Nov 21, 2014

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and often out-of-town visitors come for the festivities, visiting the kids and catching up on old times. Having your home in tip-top shape is a must, at least here. I like everything to smell and look nice, it's not every day certain guests grace us with their presence we might as well make their short stay an enjoyable one.

Here are some great tips from P&G to help everyone make the best of their holiday visits!

In the kitchen:

Have a guest who may be a bit messy? Clean up those stains with Tide to Go pens. You can offer your guests a quick clean up after a mealtime mishap in minutes without having to run the laundry machines.

Harsh winter air and a sinkful of dirty dishes is not a way to spend time with your guests since they are probably first to offer a helping hand. Show your gratitude and dishwashing pleasant by using Dawn hand renewal with Olay! Cutting greasy dishes and moisturizing hands in just five washes!

In the living area and guest rooms:

Places your guests will be using should be fresh. Sprinkle Downy Unstoppables in your laundry before guests arrive to ensure linnens like hand towels and bedsheets for the over night visitors are fresh smelling and clean for their arrival. 

Create a relaxing atmosphere by placing Febreze Frosted Pine Air Effects candles around common areas or at bedside tables in guest rooms. They will love the aroma.

In the bathroom:

Make sure you stock up the toiletries if you have over night guests. Always make sure to have an extra roll of Charmin bathroom tissue on hand. You don't want your guests to have the embarrassment of using the last square.

Travel sized shampoo, conditioners and body washes work great for your guests personal use. These are usually simple things everyone forgets to pack before they travel so why not leave Olay body wash and Olay Regenerest at their sinkside. 

In their shower, add a personal touch and offer up small travel sized bottles of different kinds of shampoo to suit their hair needs. Pantene Smooth for the super sleek or Pantene Volume for 24 hour volume.

Last but not least don't forget to spray the air and change the atmosphere with Febreze Frosted Pine air effects. You may be noseblind but your guests are not!

With these great tips, I'm sure everyone will have a smooth and happy holiday season! 

For more information please visit and follow @PGEverydayCA on Twitter! 


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Olay body wash
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Pantene Smooth Shampoo

Pantene Smooth Conditioner
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Pantene Volune Conditioner
Febreze Sugared Cranberry Candle
Febreze Frosted Pine Air Effects
Dawn Hand Renewal

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Nov 20, 2014

My kids have grown up in a technological age, I'm sure you can relate. Everything is remote, accessible at their finger tips. Everything is advanced compared to what we grew up with as kids. I remember my first console being a Nintendo, the original back in 1989. Wow, make myself feel old. 

Fast forward to 2014 and we have a gadget for everything from learning to productivity to entertainment and more. Kids want to be just like mom or dad. They want to experience the joys of using today's technology but there is a big problem - tablets can be expensive, they are usually too advanced for younger children to use with ease and it always leaves mom or dad with that gut fear of them somehow breaking it. Even with an ultra-case trying to protect it. Trust me, we have been down that road before with our kids. 

The VTech Innotab Max is every parent of techy kids dream come true. Have a little one who always reaches for your iPad? Well reach no more, now he or she can have her own tablet. It's made just for them with special learning apps, no worries about them accidentally streaming unwanted videos and the like.

Its the fastest 7" kids tablet that gives kids the best of both worlds of fun and learning. There are different apps for different ages and stages! Over 500 Educator-Supported Android Apps which feature some of your child's favourite characters from Disney to Dora, Ninja Turtles to Sponge Bob and many, many more. You can also buy Innotab learning cartridges to add to your child's collection. 

The Vtech Innotab Max features kid-friendly wifi allowing safe browsing and with Vtech Kid connect, your little one can send text messages, voice messages, drawings and fun pictures between Innotab Max's and smart phones - how cool is that! 

Kids will have endless fun with 8GB of memory - expandable up to 40GB with a 32GB memory card. Inside it's got a 1.2GHz processor and runs Android 4.2.2 OS making it pretty close to what you get from a grown up tablet. 

The Vtech Innotab Max is made for smaller hands and has a durable, removable case for wipe downs or if your kid wants a more "grown up" feeling tablet. 

No batteries required in the Vtech Innotab Max - I LOVE this feature! Just plug in the included AC adaptor in the wall and voila! It charges just like any other device that has a non-removable battery. 

As a parent of kids who are all about gadgets I am happy this is the type of device that helps both learning and entertaining plus it grows with my kid! With the best of all worlds, I can say that this just may be my sons favourite new device this holiday season!

For more information about Vtech and the Innotab Max please visit

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Nov 19, 2014

One gift I really enjoy both giving and receiving for Christmas is PJs. Soft, warm and comforting, PJs make a great gift for anyone young and old! Every year we have made it a tradition to get our kids each a new pair of pjs. They get to open them on Christmas Eve so that they can wear them for Christmas morning. It's sometimes the little things that make the best memories. 

This holiday season you can find a great assortment of comfy, warm PJs available at Giant Tiger stores across Canada! From two pieces to one big jammie, you can find what you are looking for at GT! 

Let's celebrate!

Join us on December 4th from 8pm-9pm EDT for a #GTCookiesnMilk Twitter Party! 

Hosted by @OttawamommyClub and @GTBoutique, moderated by @CanBlogHouse and @AMotherhoodBlog, this party is all about the PJs! 

Prizes include: 

6 X $100 Giant Tiger gift cards 

GRAND PRIZE of $200 GT gift card + Great Value cookies + onesie Pj in your size!

BONUS PRIZE: During the party, tweet a picture in your best pjs for your chance to win $150 Giant Tiger gc! 

RSVP below and join the comfy cozy pj fun! Click here for official party rules and regulations!

See you there!

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Nov 18, 2014

My kids love to be creative and use their imaginations. We have a couple of shelves in our game cupboard in the basement that are dedicated just for arts and crafts kits the kids enjoy. We try to replenish it on birthdays and christmases, keep it fresh and find new ways for our kids to show their uniquness through arts and crafts. 

My daughter has always been fond of kits that allow her to decorate an item she can actually use afterward like purses, wallets, photo frames, secret boxes and things like that. They keep her entertained and also allow her to use her creativity, who doesn't like making their own designs! 

From the makers of Play Doh, theres a new way to do arts and crafts with the DohVinci Style & Store Vanity kit! Let her imagination be her guide and create a unique and stylish 3D Vanity she can use! 

Use the four included Deco Pop Tubes, Sculpting tool and Styler to let kids decorate the vanity their way. Swirls, flowers and other decals are a snap - she can just aim, squeeze and design to her heart's content. The specialty tips make it even easier to create unique designs and details. The vanity also has a working drawer (to store secrets in maybe?) and real mirror.

I can see the DohVinci Style & Store Vanity as a great gift for the unique and creative one in the family. It's easy to work with and doesn't make a mess like glue, sparkles and those little beaded jewels can make.

DohVinci Style & Store Vanity set has everything your little artist needs to get started, all they require is the great ideas from their imaginations. This particular set comes with everything you see in the picture. Other sets include the Anywhere Art Studio set, Flower Tower Picture frames and more! 

You can find DohVinci products at local toy stores like Toys R US, Target, Walmart and online at Amazon for around $25.

For more information about this and other DohVinci creation kits please visit the official Hasbro website!

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Peek-a-boo, I see you! The long known game toddlers love to play and parents love to watch the reactions of their little ones. Every one of my kids LOVED to play some form of peek-a-boo when they were toddlers. We are still having fun with our youngest who finds it the best ever when mom or dad hides behind a toy, blanket, around a corner or just our own hands and reappear like magic! 

When I saw the Playskool Sesame Street My Peek-a-boo Elmo, I knew it would be something my youngest would absolutely adore. She loves peek-a-boo like I said and she also loves Elmo. The best of both worlds!

Playing Peek-a-boo is so much fun with everyone's favourite, friendly red monster. Recommended for little ones ages 18 months to 4 years old, Playskool Sesame Street My Peek-a-Boo Elmo helps little ones learn about cause and effect. It also helps with social play skills and promotes imaginative expression.

It's easy for little ones to play peek-a-boo with Elmo by squeezing his tummy. Elmo will put his hands in front of his face and say fun phrases in his famous Elmo voice. He says 15 phrases in all. When his tummy is released, his arms lower for more peek-a-boo fun.

I have always enjoyed watching my kids play with Elmo toys. They have had a bunch of different Elmo toys over the years but this is one of the best so far for children under the age of two. Elmo is soft and bright, his voice catches little ones attention every time. Its simple enough for a toddler to operate and simple enough for them to understand. With the holiday season fast approaching, I think this new Elmo would make a great addition to any toddlers Sesame Street characters collection!

You can find Playskool Sesame Street My Peek-a-boo Elmo at local toy stores like Walmart, Toys R Us, Target and online at Amazon for around $20.

For more information about this and other Playskool Sesame Street toys, please visit the Hasbro Canada website! 

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Nov 17, 2014

The fall season isn't only flu season. It's also a season for overindulgence. From Thanksgiving through Halloween and onto Christmas, people tend to overindulge on sweet desserts more often than not. I know we are guilty of this ourselves in our house!

We all enjoy a good treat in our house but we try not to over do it and make treats a regular thing. If the kids want a snack, they ask. That way we know what they are eating (or not eating) most of the time. 

Not only that but people can become less active during the colder months with the outdoors not being as activity friendly once the snow falls if you are like me and don't like skiing or skating. On top of the sweetness, you're asking for trouble. 

As parents we are always trying to balance health and keeping fit all year round, especially in the cooler months. Keeping active when the weather is chillier is as easy as dressing for it and going outside. Going for walks or just playing in the leaves is something better than nothing.

November is World Diabetes Month with November 17th being World Diabetes Day

As scary as it is to say, Diabetes runs in my family and my family's health is important to me. I know how difficult it can be to reduce sugar intake in your diet but we need to make sure our kids are happy and that includes their parents being healthy too. 

Blood sugar is important. Talk to your doctor about having your blood sugar tested and make some serious changes to your diet and your life. Some things to help reduce sugar in your life is looking for sugar free and other healthier alternatives to foods you love. Check labels carefully and shope wisely. Did you know, Orange Naturals offers a variety of suppliments to help lower blood sugar including my favourites, ND Shakes for the whole family!

Orange Naturals has made some changes to their blog and newsletter! They are now called "O Natural - The Official Orange Naturals Blog"! If you haven't signed up for the newsletter you should! It's packed full of as much goodness as Orange Naturals themselves!  

On the O Natural Blog you can find great tips and recipes featuring Orange Naturals products - for whatever ails you!

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Nov 14, 2014

Like it or not, the holiday shopping season is upon us. Some of us start holiday shopping as soon as last Christmas is over, some of us shop up to the last minute on Christmas eve all in search for that perfect gift for that perfect someone. 

One place that we shop at during the holiday season is Best Buy. We are a big tech-gadget family so naturally we try to find gifts that may suit people in our family from new movies to cases for their devices or ad-ons like itunes cards and things like that. 

With Best Buy Canada's online expansion with VIVA, not only can you find home entertainment and electronics but you can also find things for health, beauty, travel and more. They make it easy to find what you want on the website, they also offer various methods of payment including PayPal and free shipping on orders $25 and over. Delivery methods make it a breeze by either having it delivered or picking it up at your local Best Buy location. 

Just in time for for the holiday season, Best Buy Canada is adding even more to the online shopping experience and proud to launch their Toy Portal! Shop this seasons hottest toys from your favourite brands including Melissa & Doug with great toys like Monster Bowling, The Easle Companion or a Basic Skills Board!

Visit Best Buy Canada to check it out and start saving on your kids holiday wish list before the shopping rush begins! 

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Win it!

To celebrate the launch of Best Buy Canada's all-new Toy Portal, we are giving away a Melissa & Doug prize pack which includes THREE toys available now at Best Buy Canada's new Toy Portal! 

Prize includes:

- Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game ($24.99)
- Melissa & Doug Easel Companion Accessory set 29 pc ($29.99)
- Melissa & Doug Basic Skills Board ($19.99)

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Good Luck!

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Nov 13, 2014

It's not very often we see real photos these days. Everything is digital with our iphones and cameras, saved on hard drives and usb chips. I used to love using photo albums. I would always keep the most precious photos to me in my albums and look at them from time to time. I wish I still had those albums all these years later. 

Now my albums consist of what I have saved (plus copies) on hard drives, uploaded to facebook and on my phone. I sometimes print out favourites to hang on the fridge or frame but I miss real photo albums. 

My mother in law came by and brought us an envelope of old photos, real photos. Ones she had collected over the years, a mix of hubbys childhood memories, loved ones and some of us as a young couple before we were parents. 

It's not often we sit down together and really look at old photos. I don't think I have very many from my childhood although I know both my mom and dad each have copies. I should ask to borrow them and scan them sometime. 

Looking at these old photos brought back memories, seeing photos of my first pregnancy, photos of our oldest daughter again when she was newborn. She's 10 now. Photos of my parents in law and sister in law and her family when everyone was much younger. Our kids are all babies in those pictures, now half are tweens and teens. 

It makes you realize how quickly time flies and how precious each moment is. Life is too short to let the little things get in the way of what matters most and that to me is family. 

Posted by AME. Photo and thoughts are those of the author. 

November is the month I begin longing for those warm summer days. It's so crisp and chilly in the early mornings when I'm bringing my kids to the bus stop. I sometimes bring my coffee to help fend of the morning chill. 

In our house we have our heat on. Our furnace was lit up as soon as the temperature dropped. We live in an older house with bad insulation on the windows so it tends to get cold quickly. I for one do not like cold feet that's for sure. 

As a parent, I not only want to make sure my family is warm this winter but also safe. There are so many stories of house fires or worse, carbon monoxide poisoning. Two scary dangers that can be prevented with proper precausions.

With families firing up the furnace like us, Duracell and First Alert have teamed up to share critical carbon monoxide tips to help keep families like yours and mine safe during the colder months. 

1) Have a professional check your furnace, appliances and ensure your chimney is cleaned properly.
2) Install at least one carbon monoxide alarm with an audible warning signal close to the sleeping area in your home. Have at least one alarm on each level of your home. 
3) During a power outage, if you use a generator make sure to do so in a well ventialed area. 
4) Use the fall-back time change as a reminder to change the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Duracell batteries are recommended as they last long enough to only need changing during the seasonal time changes.

5) It seems like a good idea to warm up the car before leaving on a cold morning. Do not leave your car running in the garage. It's dangerous for carbon monoxide, even with the garage door open.

Installing the proper alarms and following these great tips, I'm sure we will all be off to a happy, safe and warm winter! :)  
For more CO prevention tips be sure to visit the First Alert website. You can find Duracell 9V batteries (used in smoke and CO detectors) at  your local retailer for around $7.99. 

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Nov 12, 2014

We are already speeding through November and the holiday season is fast approaching. The thoughts of Christmas decorations, holiday songs and egg nogg fill our minds as we prepare our homes and our hearts for this years festivities. 

The holidays to me are all about seeing my family smile, especially my three kids. We always include Kinder Surprise. You can guarantee they find at least one Kinder Surprise egg in their Christmas stockings! The simplicity of a chocolaty treat and a fun toy in one sweet small package. 

Around the holiday season you can find all kinds of Kinder Surprise treats in the form of traditional eggs and holiday themed goodies. As of November 15th you can find new Kinder advent calendars too! Your little one can count down the days in December with a Kinder chocolate every day! Look for them where Kinder Surprise are sold! 

For more information about Kinder Canada please like the Kinder Canada Facebook page and follow along the #KinderSmiles hashtag on Twitter!

Win it! 

This holiday season, share the #KinderSmiles with your little ones and stock their stockings with chocolaty goodness. Enter below for your chance to win a Kinder Canada prize pack which includes: 

- One Kinder advent calendar
- One Kinder Hollow Santa with SURPRISE
- One Kinder Surprise 100g Egg
- One Kinder Surprise MAXI 150g Egg

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Nov 11, 2014

"Oh Canada, our home and native land..." was heard round the world two weeks ago when our nations capital, Ottawa was under attack. Some people snickered and sneered at our use of the word attack but to me (and many I'm sure), any means to cause harm to fellow human beings using utmost violence, is an attack, period. 

A brave soul who was simply doing his job, lost his life on Wednesday, October 22nd. A brave soul who was simply doing his job, gunned down the assailant - they are both heroes in the eyes of many. That day brought our country together, it may have felt like it made us weaker but it has made us stronger as a nation amidst the hate. This is just one of many events in our Canadian history that tells the tragic story of true heroes.

Today is remembrance day. A day to honour and reflect upon those who have given their lives and to those who give their lives every day to keep our Canada safe. Without them, what kind of country could we be living in. We would not be the true north strong and free without them. 

Today, take a moment and put your heads down. Thank every soldier with your hearts and souls. Say a prayer for their families who survive them. Wear your poppy and remember that because of them, we are Canada strong.

Posted by AME in honour of Remembrance Day. Opinions and comments are those of the author. Image courtesy of morguefile.

Nov 10, 2014

When it comes to creating beautiful wall art in our homes using our favourite family photos, we all start off with good intentions. With these good intentions we vision these beautifully put together memories to forever hold a place in our hearts and in our homes. Memories framed in time. Memories we can share with loved ones when they come to visit, memories we can just sit and reminisce about the times when our families were just growing. 

Unfortunately these good intentions can be put on the back burner as quickly as they are thought up because we become overwhelmed or don't have enough time in our day, life can get busy!

I have always wanted to create a wall mural in my living room with different ages and stages of the kids growing up. I have never actually attempted this but after watching the video below I definitely have some new ideas!

In this story, Alex (loving wife & mom of 2, founder of Clippo) began creating a lovely wall gallery for her family photos but found herself always frustrated about getting it done. There are so many things to consider when you're working on a project like this to how many and what size frames you need, what photos to choose and how to place them. It can be overwhelming for sure. 

Alex was in for a surprise when her husband teamed up with City TV's own DIY designer, Leigh Ann Allaire Perrault and Canon to learn exactly how he could help Alex complete her masterpiece quickly and easily using the Canon PIXMA PRO printer!

They send her off on a special anniversary spa day to come home to a real surprise she was never even expecting. The outcome is amazing and the reactions, priceless. 

Check out their heartwarming story below and learn some tips on how you can make creative and beautiful wall art out of your own favourite family photos! 

Check out the Canon PIXMA PRO printer by visiting the official Canon website

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