really scare them off with a roar by opening your mouth wide. Fun for kids of all ages! You can find this mask at most toy retailers for around $29.99. Ages 4 and up.

Star Wars BladeBuilders Spin Action Light Saber

My younger kids love playing make-believe. Over the years we have gifted our son with dress up accessories themed with things he loves like super heroes and now Star Wars. This holiday season he will love recreating his favourite Star Wars action scenes with his very own light saber! The Star Wars BladeBuilders Spin Action Light Saber comes with everything he needs to create adventures and scenes on the Dark side from the Star Wars Universe. It includes Spinning Connector Light Saber hilt and it's customizable with other BladeBuilders Lightsabers (each sold separately). You can find these at most toy retailers for around $59.99. Ages 4 and up.

Star Wars Interactech Imperial Storm Trooper Figure

Storm Troopers are clad in white and serve the Dark Side in the Star Wars franchise. Dressed in the typical Storm Trooper gear, he has over 65 different sound effects and phrases and uses a motion sensor to respond to specific movements. You can equip him with the included blaster accessory to hear special battle sound effects, or have him engage in hand to hand combat for punching sounds! Gear him up with the jetpack and move him around to hear amazing sound effects based on different motion-activated aerial movements! You can find the Star Wars Interactech Imperial Storm Trooper for around $29.99 at most toy retailers. Ages 4 and up. 

One thing I love about Hasbro toys is that if they require batteries, chances are your new toy will come with batteries included so your little one (or you!) can get down to the fun of things right away this holiday season. 

You can learn more about these and other great Hasbro toys for the holiday season by visiting www.hasbro.ca!

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Just because the temperature has dropped doesn't mean we automatically turn into bears and hibernate all winter long (oh but wouldn't that  be nice!). Getting out and about with the kids in the winter time is important not only to get some quality time in with the kids but also encourage outdoor physical activity which may lack a bit when the weather is so cold, you don't want to leave your warm bed! 

MSR Tyler Kids Snowshoes are perfect for beginners who want to go out, get active, and enjoy the snow.

MSR Tyker™ Kid's Snowshoes ($59.95)

A kid-sized version of MSR's strong, reliable Denali™ snowshoes, these easy-to-use snowshoes are intended for children who weigh up to 90 pounds (41 kg). They feature steel crampons and kid-friendly molded traction bars for great all-around traction and added safety. They also feature Kid-Friendly secure bindings that are designed for smaller, mitten-clad hands and can be used on most any footwear. Fits Wide Range of Sizes: Kids' shoe sizes 7.5–13.5 and adult sizes 1–4.5.

If you're looking for something new for the little adventurer in your house, you can find MSR Tyker Kids snowshoes at sporting goods shops like mec.ca

Product provided for review purposes. Comments and opinions are those of the author. 


Winter is coming and that means we have been preparing for the colder months. Snowsuits, hats, and mittens have already been bought with our last years extras dug out of storage to use, just in case anyone loses anything over the season (and they will!).

Snowboots are next on our list of things to get and Skechers Canada has a wide variety of warm and comfy snow boots to keep your families toes toasty all winter long.

Skechers Women's Highlanders - Cottontail  are the perfect mix of fashion and function for our Tween. While she isn't a little girl anymore, she wants something fashionable that also actually keeps her feet warm. She absolutely loves her new boots. 

Adorable and all around comfy, Skechers Girl's Highlanders - Quilt N Cute boots will keep Miss M's feet toasty warm while she plays outside. They are made with shiny faux-leather and soft woven material, and rise mid-calf. They are topped off with soft, pink faux fur for added warmth and style. 

Little guy will have fun in the snow wearing his new Skechers Boy's Lil Frostie  boots. They're water resistant, mid-calf, sculpted rubber boots perfect for a little boy on the go! They have a fleecy lining and are slip on with a front velcro strap, no worries about buckles or laces.

Visit the official Skechers website to see even more styles of boots and shoes for your family! 

Follow Skechers on Twitter and Like the Skechers Facebook Page for the latest news and updates! 


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The snow is coming! For those outdoorsmen/women who spend most of the cold season outside, someone who may work outside or for those like me who like to be outside but don't like to freeze their feet off at the kids bus stop, Thermacell ProFlex Heated Insoles to the rescue.

They are the perfect way to keep your feet warm without overheating and sweating. They have a flexible insole material, a comfortable and resilient poron battery cover cushion and removable, rechargeable battery. These heated insoles can be customized for men and women fitting men's shoe sizes 3.5-13 and women's 4.5-14.  

Thermacell ProFlex Heated Insoles are controlled with a simple and lightweight 3 settings remote - High, medium or no heat. The wireless remote works up to 7ft away! 

The battery charges fully within four hours and lasts about five hours using the medium setting. They are fairly easy to use and come with instructions in case you aren't sure how to use them. You insert the battery packs into the soles, the soles into your shoes and voila. With the press of a button, you have heated feet within a few quick minutes. 

With proper care, you could get a good four winters use out of these insoles plus extra batteries are sold separately where Thermacell insoles are sold.

For around $149.99 CAD you get your heated insoles, battery, usb charging cable, remote and instructions. You can find Thermacell heated insoles and accessories at sporting good shops like Canadian Tire. 

Learn more about Thermacell heated insoles on the official website

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You can be anything in the world of Barbie! Barbie always tends to evoke something nostalgic in those of us who grew up with her through our childhood memories. My own two girls are growing up with Barbie as her 57 year legacy continues into the digital age with the new mobile game: Barbie Sparkle Blast

A game for all ages, Barbie Sparkle Blast is a matching game that brings the fun of fashion and dress up with Barbie to life through this exciting puzzle-based game!

Now available exclusively in Canada, players blast gems through different levels in a fun and relaxing Match 3 game and earn coins to unlock and collect outfits to dress up and customize Barbie your way!  Create hundreds of combinations from different tops, shoes, pants and dresses to match your style!

Click here to download for the Barbie fan in your house! Barbie Sparkle Blast is available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. This game is free with in-app purchases starting at $1.99.

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When it comes to superheroes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are one of my sons favourites. He can't get enough of the green guys from tv series to movies, costumes and more. He has quite the collection so naturally, TMNT are on his holiday list this year. 

The Turtles are taking the fight to the streets in their battle truck! There’s no stopping Donnie and Mikey when you build their Turtle-fied assault vehicle and tear up the streets, just like in the movie. Attack the Foot Soldier with an amazing arsenal that includes a sewer cap launcher, net launcher and moving forklift arms! Open the roof hatch to put one of your fully articulated Turtle micro action figures in the driver’s seat, while the other controls the launcher.


- Rotating sewer cap and net launcher with shock-sensor activated LED lights 

- Moving forklift arms

- Roof hatch

MSRP: $59.99

Age: 7+

Availability: Walmart, Toys “R” Us and Amazon

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Have you ever been so busy, had so much on your mind that you put something down and end up misplacing it? We do this often. Usually small things like my purse, the keys or one of our phones. We lose time retracing steps and end up finding it in the oddest place as we rush out the door. 

Save time and patience with Tile, a reliable and easy way to track stuff that is important to you. Tile, is the world's largest lost and found network with a tiny device.

Attach Tile or new Tile Mate to any valuable (phone, keys, wallet, purse, school bag etc) and download the free Tile app. Register and connect your Tile to activate it. You can call out to your lost item with the app or if you happen to lose your phone more often than not, you can call out to your lost phone with the Tile Mate. You can also be notified in the app when your item has been found. Tile users within a certain radius around you can also notify you if they happen to find your missing item. 

Tile has some great features for such a little device. Loud sound with tiny speakers lets out a melody that can be heard under piles of laundry or even a couple of rooms away. You can program multiple tiles in the app and multiple phones with the tile, just in case. Tile is water resistant which means it may not work in a lake but a little rain won't hurt it. 

Tile is programmed to last one year without upkeep or battery replacement. After the year is up, you'll have to replace your Tile. Luckily Tile offers the reTile program where you can upgrade your Tile to the latest technology and get a discount on your new Tile. 

You can get Tile for $30 each or $90/ four pack online at Tile, Amazon.ca, and in stores at most major Canadian retailers. For a years worth of keeping track of things, these are worth it! 

Learn more about Tile and follow on social media Twitter, Facebook and check out their videos on YouTube


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Please note: We hosted a Tile Mate giveaway on our Facebook Page earlier this month. If you won the prize there, you cannot win this time around. If you entered on Facebook but didn't win, enter again here! You never know! :)

Good Luck!

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