Everyone is preparing for the upcoming holiday season by decorating, buying gifts and planning holiday baking if they haven't already started. Many people are also planning holiday travel with family out of town to holiday vacation escapes. 

From late flights to lost luggage, did you know that 1 in 5 parents agree that keeping the kids entertained is their biggest worry while travelling? I don't know about you but I find it much easier to keep kids entertained today than say, 20 years ago when we moms were wee ones.

One technology that still amazes me is Netflix plus the ability to download and watch what you want without worrying about Wifi. No more telling the kids they can't bring the iPad on the road to grandma's house. 

From the littlest one to the preteen and ages in between, there are Netflix shows for every member of the family to pack into their carry-ons. Although we LOVE our Netflix originals, you can find more of your favourite shows and movies under "Available for Download" tab in the app and take them with you whenever you want. 

Here are a few fun shows you may want to include on the travelling iPad this holiday season:

- Dinotrux Supercharged Season 1 
- Glitter Force Doki Doki Season 2 
- Project MC² Part 6 
- Luna Petunia Season 3
- Spirit: Riding Free Season 3
- Stretch Armstrong & The Flex Fighters Season 1

Vacation Travel Time! Does that sound familiar? Netflix did it again with this fun Orange Is The New Black parody theme for Netflix Family downloads, a place where you can always find the latest updates for your family's Netflixing joy! Have you liked the Netflix Family facebook page? This month Netflix wants to hear about your vacation travel troubles (or miracles) through stories and photos for your chance to be featured! 

Don't forget, if you don't already have Netflix you get your first month free* when you sign up! 

Happy Streaming!

*More details on www.netflix.ca*

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People often get wrapped up in the holiday gift-giving season, setting out to find the latest and greatest gift to go under the tree for their loved ones.

If you want to get away from the department store-style gift giving, try giving a gift that can change the world with Me to We holiday gifts! Each gift purchase is a step forward to a brighter future of someone in a third world country who may not care as much about what Santa has under the tree, they may get to go to school, have fresh water and nutritious food that year.

Aside from their amazing humanitarian work, Me to We is known for raising both awareness and charity funds through their beautiful artisan crafted jewellery and trinkets that not only light up the eyes of the gif-tee but also the hearts of those that seemingly small gift will touch.

We have been honoured in the past to be part of the Me to We movement through We Day and also letting you all know about the We Store! Now, you can find some amazing things right online; give a gift, change a life with Me to We! 

Some great Me to We holiday gift ideas:

Holiday Rafiki - I have a few of these myself. Each colour means something different and they even have a special festive one for the holidays. Each Rafiki is $10 with proceeds going to health care, healthy food, access to clean water and more.

The Semiprecious balance Rafiki is a beautiful piece made of semiprecious stones, delicate glass beads and 24K gold plated glass beats set in a gorgeous layered pattern. This special Rafiki is $95 with proceeds going toward access to education. 

The intention series necklace Labradorite "Be You" has impact and purpose. Not only a beautiful gift for a loved one made with a semiprecious bead, brass necklace and brass charm but proceeds also go toward access to education. 

Me To We Chocolate - gift the sweetness of this delicious Me to We chocolate. Each bar is $4.99 or you can also get them in cases of 12 for $59.88 (you can get dark, milk or dark + goldenberries) and proceeds go toward education, healthcare and food.

Arabic Ground Coffee - a good cup of coffee is always welcome! This special Me to We coffee is sure to please. Know you are making a difference with each sip. Each 340g bag is $12.99 with proceeds going toward clean water.

Me to We gift cards work similar to other gift cards but better. You can use a Me to We gift card to purchase something from the Me to We store OR you can donate directly to your gift card. Either way its a win-win as each purchase is a step toward a better tomorrow. 

These are just a few simple ideas you could gift someone this holiday season. Check out the Me to We website for more great gift ideas, they also have a catalogue available to browse!


Our friends at Me to We want to treat one lucky AME reader to a Me to We giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win some yummy Me to We Coffee and Chococlate! 

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One of our favourite characters from Transformers: The Last Knight, Sqweeks the Autobot, comes to life in this fun new remote control toy from Hasbro! In the new movie, Sqweeks is the smallest of Transformers but big in many ways. He lives to help all living beings - robot or human.

Autobot Sqweeks RC features motion and sound effects just like the loveable Autobot Amigo with tons of different phrases and sounds.  Playful doesn't mean tough, switch him into blaster mode with his included movie-inspired accessory. After winning the battle celebrate with an energetic dance mode including fun music and catchy phrases. Comes with remote control and blaster accessory. Powered by 6 1.5V AA batteries (not included). Ages 6 and up! 

I for one am impressed with the detail on the toy, it's pretty close to the Sqweeks in the movie, he even has little rust spots! Check out the official TV commercial below to see him in action! 

I can't wait to gift him this holiday season! Excellent gift idea for the Transformers fan in your family! I know we have a few here! You can find Hasbro's Autobot Sqweeks RC robot at local toy retailers like Toys R Us or Walmart. 

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As the holidays roll around we are getting our homes (and ourselves) ready for the big celebration. How about your nails? I put my nails through a lot on a daily basis from typing to dishwashing and being clumsy, hitting my already weak nails causing breaks, tears, splits and more. Plus, I also like doing my nails with false enhancements or nail polishes which cause my nails to dry out faster. Usually, my go-to fix-it is lots of moisturizing with unscented hand cream and nail oils which is great to help them get healthier but it doesn't always help exactly how I want it to. I still have the curse of non-existent nail growth despite my attempts to try every trick in the book to help them grow long and strong naturally. I think I may have found my new favourite nail care products.

My friends over at Trind sent me over their popular Nail Care line to try out for myself. Founded in 1988, Trind is one of Europe's top trusted hand and nail care companies located in the Netherlands. You can find Trind in the finest perfumeries across Europe, USA and also Canada! 

With the Trind Nail Care collection, its easier than ever to maintain healthy nails. 

First things first, filing into shape. Usually, I use an everyday nail file to smooth out rough edges and shape any unshapely nails but I have now since changed my ways. Trind Glass Nail File is made of the finest glass *watch out for crystal imitations which can damage your nails!* made to file smooth and not grind or tear your nails. Made of durable tempered glass, unlike other files this one can last a lifetime with proper care. 

The cuticle is the skin around the bottom of your nailbed. A lot of the time manicurists make a big mistake and cut it off with nippers when preparing the nails for a new manicure. Not only can this be painful but it can also cause damage like cuts which may allow bacteria to enter and then you have some major problems. 

Instead, use Trind Cuticle Remover which is a gentle solution made to soften the cuticles allowing you to simply push them down and remove any dead skin painlessly with an orange stick. Brush it on and allow it to absorb into the skin, wiping off any excess left over. Use it once every 4 weeks to clean up the cuticles!

Next, I used the Trind Cuticle Balsam which brings extra moisture to the cuticles. Just brush it on and allow it to absorb, massaging any excess into the skin until dry. 

Equalize and stimulate natural nail moisture by using the Trind Nail Magic Buffer once every 4 weeks. This 3-step buffer helps exfoliate dried out cells on the surface of your nails. 

Lock in the moisture with Trind Nail Balsam; apply and let absorb, rub the excess into nails and cuticles until dry. 

Finish off the regime with my favourite of them all, Trind Nail Repair Natural which acts as a shield to protect and strengthen the nails. Brush on a coat, let it dry (dries within minutes).

Do this every day for two weeks for maximum results, removing old coats using Trind Polish Remover which is extra mild and acetone free. I love the shiny gloss coat it gives my nails while protecting them from everyday damage. 

With healthy nails you want healthy hands; nourish and replenish skins moisture using Trind Hand Repair everyday.

I have only been using the system for a couple of days but already I am seeing a major difference in my nails. I can't wait to see what two weeks will do! Check out my Instagram for an update in a couple of weeks! 

You can find the full line of Trind nailcare and "Caring Colours" polishes on the official Trind website. Follow Trind on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!


TRIND wants to give you beautifully natural nails in time for the holiday season! One lucky AME reader has the chance to win a Trind Nail Care system which includes:

- Trind Nail Repair Natural
- Trind Nail Balsam
- Trind Cuticle Balsam
- Trind Cuticle Remover
- Trind Hand Repair

- Trind Magic Buffer

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We are a family of pet lovers and I have to say a new addition is about to join us! This holiday season the kids are going to have fun with a new furry friend from Hasbro.  

Furreal Chatty Charlie, The Barkin' Beagle is unlike any other pet we've met before! Not only is he soft, moves and barks like a real puppy but his special collar also translates his barks to English so kids can understand what he's saying with over 80+ barks and phrases! 

Watch his ears move as he tries to hide his face, pet his back and watch him respond to sound and touch! He loves to cuddle and even wags his tail. Whether he’s barking, talking, or being cuddled, Chatty Charlie, the Barkin’ Beagle pet is an awesome pal! Ages 4 and up. 4 x 1.5v AA alkaline batteries required. Demo batteries included. $49.99

You can find Furreal Chatty Charlie, The Barkin' Beagle at most local toy retailers! 


Our friends at Hasbro are giving one lucky AME reader the chance to win their own Furreal Chatty Charlie, The Barkin' Beagle pet! Enter using the ballot below!

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Enchant the little princess on your gift list this year with Disney Princess Dolls by Hasbro! Having two girls you can bet there is always at least one or two princesses on the list! These gorgeous dolls will be under our tree, we thought you and your little princess would like them too! 

Disney Frozen Olaf’s frozen Adventure Musical Elsa Doll

You can never have too many Elsa dolls as far as our 4 1/2-year-old stands. She still loves Disney's Frozen very much and this year requested a singing Elsa on her Christmas list. Disney Frozen Olaf's Frozen Adventure Musical Elsa Doll brings this ice princess to life as Elsa sings about the joys of celebrating the holidays together! I don't know about you but I really like her holiday-themed outfit (and shoes) straight out of the new short! Press Elsa's stomach to hear "When We're together" and sing along with her! Ages 3 and up. 3X A76 batteries included. $29.99*

Disney Princess Enchanted Ballroom reveal

Tale as old as time brought to life with this beautiful Beauty and the Beast playset. Transform the beast into a prince with the push of a button. Place Belle and her Prince on the stand, press Belles necklace to hear the famous song as the lovebird's twirl and dance. Ages 3 and up. Requires 3 A76 button cell batteries. Demo batteries included. $49.99*

You can find these and many other Hasbro Disney Princess dolls and playsets at retail stores like Walmart or Toys R Us!

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My youngest daughter has extremely long hair, she won't let me cut it. Which is fine because I get to try different pretty hair styles on her and she doesn't mind having her hair in braids for school. On more than one occasion we have went somewhere and had someone refer to my little blondie as "Rapunzel", it's only fitting that princess will be under the tree this year!

Everyone's favourite, long-locked Disney princess is brought to life with Glow N Style Rapunzel doll from Jakks Pacific! Her hair, of course, is what makes her very special! With the push of a button her long gorgeous hair magically glows while Rapunzel says 1 of 16 different phrases and sings "I see the light". Kids can create different hairstyles with the 5 hair play pieces and tiara (included). She even comes with her own Pascal hair clip that your little girl can wear too! She also comes with her own pair of shoes to top off her look. Ages 3-7 $59.99

You can find Glow N Style Rapunzel at local toy retailers like Toys R Us or Walmart. 

Follow @JakksToys on Twitter and Like the Jakks Facebook page for the latest toy updates!

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