Oct 1, 2014

My oldest daughter absolutely loves Monster High™. She has been a fan for about three years now. She has quite the collection of Monster High™ stuff including dolls, accessories, playsets and even the famous Monster High™ high school. It doesn't end there. She even has all of the movies. 

If you aren't familiar, Monster High™ is a line of dolls by Mattel who inspire girls to be unique by empowering them to embrace their imperfections and express their individuality. It’s a school that creates a world where freaky flaws are celebrated and allows girls to be their authentic self. "Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!". The characters are teens based on known monsters like Dracula, Werewolf, Zombies and more. Each with a unique look and personality to bring to the freakiest cool school around. 

Miss K was excited to tell us that the newest DvD, Monster High™ Freaky Fusion, was being released this month on September 30th. Just in time for Halloween. 
I was even more excited to tell her that we get to host a special Monster High™ Freaky Fusion pre-release viewing party at our house, friends welcome! Which means she gets a copy before it hits store, to add to her collection! 

We arranged our livingroom to be as freaky cool as it could be with our handy Monster High™ table cloth (we saved it from K's birthday party in the summer) and some Monster High™ themed cupcakes to munch on during the movie plus the kids had a chance to colour their very own Monster High™ purses! Even some of the gang came to watch this special premiere!
In this latest dvd, Monster High™ Freaky Fusion, "Two ghouls are better than one” is the main message. Teamwork, helping each other, the power of friendship, self-expression, individuality, and accepting others are the key messages that are conveyed throughout the movie.

Any Monster High™ fan is always entranced when watching a movie, it was no different for Freaky Fusion. The kids were glued to the movie, chatting between about what was going on. They really enjoyed the new characters, "hybrid" Monster High™!

We won't tell you what happened exactly but the Monster High™ gang gets themselves into ghoulish trouble once again.

You'll want to add Monster High™ Freaky Fusion to your little ghoules DVD collection! For more information about Monster High™ please visit the website.

If you aren't a fan already, why not subscribe to the Monster High™ YouTube channel! You can check out all the latest webisodes and videos plus more! You can also catch @MonsterHigh on Twitter! Follow along hashtag #MHFreakyFusion to talk all things freaky cool about the new movie! 

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We loved Monster High™ Freaky Fusion so much that we thought it would be fun for one of our AME readers (and Monster High™ fans out there) to win a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital copy combo courtesy of Mattel and Mom Central Canada ($30+ value)! 

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Sep 30, 2014

The morning routine has begun once again as we are several weeks into another school year. Although some days I wish we could all just stay in our cozy beds and forget the world, weekdays at 6:30am my alarm goes off and I know it's time to get up, get moving and get going with a brand new day. 

Some mornings can be more rushed than others. My main concern besides making sure my kids have their school bags packed, a proper lunch and shoes on the right feet is making sure they leave the house for the day with a good, nutritious breakfast in their bellies.

One quick, go-to breakfast food my kids usually reach for is of course cereal. It's simple enough paired with a fruit plus cereal also makes a great munching snack after a long day at school. 

Kellogg's recently introduced a new addition to their cereal and snack family - Kellogg's Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes which are a delicious and fun option for breakfast or as a snack anytime of the day!

Every box of Kellogg's Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes is made with the goodness of wholesome grains and provides 11 grams of whole grains per serving. It's a great source of fibre, 8 essential nutrients including iron, and is free of saturated and trans fats. Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes contain no artificial colours or flavours. Kids will love the taste and parents can have peace of mind that Kellogg's is helping nourish their young bodies and minds. 

There are four puffed shapes in Kellogg's Rice Krispies Multi-Grain: Stars, fish, trees and "me". These fun and whimsical designs spark little imaginations making breakfast and snack time, story time too! Kids can use that early morning imagination and watch the fish swim in an ocean full of milk or ponder adventures under the stars as an outdoor adventurer. Whether enjoyed for breakfast or as a simple snack, the options for imagination are endless!

Kellogg's has a cool contest where you could win new Kellogg's Rice Krispies Multi-Grain cereal for a year! All you have to do is create a picture inspired by the new cereal shapes (stars, fish, trees and "me") and share it on Twitter using hashtag #RKShapes! The grand prize winner will be chosen via hashtag entrants! So, what are you waiting for! Let that imagination go wild!

For more information about Kellogg's products please visit Kelloggs.ca!

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In celebration of new Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes, Kellogg's would like to give one AME reader the chance to win a Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Imagination prize pack which includes Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes cereal and other goodies to get your imagination going for some creative inspiration! ($50+ value)!

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Sep 29, 2014

Exploring is part of learning and that is what Miss M has been all about since the minute she could make her way across the livingroom carpet crawling. She has always found delight in learning new things, her young mind is like a sponge constantly absorbing the world around her. 

She takes it all in and she is so quick to catch on. Now a toddler, she is all about hands on play. Like most toddlers, she enjoys toys that make noise, music and talk. She laughs, she sings, she plays and she interacts. She is finally at the age where she can appreciate and enjoy playsets and more interactive toys.

Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explorer Playset by VTech will be a perfect addition to her toddler toy collection. It has everything all in one - exploring, learning and fun! Little ones can go on a tour of the zoo featuring Ryan the interactive Rhino (other animals sold seperate), experiencing seven special smart points while singing, laughing and learning along the way. 

Strengthen motor skills with seven manipulative features including a turning gate, spinning water tank and sliding elevator. You can set up the colourful tracks in different ways or connect them to other Go! Go! Smart Animals or Smart Wheels play sets to encourage little ones creativity. 

The zoo also features an electronic entrance that introduces animal names, animal traits, letters, colours and music! Playtime goes wild with learning with the Zoo explorers playset. This toy only requires 2 AAA batteries and it comes with demo batteries to try it out!

For toddlers and little kids that love to laugh and explore, the Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explorer playset would make a fantastic holiday gift. To learn more about this and other fun Vtech playsets, please visit the official Vtech Kids website!

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Sep 25, 2014

Living in a busy household, it sometimes can get a bit stenchy in here. We have kids, we have dogs and we have strange smells. We are always on the lookout for new ways to clean the air up, make the air smell good and also maybe something to give the home a new little decor.

Canadians spend 90% of the time indoors which can make for some seriously stale and unhealthy air if you think about it. The average family spends close to $400 annually buying products to try and change the air in their homes, only half the time these products only mask the smell. I have one favourite fabric and air spray we always use but sometimes its nice to have a change.

Lampe Berger Paris reached out to us to try out one of their elegant lamps. Lampe Berger Paris is an unrivaled purifying and fragrance system all wraped up in a beautiful and stylish lamp.

How it works is by heat conducted by the catalytic burner neutrializes odourous molecules in the air and prevents recombination of these molecules so that smells virtually disapear. The burner dispenses the exclusive home fragrance while the lower temperature of the defuser allows it to preserve its essence. Lampe Berger technology guarantees an improvement of overall air quality in your home.

Its really easy to start changing the air in your home. First you fill your lamp 2/3 full with your favourite fragrance, insert the burner and replace the stopper. Let the wick soak for about 20 minutes and remove the stopper. Light the wick and wait 2 minutes before gently blowing out the flame. The burner difuses little by little and transforms the air with the aroma of the fragrance. 20 minutes (1 min per square meter) and you have created the perfect atmosphere in your home. 

With one lamp you get up to 140 hours of difusion (7 500ml bottles of fragrance) or one year of use depending on how often you use it before you have to change the burner. 

Lampe Berger Paris offers a variety of different lamp styles with exclusive home fragrances to suit any style home. We were sent the Pomme gift set with a 500ml bottle of fragrance to use with it.

The Pomme gift set comes with the "round essentielle" lamp; dressed in holiday colours red or frosted white, we received the red one. It's a functional, decorative way to perfume our home with Lampe Berger's Perfume de maison, "Fresh Linens". Check out my mini tutorial below! 

The very first time you light your Lampe Berger the flame will be pretty big but it does go down quickly. Once you blow out the flame you can immediately start smelling the fragrance. I placed ours in the basement where I usually do all my blog work and within 20 minutes the fragrance went through the vents and our entire house smelled like it! Amazing! Just be sure to never leave the cap off or leave it around tiny hands, the burner gets very hot. I didn't burn myself or anything but just a warning to be careful.

Other lamps that Lampe Berger Paris offer include the Chic gift set Perle with a limited edition fragrance like "Snowy Pines", "Provence Treats" and "Savoury Apple Tart". The fragrances all sound so yummy!
Lampe Berger Paris gift sets cost between $50 and $120 depending which style and size bottle of fragrance you choose. A 180ml bottle of fragrance goes for around $24 Canadian. 

There are so many different styles and colours to choose from, I can see these becoming addictive to both collect and gift to loved ones. Hey, the holidays are only a few short months away, you can never be too prepared! Check out the whole Lampe Berger Paris product line by visiting the website www.lampeberger.ca

You can find Lampe Berger Paris products right here in Ottawa at the following exclusive independent retailers:

C.A. Paradis - Bank Street Ottawa, ON
The Fresh flower & gift - Albert Street Ottawa, ON
Grace in the kitchen - Hazeldean Road Ottawa, ON

Available across the country, you can use the online store locator on the Lampe Berger website to find a store in your city!

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Sep 23, 2014

Back to school season is officially over. The kids have finally started adjusting back to the fall schedule, wish I could say the same about myself! They are in school full time which means most of their stuff goes to school and stays at school. 

With two in classes, it's double the stuff to have to keep track of. Countless containers and lids from lunch time, spare clothes items, shoes, and school tools all leave this house with a label to help avoid them possibly losing something important. We have lost way too many things over the years to go without labels.

This year we labelled our items with Stuck On You labels. Bright, fun and sticky labels for just about anything you need to personalize. Stuck On You isn't just about the labels, they are about personalization and making your kids stuff theirs with recognizable labels with their own names on them. 

Stuck On You offers a variety of labelling packages for all your needs from camping to around the home, personal items and in the classroom, you shouldn't lose too much this school year. There are many different styles and designs to choose from. Stuck On You labels are durable and large enough that your child will recognize theirs when they see it.

Stuck On You also offers personalized items like bags, lunch totes and drink bottles too! We were sent over a Stuck On You personalized pencil case and label set for both our school-bound kids.

The pencil cases are huge, lots of room for all the stuff the kids have to store in their desk at school like markers and pencil crayons. They are made with durable material, a big zipper area for large items and a smaller front pouch for everything else. The inside has a satiny material in the colour of the pencil case and says "Stuck On You" inside. Each one is personalized with the graphic we chose and our kids names on each pencil case.

Stuck On You doesn't only offer items for back to school, personalized items also make great gifts. There is definitely something for everyone at prices families can afford. Stuck On You currently has really cool personalized Halloween treat bags right in time for the spooktacular celebrations! 

Head on over to www.StuckonYou.ca to check out all the personalized items they have to offer and get started checking off names for your next gift list. 

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Sep 22, 2014

When I was growing up, blue jeans were all the hype. I remember my mom would rarely buy me jeans, they were expensive. So when we had jeans they were THE thing to wear with just about anything from tank tops to tshirts and sweaters. Over the years they became people's every day and therefore less costly if you want to buy them. 

I still wear jeans, sometimes. I like the look of them and you can find some comfy ones. My daughter, who is an official Tween by the way, would beg to differ. She cannot stand jeans. She always finds an excuse for every pair we try to introduce to her, all coming down to one thing - being a more athletic girl, she's just uncomfortable in them. 

We all know we are happier when we are comfortable, so she decided that her ultimate, go-to clothing is stretchy pants or with the right long top she also wears leggings. She has several different pair in different colours, some with patterns. She pairs them with a longer top, long t-shirts, dresses or whatever else she is in the mood for. She can wear them with cute flats or running shoes, casual or more dressy. They are a practical item to have in her closet, I can agree on that!

Chuck Beaty (former Lululemon designer), has a niece who has the same passion for leggings as my little girl. Outgrowing toddler sized ones her uncle had made her, he created a pair just for her including her name printed on the waste band. Soon, her friends and their moms were asking about her famous personalized leggings and Twiga clothing was born. 

Twiga specializes in personalized athletic wear for both girls and women! You can choose from long leggings, crop leggings, shorts, tops and accessories all personalized with your name, team name, school name or whatever you want on it! 

Chuck was kind enough to send along a mom & daughter matching legging set. My daughter wanted her name on hers and mine appropriately, my twitter handle! 

Twiga leggings are made from 88% nylon and 12% Lycra Spandex to give you ultimate comfort and stretch where you need it. Excellent for those athletic types who play sports, participate in cheer leading or those of us like me who just want something comfortable for our home workout.

Twiga leggings come in different colours with different waistband styles, completely customizable. Check out the Twiga Clothing website to find the perfect legging for your tween (or you!).

When K wore her pair of Twiga leggings to school, she had students and teachers alike asking her where she got them and she introduced them to Twiga clothing! After wearing them myself a few times to do my daily exercise, compared to the stretchy pants/leggings I usually wear - these are my favourites right now. Definitely check them out if you are looking for fun, quality activewear for you and your girls! :) 

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Sep 19, 2014


September is National Preparedness Month dedicated to raising awareness to help families prepare themselves for unexpected emergencies such as bad weather or fire. Unfortunately many North Americans are targets of thousands of disasters every year. As a matter of fact, a week ago we had a big storm that blew down a tree in a neighbours yard. The tree knocked the hydro, cable and phone lines out for eight hours. We are lucky it was only eight hours without. The electricity came back on just in time for that evenings bath time.  

You never know when bad weather or a disaster could happen so why not make sure you are prepared! Master Lock has some great tips to help you prepare to keep your family and important belongings safe and secure.

- Know weather language. Here in Canada we rely on Environment Canada for severe weather warnings. It's easy to keep up with the weather in your area by watchig the weather channel on TV or downloading an app onto practically any device. Social media is also a good place to get up to date news on weather all across the country. Learn the language of your national weather advisory organization so that you can prepare your family for severe weather.

- Prepare in advance. Severe weather can strike at any time, so take the basic steps now to ensure your family is ready should a storm strike while you're at home or away. 

Keep an updated emergency kit at home at all times. This kit should include necessities like enough water for at least 72 hours for your family, non-perishable foods, pet food (should you have a pet), flashlights, batteries, candles and matches. Date your emergency kit and store items in a cool, dry place and replace them every six months or so. 
If you are away when severe weather hits, make sure that a trusted relative or neighbour has appropriate access to your property if needed. A resettable combination padlock like the Master Lock M175XDLF Combination Padlock, is a convienient option to help secure your gate or fence since it doesn't require a key. You can reset the combination as many times as you need, for extra security when you return home.

- Create a backup plan. Over the years raising a family, we have collected a good amount of important and personal documents that I know we would be devistated if we ever lost. Our file box is one thing I would definitely want to save in the case of an emergency. SentrySafe fire safes offer protectio against fire and flood, making sure your important documents and items are safe long after the storm blows over. To help with disaster recovery in real time, store digital copies of important documents (including insurance policies!) in a secure online storage hub like the Master Lock Vault. It's free to use and accessable 24/7 through smartphones, tablets or on computer allowing easy access anytime.

- Secure outdoor belongings. Storms can be very damaging to the outside of your home, due to heavy rain, wind, or damaging hail or lightening. Lock up all possible outdoor belongings in a garage or covered shed and secure the door with a padlock built to survive tough weather like the Master Lock M115xDLF Covered Laminated Padlock. For items that can't be easily removed and stored such as patio furniture (we almost lost a table due to a rain and wind storm once!), lock them tightly together and to another sturdy surface. Use a securing cable like the Master Lock Python Adjustable Locking Cable. These safety tactics can also help prevent theft also.

- Go Cordless. In a severe weather situation, even bad thunder showers, it's always a good idea to keep away from electrical sources like computers, microwaves, corded phones and other electronics which require being plugged directly to a current. Power surges can occur, damaging your electronics. If you still have power during a bad storm, try using a cordless or cell phone instead of a corded phone as the cord can conduct electricity. 

I certainly hope that our Canadian weather is nice to us for the fall season. Either way, we will be one more step to being prepared with Master Lock!

For more information about the mentioned products please visit www.MasterLock.com!

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Good Luck!

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Sep 18, 2014

I am not the most active person. I mean I do go for walks and all but I don't usually purposely do anything to be active like jog or go to the gym. I haven't kept a regular exercise routine since a time before I had a family, before I had kids. When I pushed myself to be physically active and kept in shape. 

I was more active. I would bike a lot, I did sit ups and push ups etc lots of toning type exercises. Of course I was younger and had much more time and energy to put into it all but that shouldn't really be an excuse for not taking care of myself. Now that the kids are a little more independent and the baby technically isn't a "baby" anymore, I purposely carved out that time for me.

I have let life get in the way of really taking care of myself and I'm feeling it. I feel stiff and sore too often than I like to admit. That's not how I want to be at the age of only 33. I'm slim but I've lost my shape, I want my shape back. I have to be careful though. I do have hip displasia and osteoarthritis (which is one major reason I want to get my legs back into shape) and I can only endure so much physical activity in a day but even a little exercise can go a long way if I keep it up. My "invisible disability" has always been the show stopper for me. I have to stop letting it be so. This body isn't getting any younger. 

I don't want to overdo it and end up regretting it so I decided to start doing a beginners exercise routine in the early mornings. Keep things light and simple, we will see where it goes from there. Ive been seeing so many of my friends getting into shape and I know if they can do it, I can do it! Thanks for the motivation! 

There are so many different options when you're looking for these "30 day challenges". Some seem great while others seem a little much for what I was looking for. I'm not interested in following videos, I like going into my own world when I exercise.

I did find a website that gives basic 30 day challenges depending on your needs and also short tutorials if you aren't sure how to exactly do the exercise for the challenge. It helps knowing how you should be positioned to get the best results from all the hard work and avoid possibly hurting oneself. There aren't that many on the website but they had what I needed, for now. 

I began at the beginning of September, so far it's been pretty good. I've been doing it every day (minus the rest days) and I'm proud of myself! It's the little accomplishments that have the big results, right! Minus being sick with a cold, after a workout I find myself more energetic and "what's next?", ready to go! 

It takes me about 20-30 minutes (depending if there are any interruptions from the family) and I enjoy doing my exercises to music. I pick a few upbeat, motivational songs and away I go! My favourite time is in the morning after the kids are on the bus and before I really get myself ready for the day but on weekends or like this week when we were sick for a couple of days I was able to get 20 minutes in the evening after the kids settled down. 

It's tough although my mind keeps telling me "piece of cake!". It's discipline which is something I lack when it comes to taking care of myself sometimes but I think I can do it. After the 30 days I want it become a habit. I have the motivation and the means, now to make it all the way! I printed out the one I chose and taped it to the wall beside my computer since I am there every day, it's a good reminder! 

Just for the record this has absolutely NOTHING to do with losing weight, that's not an issue. I want the good food I'm eating to go to good places! :-P I want to keep fit like I said. Those of us my age know that things only go down from here, we have to work to keep them up. Better to start now than never! ;)

Wish me luck! :)

Personal post by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. Image courtesy of MorgueFile Free Photos. 

Sep 17, 2014

Children have been a blessing to our family, I am grateful for all we have. We are lucky to have had the chance to have happy, fairly easy going pregnancies. We are lucky we did not have to go through the frustration and heartbreak of infertility that so many Canadians go through every year trying to do something that should be so simple, grow their family.

One in six Canadians struggles with infertility and the worst part is that they feel very alone seeing their family and friends have such ease conceiving. Only about 15% can afford IVF fertility treatment and even then, it's not always a guarantee. To watch someone you care about struggle for something that should be natural but isn't possible is heartbreaking. 

I am excited to tell you the news about a new and innovative fertility product launching in Canada! The Stork by Rinovum Women's Health is an over-the-counter, at home aid that supports a natural and intimate approach to conception. 

Combining science and innovation, The Stork takes the well established cervical cap insemination technology that medical professionals have been using for decades and allows couples to perform it easily in the privacy of their own homes.

The Stork is an affordable option for couples trying to conceive that bridges the gap between costly clinical treatments and natural intercourse. 

This is news so many Canadians trying to conceive have been waiting for. If you or someone you know could benefit from The Stork, check out their website for more information or talk to your health care provider, it could be the option that works for you and your partner. The Stork is available in select pharmacies.

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Sponsored post on behalf of Rinovum Women's Health. 

Sep 16, 2014

Autumn is in the air, our temperature went from a late summer heat wave to a chillier fall weather. We've already turned back on the heat and broken out the sweaters and warm woolly socks! I think we can safely say summer is officially over!

Part of staying healthy aside from good diet, sleep and exercise is providing your body with the proper vitamins and nutrients it needs to excel and boost your immune system to fight off any potential illnesses like colds and flu's. I've been working on all of the above for myself and my entire family.

The kids are back in school and although we can't always monitor what they eat (or don't eat) during the hours they are away, we can start off their day with a balanced breakfast including Orange Naturals ND shakes for kids and send them off for the day with a healthy lunch. 

Orange Naturals offers a variety of tinctures to help the whole family, as I've mentioned before. One of my favourite go-to remedies for myself is Oil of Oregano. It may not taste very good on its own but it has so many benefits like acting as an antioxidant to help rid off the beginning of cold and flu symptoms. You can also use it topically for skin problems or if you have a sore tooth and can't get to the dentist right away, it can help prevent and cure infection.

With the cooler temperatures I'm feeling it in my bones with my arthritis. To help keep from ceasing up I have to keep active but some days are harder than others. I did some research and found Devil's Claw tincture is known to aid arthritic pain and flair ups. I have tried it several times and I can assure you, it works. It helps me get on with my day with less pain and tightness. I was happy to see Orange Naturals carries Devil's Claw which is now part of my Orange Naturals homeopathic remedies collection.

For the kids I am happy to have Orange Naturals cough + cold for kids on hand, it works like a charm without any side effects like drowsiness or things other over the counter cough medicines are known for.

With Orange Naturals products I have peace of mind knowing that if I have any questions, my answer is just a click away on the Orange Naturals website. Or I can simply head over to the #ONatural blog and read up on the latest articles about keeping my family healthy during the fall cold and flu season.

Have you signed up for the Orange Naturals newsletter? It's free and gives you the latest news and updates right in your inbox! 

Orange Naturals is great for my family but make sure you always do your research and talk to a health care professional before replacing any prescribed medications with homeopathic remedies. 

Posted in participation with Orange Naturals #ONatural ambassadorship. Compensation and product are provided. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.