Oct 22, 2014

I don't mind the fall season, even though I could do without the change in temperature. Falling leaves  decorate our neighbourhood yards, sidewalks and streets. The crispness of autumn has us sporting our sweaters and jackets. The only thing I hate about fall besides the fact that it's a sign that winter is coming soon, is that it's also cold and flu time at our house.

It is as if as soon as summer vacation ends, the sick season begins. I think I've said this before in a previous post. You can't even call it "cold and flu" season anymore because there are so many different types of viruses and illnesses flying around. We can only teach so many sanitary precautions to our kids - wash your hands, often. Use hand sanitizer when you are in a public place and for the love of god don't touch the rails! Twice my son has come home recently complaining about the lack of soap in the boys bathroom at school and how all the hand sanitizer machines are usually empty. Yikes, makes me want to break out the anti-bacterial cleaning solutions. 

Call me a germaphobe but you become this way when you think you've beaten whatever that's attacking, only to have someone else with a runny nose or an unusual cough. We (meaning all five of us) have been in rotation, taking turns being sick. I think we had a whole week when everyone was feeling better only to have it come back. 

We have our cold and flu remedies, there is no cure and only so much you can do. As the old saying goes "feed a cold, starve the flu". Kind of sad sounding but that being said, the go-to when you're sick food in our house is soup. Homemade soup, not the canned kind (although I do use it and I love cooking with it often). It's easy to create just about any soup you want not to mention the vast library of recipes you can find online to try. I personally enjoy cooking yummy, healthy food for my family. It's food from the heart that warms the soul! 

When it comes to actually making it I have to keep the kids in mind. They can be picky with food, especially sick so I try to stick to recognizable vegetables and ingredients. Call it "kid friendly" soup but at least I know everyone will eat it. 

I usually use recipes when I cook but when I make things like soup I wing it with what I was taught growing up. I go with the basic veggies - celery, onion, carrots, tomatoes, peppers etc. 

With Thanksgiving not long ago I had put some freezer Turkey aside specifically for soups and the like. Nothing like hot turkey soup on a rainy day! Add in some favourite spices, salt and pepper or whatever you like - it doesn't take much to make something taste good!

My main problem with things like soups or sauces is constantly making way too much. I guess it would help if I didn't eye-ball the ingredients and cook it to taste. Hubby is worse when he makes his soup though. The last time I let him cook his "famous" tomato vegetable soup, he made enough to have soup for five for a week plus give some to his buddy.

This time I made enough for one night of left overs and froze two containers. It turned out really good, if the kids complain I know I screwed it up somewhere but hey we got two thumbs up and they wanted seconds. 

What's your favourite "go-to" food when you are sick? Leave a comment below and have your say! 

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Oct 21, 2014

Our kids grow so fast, a little too fast. That is why we have embraced today's technology and are always on hand with our smartphones to snap a picture and capture the latest and greatest adventures and milestones our little ones experience.

I remember when my oldest was born there wasn't much of a social media setting. No facebook *gasp!*, no twitter, no pinterest, none of what we have today was available just yet. The best we could do is send them via email because I also didn't have a steady blog back then, I think it was Myspace? Anyway, we have tons of pictures of her and her brother as babies but I am happy there are so many ways to share pictures now as they are getting older and sharing the milestones of our youngest who is just a few months shy of two years old. 

Instagram is one of my favourite places to share "the moment" with family, friends and followers. To me it's a fun way to share many of the kids "firsts". Speaking of firsts, Joe Fresh is hosting their first ever Instagram photo contest!

Doting parents, gather round. Joe Fresh is having a contest that is super easy to enter! Snap a picture of your little one (babies and toddlers under 2) sporting something Joe Fresh and upload it to Instagram using hashtag #JoeFreshBaby for your chance to win 1 of 10 $75 Joe Fresh gift cards! 

Click the image for full contest details and rules
If you win, you could buy your little model something new and fresh for the fall/winter season! There are always fun fashions at great prices when shopping Joe Fresh! 

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Oct 20, 2014

Since becoming a mother, I have always tried to encourage my kids to always try something once. If you are scared, jump into your fear and just do it. The worst that will happen is that it won't work out and you move on to the next thing. That is how I think in the real world and that is how I want them to think. 

I want them to know that they are as capable as doing anything as anybody else, they each have strengths and weaknesses like everybody else. They are each good at something unique just like everybody else.

My oldest daughter has never shied away from trying something new. She always comes to me if she is unsure and it helps when I reassure her that it doesn't hurt to try. Last year she made herself (and her parents) proud by signing up for the school talent show and also the girls dance club. She felt good about herself when she was accepted into both even though she said she would have been fine if she hadn't been. There were a lot of students who signed up. 

She is in grade 5 this year and excited to be one of the bigger kids. She kept talking about the PALS programme. I kind of understood what she was talking about. It sounded like kids helping kids at school, like a mentoring program. One evening when I was tidying up the kitchen I came across the school news letter. I usually skim through it. I know, bad mom. I decided to skim through it again and came across this little paragraph:

I had a big smile when I found it and the next day told my daughter I was proud of her for making it into the PALS programme. She said at first she thought she wouldn't enjoy being around the little kids but she thought again. She said she thought of how she helps her little brother and sister, she teaches them games and plays with them. She thought it would be a great idea to sign up and help kids at school too. 

She said there were a lot of students who signed up this year and they were only picking 26 out of both grades 5 and 6. The teacher in charge of sign up even told her that if she isn't picked it's only because so many sign ups so needless to say she was tickled pink when she found out. 

She likes to lead, she likes to be part of a community and she likes to help. She always has and I am so proud that she is able to share that side of herself at this age. Every girl should grow up with strong self confidence, it's just up to us parents to help give them those little boosts they need. I'm hoping it stays with her well into her adult years. 

With three smart and beautiful kids, I have many proud mama moments and this is definitely one of them! 

Have you had a proud mommy moment lately? Share your story in the comments below!

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In September, I told you about my personal challenge in fitness. I have kept up or tried to keep up with it as best as I have been able to. I admit I have missed a day or two here and there because the kids have been sick and so have I. It's hard to do squats when you're already lacking energy and sweating bullets. No fun. 

On the good days when I finally get back on my feet or after a rest day getting back into the exercise and the after affect can be a little hard. Muscles ache and burn that didn't before! It doesn't last more than a few hours to a day but it can be uncomfortable. 

What I find helps besides a rest day, ice or a long hot bath (the latter not being doable when you have three kids running around) is using muscle rubs or sprays. I have told you before how Deep Relief works to ease muscle tension and aches. Now there is a new member of the Deep Relief family giving you a quick way to get back to moving and doing whatever it is that you do. 

New Deep Relief Ice Cold Spray is similar to the Deep Relief Heat Spray except that it works to reduce pain from sore muscles and inflamation. It's easy to get quick relief by spraying it on the aread that hurts. Within a few minutes you feel a cooling sensation which will subside and your pain should be less. Just remember, like any spray always make sure to use in a ventilated area and not around children. 

Yet another option brought to you by Deep Relief! If you'd like to take a look at other products in the Deep Relief line, I have a review of that!

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Oct 18, 2014

There are two major things that grab my little ones attention when it comes to kids entertainment - music and colours. The brighter the better, happy faces and happy songs - she will be engaged no doubt. 

Do you have a Big Block Singsong fan in your family? We do, in fact it isn't just our toddler, my six year old even likes it too. If you aren't familiar Big Block Singsong is an educational musical series geared toward young kids that airs across the nation. It plays on CBC Kids here in Canada and Disney Jr in the USA. Songs like "Astronaut", "Try" and "Super Duper" all have a message for kids. The characters are colourful, the music is upbeat and the lyrics are easy to follow. It's really fun for young kids (and maybe mom or dad too!). 

Big Block Singsong is coming to DVD this fall! On October 28th, you and your family can enjoy 24 episodes and over 48 minutes of musical fun! Big Block characters won't only steal your heart but will have you singing songs long after your little one is done watching the DVD. 

Also, check out the On Demand section of your cable provider - Big Block Singsong will be available as of October 24th! 

Big Block Singsong are one of many great childrens entertainment brands brought to families like yours and mine by Kaboom entertainment. Others you may know include Peppa Pig, Franklin, Octonauts, Toopy and Binoo and more! 

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Oct 17, 2014

Children's entertainment is usually on in some form or another in my house. Treehouse occupies the majority of daytime TV with the all the joys of preschooler programs. Evening programming is that of the older kids with pointless comedy like sponge bob square pants and Adventure Time. 

I don't mind so much, it's something they like and it entertains them. I don't mind but a certain time comes in the evening when it's time for the kids to be in bed and some adult programming to be seen. 

Before entertainment at our fingertips became popular I wasn't much for catching weekly programs. I either didn't have cable or I didn't have time. I would read about the latest, most popular shows but it would take me a lot to really have the energy to get into the show.

With so many choices like popular Cable On Demand, Netflix and other ways to endlessly stream virtually anything you want online, I've grown fond of a few shows. These shows are definitely not kid friendly, the shows mom watches aren't for kids!!

- The Walking Dead - Hubby started watching this one and I called it his "zombie show" until I actually sat and watched the first few episodes of season one. Hooked! Season five just began and it's still in my opinion one of the best shows if you like zombie apocalypse type stories. It's based on the comic book series and airs Sunday nights at 9pm on AMC. 

- Sons of Anarchy - Another show hubby began watching. I called it his "biker show". I watched the first few episodes and recognized some of the actors like Katy Sagal (Married with Children) and Ron Perlman. The story grows on you as the characters do and it became one of my favourites. I'm sad to see it on its final season but we all know good things must come to an end. SOA airs Tuesdays at 10pm on Super Channel in Canada and FX in the US.

- Orange Is The New Black - I wasn't sure about this one, I mean a show about a women's prison? I never thought I'd keep on watching. Again, a diamond in the rough. I heard so many good things about this show both in the media and from friends online, I had to check it out. I should be through season two in no time. Binge watching can be a dangerous past time. OITNB is a Netflix original so it's only fitting that's where you'll find it! 

These shows all have great story lines and characters that keep you on the edge of your seat making you want to keep watching to find out what happens next. 

What do you enjoy watching? Are there any shows you thought you wouldn't quite enjoy but we're surprised to fall for? 

*Posted by AME. Not sponsored or endorsed by any mentioned programming stations, television series or other trademarked media. Opinions and comments on this blog are honest and those of the author.*

The fall season brings many wonderful joys to our lives; Falling leaves, crisp sweater weather and not to mention our favourite: the sweet smells and sweet taste of apple deserts!

Nothing I love more than sweets, I wish my teeth felt the same. Having sensitive teeth can put a downer on the enjoyment of one of my favourite seasons and the goodness that comes with it. 

After visiting with my dentist over the summer we talked about how certain foods in ones diet can be a major cause of tooth sensitivity. One major thing it can be caused by is Acid Wear which is where the acid in acidic foods and drinks (fruits, juices, wine & soda etc) takes a toll on the enamel on your teeth, wearing out over time and exposing very sensitive areas. Sensitive teeth can range from sensitivity to hot and cold, sweetness, saltiness or a mix of all. It can be quite uncomfortable trying to enjoy something you know is so delicious but will cause you pain when you eat it. 

The first suggestion my dentist made to help painful sensitivity due to thin enamel was changing my tooth paste and introduced me to ProNamel® from the makers of Sensodyne.

ProNamel® is proven to help protect your teeth from the effects of Acid Wear and also provides many benefits of a regular toothpaste, including providing cavity protection, breath freshening and helping to remove plaque with brushing. ProNamel® helps to re-harden acid-softened enamel making it stronger and more resistant to future Acid Wear so that you can continue enjoying those sweet foods and beverages without the worry. ProNamel® should be used twice a day as your regular toothpaste, everyday for best results.  

Speaking of sweet food and beverages, here is a great recipe you can try at home in celebration of the fall season and taking a bite out of Fall with ProNamel®!

Click here for a delicious Apple Crisp with Cranberries and Pecans recipe! This recipe is a definite Fall must-try. I absolutely love apple crisp, second to apple pie of course!

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Oct 16, 2014

With the change in season from summer to fall, it's time to put away the bbq and get back into the kitchen for some serious home cooked fall meals. I am not the best cook, but I like cooking and I don't usually have any complaints from my little food testers. I have a good stove, it cooks to perfection. My only problem has been my cookware. 

We got new cook ware years ago when our first daughter was little and we really started to cook at home for our new little family. Fast forward ten years and about a million family-of-five meals later and our cookware which was once shiny, non-stick and reliable sometimes has us second guessing our cooking skills. 

I was very happy when approached by Circulon to take a look at their new cookware! The Prime collection offers non-stick cookware brilliance for your kitchen. We were sent over a couple of pieces from the black collection (which is 11 pieces including 1qt & 2qt covered saucepans, 3qt covered saucepan with straining lid, 5qt covered dutch oven, 9.75" deep covered skillet, 5 cup non-stick egg poacher that fits into the skillet) to try out in our kitchen. 

Aside from being non-stick, I really like the depth of Circulon pots and pans. The handles are extra long and thick which makes it easier to turn the pot or pan around as needed while cooking. 

Suitable for all stove tops and ovens, Circulon cookware features a 3-layer total non-stick system with a long lasting non-stick coating. It's durable, meaning you don't have to worry about using metal utensils and ruining the coating. Each piece has a glass lid to help monitor cook time and everything is dishwasher safe! 

You can also get the Circulon cookware sets in red or stainless steel! Circulon also offers cookware like double non-stick roasters, open roasters, and electric griddles! Quality for all your cooking needs!

Want to win cookware from the Circulon Prime collection? From now to November 16 weekly prizes will be drawn which range from skillets to full on cookware sets with a grand prize of a Foodie Getaway to Montreal Quebec! For full contest rules, details and to enter please visit the official Circulon contest website

For more information about Circulon cookware sets and to find out where you can buy yours please visit the Circulon website! 

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We all live in a very busy, fast-paced and technology based world. With everything literally at our fingertips, it can be easy to go days or weeks without physically talking to anybody - we are connected on a digital level but are people really THAT connected these days? 

It's funny how we talk about slowing down life, putting down the smart phones and getting back to really connecting with each other because on the Internet is where I met the man who would ultimately become my better half, my best friend and the father to my now three beautiful children. We met online which allowed us the base we needed to "get to know each other" on a different level. Once that friendship was established we met in person and the rest is history. It just goes to show you how powerful human connection can be - once you get offline. This kind of connection may not work for everyone but it worked for us, eleven years later and counting. That's my #CheeriosEffect story! 

You're probably wondering what cereal has to do with being connected. The Cheerio Effect is apparently a scientific principal that is nicknamed after the cereal. It's about the fact that if you drop two cheerios in a bowl of milk, they'll always eventually float together and connect. You just went to try that didn't you? ;-)

Just like those two little o's - we are drawn together and hard-wired to connect with those around us. It's natural and no matter who you are, where you are from or who you choose to share your life with, Cheerios believes everyone is worthy of love and connection.

To celebrate such a simple concept, Cheerios has put together a series videos about real people sharing their real life connection moments. You can check out one of the videos below. I recommend a box of tissue, these can get emotional and they are such wonderful stories. 

Cheerios wants you to share your own personal connection story at www.CheeriosEffect.ca! Your story will be brought to life in a unique, personalized Cheerios video! 

You can check out my #CheeriosEffect story by clicking here!

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Oct 15, 2014

When a family is just starting out, new parents to be expecting their first can be super exciting but at the same time super overwhelming. There are SO many things a new baby needs, it's unreal. 

One thing we did not use but almost wish we had was a baby registry. Similar to that of a wedding registry, new parents to be can create lists at their favourite shops for things they need. Friends and family can access these registrys and buy items the new family wants and needs. 

I like baby registrys because they take the guess work out of purchasing gifts and also helps avoid multiple purchases or unnecessary purchases. Nobody likes to have to bring a gift back for an exchange. Our first baby registry consisted of a hand written list of what we needed for the baby.

Our third time around with our youngest, I already knew where to shop - Walmart. We got everything we needed from a car seat to diapers, bottles, outfits and more all at lower prices that suited our family of five budget.

Now with the popularity of baby registry's you can get all things baby for everyday low prices without going to any specialty shops or spending an arm and a leg with the Walmart Canada Baby Registry! 

It's easy to get started by visiting the Walmart Canada baby registry website and signing up with a few simple steps! 

- First, create your registry, give it a name and let your family and friends know about it. 

- Second, fill your registry with everything you and your new baby need found available at Walmart. 

- Third, you can share your registry with the world or the list of baby shower attendees so that everybody knows just what you need and don't need for your new bundle of joy!

Not only do you get the baby registry from Walmart Canada but you can also browse lots of useful articles about things from the nursery to baby gear, toys and so much more. Click here to check out the website for yourself! 

Take advantage of the great low prices Walmart has to offer during this special time and every day after! 

Connect with Walmart Canada on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+!

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Oct 14, 2014

The Baby Event is back at participating Loblaws and Real Canadian Super Stores from October 10th to 24th! Check out your local store for great savings on everything baby! My "baby" is an official toddler but so many things she still needs like diapers! You can never go wrong with a sale on diapers! Speaking of diapers, we are having a Twitter party this week featuring our favourite diapers @Pampers!

Save the date!

There's a #PampersParty happening this week! Join us this THURSDAY, October 16th at 8PM (EDT) on Twitter! 

Hosted by @Listen2Lena and Moderated by @ADomesticMomma, @Kidsumers and @AMotherhoodBlog

Brought to you by @Pampers @LoblawsON and @RealCdnSS

Come chat everything baby with us and have fun! Great prizes to be won including:

- 2X Pampers Family Prize Pack ($500 in Pampers products from Swaddlers to Easy Ups)

- 1X Savvy Mom Style $100 gift card

- 5X Baby Needs Prize of $150 Pampers and Loblaws package. 

What are you waiting for? RSVP below to join in on the fun and see you Thursday night! 

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Typically paper towel is used around our home for the smaller messes but the bigger our family is growing, the bigger the messes are becoming and we find ourselves using paper towel as a go-to for a quick and convenient clean up. Grab and get it done.

The problem with most paper towel is that you get what you pay for. The cheaper paper towel, the cheaper the quality and more frustration when you are trying to wipe something up and your paper towel does not hold up to your family’s every day messes. The more it rips, the more you use and in the long run you aren’t really saving any money. What a waste, in more ways than one.

Viva® Vantage* is a brand new to Canada premium paper towel. The difference between Viva Vantage and other paper towels is the stretch with V-flex Weave* which allows it to conform to any mess beyond the typical spill! With Choose-A-Sheet* you always have the right size for the job, and less waste. You get great absorbency and flexibility unlike many other paper towels.

I was surprised at the thickness and durability of Viva Vantage paper towels. They are soft and thick, the textured grooves allow you to pick up a lot more in areas like around the sink faucets and in the corners of the counters which can be difficult. You get a lot per thick roll and the choose-a-sheet helps save trees. If it’s a small mess, you can use just a little. 

I had never felt paper towel like Viva Vantage before, you can literally feel the stretch when you pull the first piece off the roll. It survived its first spill test – sticky orange juice on the counter top. As you can see in the images, Viva Vantage soaked up the spill without ripping or dripping.

We did more than just a spill test with Viva Vantage, testing it out in the kitchen and bathroom – the two rooms where we use paper towel the most. After wiping down mirrors and the sink, wet and the entire paper towel stayed intact.  It only ripped apart when I physically pulled on it to test the durability.  I can honestly say I am impressed!

Right now you can get a coupon and save on your next purchase! Try them out on your worst messes and see why the stretch makes a difference.  Click here to get your coupon!

You can find Viva Vantage paper towels at your local stores such as Walmart, Target, PharmaSave, London Drugs and more. You can use the store locator on the website to check it out.
To learn more about Viva Vantage please visit the official website, here.

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This post was brought to you by Viva® Vantage*, however the images and opinions are my own. For more information please visit www.vivatowels.ca

Oct 13, 2014

When I was little one of my favourite holidays was Thanksgiving. We all geared up for a day spent at my granny's house where she prepared a delicious, full, thanksgiving dinner fit for a king!

I'm not joking. This woman had a recipe book in her head! I would always ask her where her recipe was like my mom used and she would tell me she kept them in her mind. Unlike her, my memory stinks so I have to use recipes. She always made the best tasting everything from turkey to sides and pies, oh the pies! 

I remember watching her work. I subconsciously absorbed information that would gladly show up at the right moment years later. I haven't quite mastered the kitchen like my grandma but I've been working on it as the family is growing. 

Obviously (if you've been following my blog or social media for any time) I can do basic everyday meals but bigger feasts, I need more practice. I've done a few roasts, chicken and things over the years but I hadn't dared try a turkey on my own. Someone (usually family that doesn't live here) always helps by either cooking it and bringing it over or taking care of things in the kitchen for me while here. I guess it's the polite way to say "I don't trust your cooking" - I'm joking. 

At first I hadn't been planning a big dinner because we have been sick on and off, I didn't know if I would be up to the task so I couldn't make any promises. A few days ago I started feeling better so Hubby went out and bought everything I needed, including the turkey for a feast fit for a family of five and some. I checked out simple (and delicious looking) recipes online and found one I could handle.

Prepare a turkey in a house full of hungry kids and you have yourself a game of 20 questions. The boy wanted to know where the other parts were (head, feet etc) and my daughter was asking what they do with those parts her brother was asking the whereabouts of. A simple "you don't need to know, lets get cooking!" changed their minds. Let's save that conversation for another day. 

While the bird was cooking my oldest told me she was disappointed there was no apple pie to go with the turkey dinner (as I hadn't planned to cook a big dinner and honestly forgot about desert!). Mom guilt kicked in so I peeked into my cupboard and came up with enough ingredients to make an apple pie. I'm proud to say I didn't use a recipe for anything but the pie crust for that one and it turned out really yummy! Next time I'll have to make a bigger pie though, work with what we have right! 

As I was preparing the pie, it was like all the memories of my grandma's kitchen on Thanksgiving flooded back for a moment. This dinner was also for her. 

Four hours in the oven and we had ourselves Thanksgiving perfection! It looked good, it smelled Divine and it tasted heavenly! 

I am proud (and relieved) everything turned out great. I learned from two generations of the best. We ate and we gave thanks.  

For my first turkey, I think it turned out pretty good! :) 

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours! :) 

Posted by AME. Pictures by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.
September seemed to be our battle month when it came to being sick. As soon as the kids were back at school the constant colds began. Despite attempts at recommended sick days, sleep and eating well the cold seemed to hang on longer than usual. It's almost as if we were trading the cold back and forth between family members. With the change in seasons it's not surprising really.

We couldn't attend any major festivities for Thanksgiving and kept things quiet to avoid bringing germs over to relatives places during the holiday weekend. We managed to celebrate at home. Luckily, I was feeling better and able to cook up a small turkey and fixin's for the family. Boy, was it ever good too! 

I am thankful we were feeling better part way through the long weekend, nobody wants to miss out on turkey! I am also thankful to have some back up when my family is sick with Orange Naturals. It's not a cure-all but it does help with boosting immunity, calming cold and flu symptoms. 

Orange Naturals is practically universal. You can take it as is or you can add one of the many different tinctures and even the ND shake mix to some of your favourite recipes and make it an Orange Naturals day, every day. I have tried a recipe except for adding some vanilla ND shake mix to banana muffins which came out pretty tasty!

Speaking of recipes you can find a bunch of good ones on the Orange Naturals Official Blog. Recipes for salads, soups, smoothies and shakes featuring Orange Naturals ND shakes and other products in the mix! You'd be amazed what people come up with! They look oh so good and are oh so good for you.

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Oct 10, 2014

Moms often take on the ultimate-everything role. We have this instinct to stay on top of the herd, make sure everything is in running order. This is more so true as the holiday season comes up, specifically Thanksgiving. 

All the prep thats put into gathering everyone together, purchasing, preparing and cooking the food - shouldn't mom maybe get a break when it comes to the dishes? 

This year nominate or rather Mominate someone in your family to roll up their sleeves and take care of the dirty work this Thanksgiving. You take on enough and it's OK to ask for help once in a while. Give them a boost with Dawn and Cascade in hand to help get the job done quicker - powering away grease and leaving your dishes sparkling. 

Thanksgiving challenge

1) Visit the Cascade and Dawn Facebook page and take a look at the Mominate gallery. 

2) Share one of the awesome images (like the one above) on your Facebook page and use hashtag #Mominate, tag the person you want to mominate and tag Cascade and Dawn! Get your friends to mominate dish duty for someone in their lives!

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