Christmas 2009 has come & gone once again. Christmas eve and day we spent celebrating with the kids. Good food, gifts and lots of love made for a great holiday.

The kids were more than happy with what they got and that's all that really matters for me. Making sure my kids are happy especially Christmas morning.

Boxing day (as we call the day after Xmas) my mother, her husband, two friends of ours & their two kids came over for a little dinner. It was fun except the weather wasn't the best considering my mom had to drive an hour back home. She left before dark and all is well.

Throughout the week between Xmas & new years we have been socializing with good friends, making the last week of the year at least a memorable one.

In two hours the clock will strike midnight ending 2009 and beginning 2010. Another year gone.

2009 was a pretty good year - the highlights were our son turning 1, our daughter hitting 5 and moving into a better neighbourhood and bigger house to raise our beautiful kids. We adopted a cat, reconnected with old friends and made new ones.

I began my blog in April 2009, began writing, joined Twitter and met some amazing and wonderful people in 2009 too.

Unfortunately there were some family and even friend feuds which couldn't be resolved as easily as one would think. Moving on is hard but sometimes it's best to do what makes you happy. As hard as its been we regret nothing. We wish them all the best for 2010.

For 2010 I want to write more, I want to be able to write on a computer more instead of my trusty iPhone. Actually make it more into a career than a hobby.

I want to have more patience and not let the little things get to me. I want to do more for myself and try to gain the courage to face the battles that lay ahead involving my upcoming surgery.

Most of all, I want to make sure my children and my partner are healthy and happy. They are my world & continue to be into 2010.

Hug your kids and kiss your spouse - have a safe & happy new years eve everyone!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Christmas is in three days and I have a list of things to do, most of which I should've began at least on the weekend but either way I'll try to smash it all into one day and see what the outcome is.

Maybe my little Christmas elves will be cooperative and help mommy-clause out the next couple of days.

My mom is coming for an earlier visit Christmas eve, I must have my house decent.

Laundry, cleaning, baking, wrapping...so much but I really did bring this on myself!

Even though we aren't hosting any big extravagant Christmas parties, I still want things to go smoothly when we do dinner with my mom and her hubby on the 26th.

I love this time of year especially getting to sit down and enjoy what I have. Not worry about all the aweful and negative things that recently happened in my personal life. Push it aside for a special season and enjoy the laugher brought to my children by joy and excitement sitting back with satisfaction knowing we've pulled it off once again with little to work with and everybodys happy, together.

Time to get to bed or it'll lead to mommy grinch instead of mommy clause ;-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Being prepared for the holidays is something that we all as mothers try to accomplish. We've decorated our home, cooked a fabulous meal but after all the christmas rush we forgot the most important part - the desert! What to do...check online, after all the Internet is a great library for recipes both easy and inexpensive.

Here is a quick, simple and fun little recipe I found on www.bettycrocker.com

- I'm going to try it out this week with my kids as an activity during the Christmas holidays-

Christmas Tree Brownies

You will need:
• 1 box of brownie mix
1/4 cup water
1/3 cup veg. Oil
• candy coated chocolates (m&ms or smarties, coated mini hershey kisses)
• 1 cup of betty crocker white whipped icing** 2-3 drops of green food coloring

1- Preheat oven to 375*F
Grease only bottom of 9" round baking pan.
Prepare brownie mix as directed on package (using eggs, oil and water).
Pour into pan.

2- BAKE 50-55 minutes or until the old toothpick method comes out clean. Cool for 1 hour.

3- Add food color to icing (optional unless making traditional green trees :-))

4- Serve: Cut into 12 wedges and decorate!

**have fun with this recipe by substituting the icing by drizzling plain white icing sugar over chocolate icing gives a "snowy" look and decorating let's the kids be creative by using different candies and colors on their tree**

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

Note: the food pictured is not my creation it's from www.Bettycrocker.com, I will post my own when we bake these...Now those look good!


Just about every man loves his sports! Some like football, some like hockey and others maybe baseball or boxing.

My man enjoys watching hockey, boxing matches and tonights event: UFC - Ultimate Fighting Champion. Where two grown men in various weight divisions go head to head in a ring referred to as "the octagon" to beat eachother until one falls and the other gains title. Similar to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) however, the ufc fighters aren't acting when they take a punch.

Sounds brutal, which it is but he likes it and I don't mind. Sitting at home watching a fight is better than having a man who enjoys bar hopping in his 30's.

Tonight was supposed to be a UFC party at our house. 3 couples, six people were invited as of last Monday to join us for a few drinks, a few laghs and of course ufc 107 main event.

Again, as the past few fights, nobody showed up and the fight is on. I don't mind because I really enjoy having dh to myself on a Saturday night after the kids are in bed but I am disappointed in dh "buddies". All week raving about coming and he actually had to call them to find out what was going on. Again, last minute excuses like a flat tire and gf took the car. Poor dh, he was looking forward to the last fight night before Christmas.

It's really too bad, but at least my man is optimistic and told me he's just happy I'm always here for him. (awe...) Yeah I am, as he is for me, no matter if we are watching ufc or not!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


A few months back I made a very sad and failed attempt to sell some of my kids old clothes. Funny enough I actually felt this guilt doing it because normally when my kids outgrow their things we simply give them to somebody who needs them, for free.

So now being it Christmas we have been giving ds old clothes away to someone we know with a little boy too. Tonight he got an early gift, dh brought over ds exersaucer we haven't used it in months but bought it brand new only ds ever used it.

Feels good to know we are helping others without gain, although $$ from used clothes couldve helped but oh well!

People in the past helped us when we were starting out, i'd just like to repay the favor by doing the same. I would love to donate money to charity but financially we just can't.

Giving puts me in the Christmas mood.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1
Just about everybody has access to the Internet. Whether they just browse or are hard core bloggers, the Internet is a vast place of information both educational and unfortunately sometimes personal, a little too personal.

Blogs are fun to write and they can be fun to read. Anyone can open a free blog and write whatever they wish. Word of the wise: think before you post. Anybody can read your blog, anybody.

This is where my story kicks in. Recently I came back in contact with a relative who I haven't spoken to in almost two years due to a family dispute, long story.

Anyway, we had chatted online for barely two weeks when I stumbled across something very hurtful and on the internet of all places.

After a facebook email pleading for us to get together and talk things through I find on their myspace blog an entire paragraph belittling me as a mother and as a woman, complete lies about me and written just less than 3 months ago.

I was shocked that somebody especially family could try to use the Internet as an outlet to make themselves feel better by belittling somebody like that. Unreal.

My reaction: told (not asked) the person to take the post down and expressed my disgust in the whole situation. They shouldn't expect any further of me any time soon.

As terrible as this is right before the holidays, it really gives me a good reason to focus even more on the people who truly care, unconditional love of my dh and kids.

Just a little advice to Internet newbes, think before you post!

And yes, I thought this one through ;-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Tonight we had our first parent teacher interview. Of course I went, being the one who deals with most of the childrens appointments. I was nervous and not about meeting the teacher but about what she had to say about our dd.

For those of you new to my blog my dd is an amazing little girl. She's bright, has a good sense of humour, she has a big heart and the whole package but when she doesn't get what she wants watch out. It's like watching her transition from this innocent 5 year old to a mouthy know it all 13 year old. She will do anything to get her way (not like she does no matter what she pulls with me!)

So back to the interview, at 5:45 I hustled my butt in the freezing cold to make the 6:10 meeting. Made it there 10 minutes early too (organized mommy points!). The 6:00 family were late so I was able to go earlier, bonus!

Met the teacher, lovely lady very welcoming and kind. We discussed dds progress as far as school work goes she's been progressing well. Which made me quite happy but the harder part was about to be said.

I think the teacher knew I was expecting it when she said "okay, now to discuss her...um...behaviour". Here it came, in a nicer way than I had interpreted in my head. To put it short my dd is a handful and some at school. Worst part is she's only there for 2 1/2 hours a day!

Being on time outs, having to be sent to another class and basically doing what sounded worse than she does to me at home. The teacher finished with "She is a lovely child, we just need to tone down the determination". Determined is a light way of putting it.

I felt like crying on the walk home but instead I thought about a decent speech when dd and I had our talk about the interview when I got home.

I got home, discussed the interview first with dh. Gave him the heads up, he was impressed by her french work report. Dd came in the room so we sat her down and discussed everything.

As a mom I believe in letting my kids know they can come to me with anything no matter how big or small, that's what I'm here for. Every night I spend about 10-15 minutes before bed when I tuck her in to just talk to her. It doesn't matter what about but I always end it telling her how special she is to me, her daddy & her brother. She always replies "I love you too mom". The reason seeing her act out the way she has been breaks my heart because I know that's not her.

Hopefully my new and improved mommy methods will work. Wish me luck!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

Becoming a mom is one of the most wonderful things in life, enjoying every happy moment from pregnancy to birth. When baby arrives a lot of mothers find themselves scratching their heads. The parenting books didn't even come close to the real thing leaving moms confused and frustrated not knowing how to deal with the little things that can feel so big at the time.

If I hadn't received the advice I did, through online networks of new moms as well as family and friends, I think the first few months of motherhood would've been a little more crazy.

Here are my top picks of advice given to me by the "wiser" and learned at the time my daughter was born:

1) Being a mother means that most of your time will be spent taking care of baby, don't forget about you! Once a day do something for you, take a walk, listen to your iPod while in the hot bath, whatever brings you to that quiet place do it. Mom needs to recharge the batteries too.

2) Sleep when the baby sleeps. With mountains of laundry, a house to clean and baby bottles to make most would laugh at the thought of sleeping when the baby sleeps but honestly take the advice. You need your energy to take care of baby. Every baby has a routine, so when nap time comes for baby it should come for mommy too. If you're lucky enough to have family and friends around, ask them for help. Even if its to bring over a hot meal for supper or something during your transition into new mommyhood.

3) Don't take others advice as a personal attack on your parenting skills. Some people can come off rude, they can come off sounding like judge Judy and it can hurt your feelings but most of the time they are just doing to you what was done to them. They are just trying to help from experience. If you feel it's unsolicited advice or are insulted, let them know you've got this.

4) Know that no matter what you do, that little baby loves you unconditionally. She looks at you for everything from food to cuddles. As scary as it might sound, as she gets older the bonds will only grown stronger between her and you.

5) Remember every baby is different and although baby books can give you good pointers, you won't find the magic key at the end. What might work to calm some babies may not work for others etc etc but never give up. As you get to know your baby you will know what soothes and what just doesn't work. No matter what anyone says, do what makes you and your baby happy.

Have your own tips on parenting you would like to share with the world of new moms? Leave a comment below, I love to hear from my readers!


Christmas eve is 24 days away. Some people have already had their festive decorations up for a month and have already or nearly finished all their holiday shopping. That's incredible and I give total credit to anybody who is able to establish this long before everyone else is even writing a list.

This family however, begins the Christmas festivities closer to the actual holiday. Being it the last weekend before December, this past Sunday was Christmas tree decorating day in our house.

Real trees are beautiful, when they are outside. I don't really feel the need to waste a perfectly good tree for ONE special day so here we use our wonderful (and just as beautiful when decorated) artificial tree. It's a simple tree, it's a fragile tree but it's a tree nonetheless.

Hubby dug out the boxes of decorations we have stored in the basement and brought up what we needed.

It took a couple of tries to get the lights straight, we ran out of both lights and garland...but the final product is something to be proud of.

Dd got to place the angel on top of the tree. The first thing she did this morning was admire the family Christmas tree. It's the lit up smiles that make it all worth it.

Next event - christmas gift shopping!!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Ever notice when you buy (what you think at the time is) an amazing electronic device or appliance only to find after a short life, it breaks down. Not only does it break down but it breaks down at the worst possible moment? That's me this past week.

First thing to go, an appliance well loved by both dh and myself, our 12 cup oster coffee maker. Less than two years old, Wednesday morning it worked. Wednesday afternoon it worked. Wednesday evening it decided it's time had passed.

Some of you are probably reading this saying "who cares? You have a tassimo!". I love my tassimo and it's brilliance in coffee/hot drink brewing. I enjoy it so much it's my "specialty coffee brewer" - wouldn't want to use it constantly and have it see the same fate as the oster just did. Not to mention I'm running out of t-discs except espresso, Colombian, decaf, starbucks and green tea. Need to stock up before Christmas!

Either way we were hit hard with an unexpected large lump sum deposit fee from the gas company, totally out of our planned monthly/Christmas budget. So a new coffee maker is out of the picture right away. A friend offered her spare until we get a new one, "the loaner".

Second thing to break down this week was a beloved electronic of both kids. The livingroom tv began flickering, the screen goes wavey and eventually shuts off on it's own. Nice, we are still paying it off so luckily it's under warranty.

Today two delivery guys came in, saw the tvs funky waves and gave us a smaller "loaner" until the technitian comes Monday or Tuesday to either fix it or take it away for repairs. So my livingroom has two tvs in it, looks terrible what a hassle!

I'm happy for the loaners don't get me wrong it could be much worst. No tv no coffee make mommy something something...(little humour) it's just such a hassle at the most stressful time of the year.

Maybe putting our tree up tomorrow will change my mood and get me more into the Christmas spirit.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Flu season, it comes hand in hand with the colder seasons of fall and winter coming in. This year we have another bothersome worry with the threat of the dreaded H1N1 or swine flu lurking around what seems lately, every corner.

My family and I endured a long tough two weeks with everybody being sick one after another. It's incredible how quickly this virus can spread but with the help of bedrest, a little TLC and some great online resources about the flu we made it through and recovered.

As we all know the government has released a H1N1 vaccine which has it's benefits but also brings worry to others so whether you decide to vaccinate against this illness is completely up to you. The same choice we have to vaccinate against seasonal flu or not as well.

Although the vaccine is available there are still chances you or worse your children could contract the virus and bring it into your once healthy home.

The first thing you should do when you see your little one isn't themselves is NOT panick.

H1N1 can really only be detected through testing however symptoms are close to that of a regular seasonal flu.

Check for the following symptoms:

•Sore Throat
•Respiratory Problems
•Body Aches

For more information about H1N1 symptoms visit http://www.h1n1-symptoms.org.

The best thing to do when your child is sick is to keep them home from public places like schools, malls, even buses and quarrentined to one room of the house if possible.

Have them wear a face mask if they have to be around anyone who is not sick and make hand washing essential.

Keep the sick one as comfortable as possible with plenty if fluid to prevent dehydration. Let them get the rest they need.

For more detailed information about how to care for someone while sick please visit:

There have been quite a few emergency cases of the flu this year which required medical attention. If any of the following symptoms occur please visit your local emergency room as soon as possible to be tested for h1n1.

•fast breathing or trouble breathing
•bluish skin color
•not drinking enough fluids
•very sleepy or lethargic
•in babies, being so irritable they don't want to be held
•fever with a rash
•flu-like symptoms that improve, then return with fever and a worse cough

There is nothing worse than having a family member sick, especially a young child so please take precautions by influencing hand washing and keeping disinfectant cleaning products on hand at all times. You can't be too safe when dealing with your health and the health of your family.

For a great parents guide to H1N1 and prevention please visit http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/bacterial_viral/h1n1_guide.htm

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


November has about a week or so left and the real fun begins. December 1st marks the Christmas count down - 25 days until the big guy gets in his sleigh.

As every year lately this santas bag might be a little slim. Things haven't been going as financially well as we'd hoped - stuff happens what can you do but make the best of it.

That's exactly what we plan to do. Christmas shouldn't be about material items, not the image I want my children seeing it as - accumulating the "gimmy gimmy" syndrome.

Dd asked me an interesting question this morning while I brushed her hair for school - Whats the point of Christmas?

Being catholic I reminded her about learning about baby Jesus in school and explained it was a day to celebrate the people you love by sharing thoughtful gifts. She then went on about things she would like her little brother to have.

Now here's the fun part I just thought about - how the heck does Santa fit in to this scenerio? She hasn't asked yet but she could. The joys of a curious five year old, almost feel bad about lying with the whole Santa deal but it's the lit up faces when they see that big jolly old man every year that continues the Santa saga.

I guess I'll figure that one out if the question ever rises.

I'm starting to get more into the Christmas mood despite the financial stress of it all. Hubby has the lights out to start the exterior decorating of the house :-)

As I said, we'll make the best of it - after all Christmas only comes once a year.


Puzzles have always been in households for as far as most of us can remember. A way to keep your child entertained while they learn and exercise their memories putting together anywhere from 5 to 500+ pieces.

As a child growing up I always received a puzzle at Christmas. Whether it was a stocking stuffer or a gift from a relative who had no idea what to get kids, I had them. But I had no interest. I had no patients to sit and peice everything together. Most of the puzzles became lost over time and eventually garbage, what a waste!

My mother bought dd a Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo puzzle book, dd was too young to use it so we put it away until recently.

Playing in the basement dd came across her nemo puzzle. Now, everyday it's "mom can I take out my puzzles?" and instead of pieces everywhere after about ten minutes, she actually sits and puts them together - quickly.

I'm really proud she enjoys using educational toys and games like puzzles and books. My little brain ;-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Apologies for the several day gap between my posts lately. Unfortunately I was very sick with a virus for a few days. That terrible virus that has been entering homes and contaminating every member. Some cases H1N1 while others just viral infections or whatever else is going around this time of year.

Usually I am the last one to get sick out of the four of us but not this time. Dh did a great job and handled everything while I shivered and whined like a baby in bed until he too caught what I had. So, one parent really sick and the other trying to recooperate both trying not to breathe on the kids. Oh boy that was crazy.

On top of it nothing (except disinfecting my house) got done - laundry piled up and the place got messy.
No writing was done on my behalf for my blog or any other projects.

Feeling a little better today but very sleep deprived thanks to the sweats and chills all night long plus the coughing.

Today I took a walk with dh and ds to get some fresh air. When we got home I started cleaning up, changed my bed and became a bit overwhelmed with the size of my laundry pile - early morning tomorrow I guess.

It's really hard when both parents are sick with no outside help but we made it, now it's time to start cleaning up the aftermath.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


This is Hazel -

A 3 year old indoor shelter cat a friend of mine had to give away due to having to constantly break up fights betwen Hazel & her own cats. She contacted me last week with the offer to take her in.

This was a decision I have been bouncing back and forth in my head since dd started begging for a kitty about two years ago. Kittens are too much work with shots and messes etc, older cats can be set in their ways sometimes not very good when you have young kids. Hazel however is only 3 and has lived in large households including other pets but Zeus is not just an ordinary dog...he's BIG.

My main concern about bringing hazel into our home was not about her harming my kids but rather how would she handle my kids and giant monster of a dog.

I haven't owned a cat since I moved on my own and started my own family nearly 7/8 years ago...Living with my mother she had three of her own. She still has three cats but the eldest of the original three passed away last year and my mother adopted my brothers cat when he moved and couldn't keep her. My kids have never owned a cat and my dog has never lived with other animals in fact typically he can become agressive so that concerned me a bit.

So after talking it over with dh and asking my friend a million things about her now, Hazel is my new cat. So far she's wonderful. She's friendly and really gentle. Zeus thinks she's great and wants to play but his size scares the crap out if her so she'll hide. Which is a lot better than the scenerio in the summer of Zeus cornering the neihbours cat and freaking out on it. Hazel, consider yourself on his good side! ;-)

Dd is happy she finally has a pet kitty in the family. Only problem is dd tries to pet her, backwards and when Hazels had enough she runs away. Well dd although told over and over not to, chases her. Not in a mean kid kind of way, just because she wants to pet the cat!

Ds has no interest in the cat so far. I think this wi be good for everyone, something different. Dh is even taking a liking to our new furry friend...

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


A couple of weeks ago dd came frantically declairing that her "little tiny tooth in the front was wiggly!". I explained to her how as she gets bigger her small or "baby" teeth will get loose, fall out and make room for her "big girl" teeth.

Just about every day since she had asked if her teeth would fall out soon. And every day the gap between the loose tooth and the rest got bigger.

Tonight after playing in her room for a bit dd came rushing down from her room in excitement, "Mommy! My littlest tooth fell out! There was blood but that's ok!" the honesty of a five year old.

We tried the "tooth fairy" deal and her question was "why does the tooth fairy buy my teeth?" lol scratch that - we told her the tooth fairy collects them and rewards kids for losing a baby tooth - nice recovery!

So, after wrinsing her mouth and placing the tooth in a little jewlry gift box I had in my drawer (packrat), we discovered the tooth next to the now hole is ready to fall out itself any time. Looks like the "tooth fairy" will be busy in this household as my little girl transitions to big girl.

A picture of her new smile :-)) er kind of lol

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1
After considerable attempts at trying to sell my used kids stuff via an online gallery I decided to close up shop and stick to advertising the important in season items like the snowsuits for cheap on used ad sites. I feel silly but at least I tried and didn't lose out much except a few hours of time preparing everything. Oh well on to plan B! I think I rushed into thingswith high spirits again. Between my family, writing and every day mom stuff I don't really have time to run my own online shop. Thanks to all who supported my idea just the same.

It has been hectic around here with dd being sick, Halloween and a family feud to top of the stress levels of both dh and I. We need a vacation. Yeah, and maybe a miracle to be able to even attempt to afford a vacation.....

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1
Halloween 2009 has come & gone, we almost missed it but fortunately everything turned out ok!

Friday afternoon dd came down with a serious fever, we almost had to make a trip to the hospital but fortunately her fever broke overnight with the help of childrens motrin and she was feeling better by Saturday morning.

Although not 100% she spent the day resting, hoping she'd feel better in time for trick or treating.

I felt terrible, she was so excited about Halloween like any 5 year old & had been talking about it for weeks.

After dinner she was feeling much better. We put her devil costume together while dh and ds went to the store. Ds was supposed to be pooh bear but the costume was too small so he was an elephant. Someone called him horton from the movie horton hears a who.

For a little girl she got a lot of candy. To the point her felt bag ripped by the end and she had to finish off with a plastic shopping bag we had on hand.

Exhausted after dd only ate two candies and fell asleep on the couch. Little brother had been munching on cheetos while sister gathered the loot. When we got home he was good for bed too.

It was nice to go out & spend the event as a family. The kids had fun and that's what matters most.

Until next time...keep dreaming...


Dd is feeling much better! Fever broke over night. It was a sleepless night for everyone but at least she's almost back to her typical self!

Thnx to everyone for the kind words of support!
Everyone from media to communities around the country are talking about the h1n1 flu virus aka swine flu and it's vaccine.

Before being able to make the trip for the shot dd is sick. Very sick. Her fever is high, her cheeks are flushed and there is no energy to this active five year old.
She's got all symptoms except her breathing is normal and there is no coughing.

Mommy won't be sleeping much tonight, check on her hourly to make sure we won't have to rush to Cheo.

The part that breaks my heart besides the main fact she's sick is what she said "oh no mom if I'm too sick I can't trick or treat:-("

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


An old friend of mine sent me a message via facebook today. She knows previously I had been talking about adding a cat to our family, knowing she works with animals if ever she was to come across a suitable one for my family she'd let me know. She's had a hard time letting go but she asked me if I could take her beloved cat Hazel. Hazel is a shelter cat my friend was fostering. She was in line for a good home.

She's got too many animals to take care of as it is and her schedule isn't fair to hazel who needs alot of love.
Being a SAHM I have time to contribute to hazel as well as my kids and of course our beloved Zeus, who I really hope is on his best behaviour the day hazel comes to stay.
She's 3 as of november, cuddly cat :-) good with kids and animals too.

I'm happy I'm helping out a friend as well as this cat. Her eyes are just pretty!
Can't wait to meet her!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


My fridge is like any other fridge. It's big, white, has a freezer and keeps my food cold. On the outside it looks like any typical mommys fridge. An art Gallery.

No, I'm not talking Picasso here. My 5 year old DD is a little artist. She has always loved to draw and displays the art on the front and sides of the fridge in our family kitchen.

I love it. Sometimes she puts a few too many so when you begin to lose sight of the front on the fridge itself it's time to put them in the keepsake bag of drawings (she won't let me recycle them either) and rotate some new ones in their place.

Here are a few of my daughters lovely creations: from the mind of a five year old :-))

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


My daughter is starting to learn about numbers and money. She understands the concept of purchasing items and that you need money to do so.

DD earned 5$ to spend where she wanted on what she wanted when we went for errands today. Zellers had nothing within her price range or interest. The dollar store was her last hope after looking for that perfect something elsewhere. She walked the toy isle about six times before quickly deciding on this pink rubber balloon toy that looked like a blow fish. After getting what I needed we headed to the cash. I noticed the blowfish was dirty it looked like it was previously on the floor.
I asked dd if she would rather some Halloween candy than another toy to just end up in the toybox. With a big smile she agreed.
After that dh & I wanted a coffee so we stopped at Tim hortons. Dd insisted she go in and buy some donuts for her and her brother so a pack of 20 timbits she bought.
I was impressed with her donut idea, sharing with her brother too was sweet. Showing the "big girl" despite the little girl drama this week. Always mommys girl :-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1
This has got to be my lucky week. Last Saturday I was on Twitter (as usual) tweeting away about how much I wanted a tassimo hot beverage machine, low and behold with the help of a few Twitter friends and @TassimoCanada I won a machine.

Now, last night I wasn't even trying which was the neat part, retweeted a msg about the upcoming Michael Jackson movie "this is it" and won the soundtrack thanks to @SonyPictures and being a 20th retweet. Cool!

It's really fun to win things, usually never do. My daughter made me laugh by saying "when you get your coffee maker we can have hot chocolate and listen to Michael jacksons" she's too cute.

Speaking of winning, a friend of mine was over and noticed a package for one of dds fundraisers and decided to buy a few things, I wasn't planning on doing that one but there's prizes for amounts sold so dd will get something too.

Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Today was busy! The typical morning run around getting the kids and ourselves ready for the day. DD off to school by noon giving a slight window of time in which to accomplish important tasks and returning on time to pick her up at 3PM.

We had an appointment, it was terrible yet good because it's done. But talk about disorganized. Oh, we werent disorganized but the people we had the appointment with were! We had to wait a good almost two hours before being served with our wide awake 19 month old son. That was fun trying to keep him entertained, his toys were boring after an hour! Dh had time to get us timmys while we waited and a donut for the boy.

Finally we got out of there, visited the bank and dh picked up dd from the bus with ds while I ran for something else. Waited about 20 minutes in a line listening to some lady with two seemingly uncontrolable children just to be told I have to come back tomorrow. Oh well less waiting tomorrow at least.

After that I met up with dh and the kids, we all went to do some groceries. Walked back home everyone exhausted and drained. The evening wound down after supper, baths and bed early for prettymuch everyone including me!

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(The following post is based on Mondays day, although my blog app posted it as Tuesday)

Today was looking to be a decent day. I was up early with my kids getting ds ready for his drs appointment and dd ready for school.

Ds had an audiology test which turned out great and according to dd she had a good day at school except one time out...or so I thought.

My cell rings at around 7:30 but I was unable to answer due to bath routine for the kids. They called back an hour later and it was the couseller from dds school readiness program.

She started by telling me dd has been doing OK but lately she seems to be having trouble adjusting to the school setting. She basically mentioned most behaviour any five year old would show except my cute little girl swore at a boy. As any other school dds catholic school doesn't tolerate it.

It isn't typical for dd to swear, she knows the difference between good words and bad words, we are constantly reminding her when things get tough to tell a grown up. Although dd is tough when she's had enough she's had enough, she just goes about it the wrong way lately. Still no excuse for using words she knows are rude and not tolerated.

What upset me the most is that she lied to me, stating it was the other way around the boy swore at her. Lying to me is like telling me you don't trust me even though I know deep down that's not why a child the age of dd would lie, more or less to get out of any consequences.

I'm not perfect, I'm a parent and I'm just trying to raise respectible children. My children are my life, pride & joy so when things like this happen it just makes me crumble into an emotional pile and get to thinking "wow she's only 5...what am I doing so wrong" even though I know she's a great kid so we must be doing something right.

Nobody said motherhood was easy.

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Everybody likes contests. You enter the required info and anxiously wait to find out if you're the winner. Some contests are instant where others you have to wait a while before a winner is announced.

Lately there have been contests floating around Twitter which include tweeting and retweeting about certain companies or products in hopes your tag will be chosen as the winner.

The lastest and seeminly most popular among the moms I tweet with is a Tassimo hot beverage system prize with of course samples of hot beverages to enjoy.

Many of my fellow twitterers won their very own TASSIMO system and I thought that was pretty neat. What a great way to promote a great product than to give it away!

Being a stay at home mom coffee is like my fuel, I've always wanted to try one of these specialty coffee makers!

After some tweeting around about it (& help from my wonderful Twitter friends) I recieved the winning DM :-)) I'm super happy, I'm a coffee lover & I never win so this feels great :-)

Thankyou to @TassimoCanada and all my twitter friends!!
I'll let you know when I get it :-))

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The launch of kidz stuff online happened two days ago, I had posted more than enough. So far it's quiet, a little too quiet.

If anyone in Ottawa is interested in gently used clothing my gallery is http://kidzstuffonline.ecrater.com

Hopefully not yet another idea to bite the dust like the rest have in the past. At least now that I have at least my launch pad up maybe I can get back into my helium writing which I am not proud to announce I have been putting off since my "bright" idea came to mind.

Today is one of those days where nothing seems to be going well so far. I was up early nerve wrecked about having to take the most annoying bus route with ds in tow for an appointment early this morning. DS and I missed the first bus to his appointment because the bus instead of being 3 minutes late as per usual was three minutes early. I was RIGHT there if the light hadn't been red forever I'd have made it.

Unfortunately had to reschedule ds appointment. I hate having to delay his immunization! At least the clinic he visits isn't one who charges for reschedule or cancellation less than 24hrs before the appointment. I know my drs office is stricked on "be there on time", which I don't blame them although I'm usually early, today just was not my morning!

I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow. This has been one heck of a week!

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After a busy last few days of gathering/washing/numbering and photographing used items I figured I should jump into step 2 - setting them up online.

I've already got my domain and set up the basics title etc unfortunately my logo was too big so I tried to make a new one and see otherwise I'm stuck with a wine glass as my logo pic on a used childrens clothes gallery. Wholesome!

So far I have posted 25 items and have about another 25 to be posted. Not including the bag I have left to wash, label, photograph and post. Keep me busy this fall!

Speaking of fall the season brings for some great writing! American thanksgiving is coming up so I can write maybe an article or two about fall, thanksgiving and of course Halloween!

So many ideas so not enough time!!!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


It is thanksgiving weekend 2009. Dd has a four day weekend, talk about busy!

Luckily this year we only had one turkey dinner, as opposed to our typical two to three turkey meals in a four day time period.

Yesterday my mom & her husband came over for dinner. Turkey, potatoes, etc typical Canadian turkey dinner. Was really good too! It's always nice to see at least somebody for a holiday but nothing beats the old days of thanksgiving at my grandmas.

Homemade everything from dinner to desert prettymuch. You'd be so full after you wouldn't want turkey until next year.

Today I spent taking pictures and numbering more used clothes for the gallery. It's coming along nicely! Now hopefully my idea won't bs a bust like just about every other idea I've had & we'll be on our way!

Well it was left over turkey sandwiches tonight after I ruined baking some cookies today. They turned out all mushy & weird. I'm going to try some muffins after I clean up the dinner mess!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


I googled some free webstore hosting services upon getting my idea to sell my kids used clothes online and show them at one place rather than skattered all over usedottawa.com

I had found one www.buyitsellit.com. I signed up but was skeptical when asked which package I wanted and chose the free one.

It was all going great I put all the items I've rewashed so far in my new iInventory app with item numbers and all. This evening I began putting them up and pricing them.

I was about to add the last of my first 20 items, clicked the "add item" button and was brought to a page asking me what payment plan I wanted to proceed!

Thinking I accidently clicked something else I backed up and tried again. Same thing. I then realized the most stupid thing that if I had known better I'd have not wasted 2 hours of my evening time...

The free portion only allows up to 10 items. I read that when I signed up but understood 10 items per category/subcategory. D'Oh! What a blonde moment!

Back to google I went before deleting that waste of web space web store I had worked two evenings on - lucky enough I found a new and better web host through www.ecrater.com - FREE as it is also a free marketplace to sell and buy used items. Sadly I deleted the other webstore and will have to work a little harder on the web look before my goal opening date of the 21st.

Once it's up and running I'll reveal the address!!!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Alright so I've made a decision to sell some used kids clothes. Not opening a business here just trying to get rid of some clothing clutter that has packed into the basement over the past.

I'm entering phase 1 - collecting my inventory. And the more I'm looking the more I'm saying wow!

I hope to have this set up within the next two weeks, before Halloween at least!

Feels nice to be motivated by something I have a good feeling about.

Today was about laundry, getting through the mountains while maintaining the family etc - ideas for my used site flowing like crazy and writing opportunities popping up at helium makes for some serious busy!

Will update as it happens

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Doing laundry today I realized I have way too much good condition outgrown kids clothes sitting in my basement. Waiting for what? I don't know.

I don't know anybody who needs/wants used clothes and giving it for another store to sell just feels wrong. Keep in mind we don't even have a vehicle to transport them if we could.

My cousin posted on facebook market about kids clothes she had for sale and it got me thinking.

So I'm going to sell them myself. Now used Ottawa is a great way to sell items but not in the amount I have so my idea is this - simply create a webstore with images of the items (and prices) people can simple email me the item number and arrange pick up. It's local east end based if course. Not an online business per say but rather than posting items 1 by 1 people can email me about more than one item or bundle them for cheaper deals etc. Every size almost boy and girls every season.

Dh said it's a good idea if I'm up for it. It'll be alot of work but i'll try it out why not I have nothing really to lose except being stuck with bags of clothes.

He also offered to set up the older pc downstairs with Internet so I can do my stuff in peace and organize using the desk he built. So far sounds like a doable plan!

Will update as it occurs...

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1
We all have or have had that one friend who was the friend for everything. A best friend, or the closest thing to a best friend. There when you need them, you when they need ect. Unfortunately unexpected events in life can cause negative effects and impact the relationship to the point you see eachother as nothing but strangers. It can be almost as devistating as breaking up with a boyfriend to lose a best friend.

This happened in my life, we had friends we considered best. Friends we spent holiday dinners with, birthdays or just shoot the breeze. An unfortunate series of events occurred causing this friendship to split up. Feelings were hurt and emotional wounds that at the time could not be healed with a simple apology. Needless to say we haven't spoken to eachother in a very long time.

Yesterday we brought our kids to the park and imagine who was there. The girl I used to refer to as a best friend.

Our daughters knew eachother before but haven't seen eachother for a while. They recognized eachother, played together. This little event brought back memories of the good times we had as friends.

We spoke breifly upon leaving as the girls didn't want to go home. Awkward situation at it's best.

It's a complicated situation, why we lost touch etc but it was nice to see the kids playing again.

This morning I recieved an email. My old friend initiating conversation for a coffee visit. Took the visit, i'm not sure what will happen but as forgiving and sensitive as I am when it comes to people who had an impact on my life, it's nice to know we don't have to walk on eggshells if we happen to cross paths.

Keeping civil is better than acting out in an immature way. Less conflict and I am not one for confrontations of the negative type.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


I was in one of my baking moods this evening. I didn't want to bake a cake and I currently don't have muffin pans to make cupcakes so I searched the net for something I could make quickly, easily and with cake mix.

If you're not afraid of calories continue reading please.

You will need - 1 box of cake mix (I used Betty Crocker Chocolate Devils Food), 2 eggs, 1/2-1/3 cooking oil (soft margerine works too)

Step 1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Step 2) combine cake mix (your choice), eggs and cooking oil/soft margerine in a bowl. You can add things like nuts, chocolate chips, baking cherries etc to suit your taste. However mine are just plain Jane chocolate!

Step3) using a non-stick baking sheet place a teaspoon of mix each a couple of inches apart because they expand. If you want crispy cookies flatten them otherwise bale for 20 minutes or until cookies tenderness are to your liking.

Let them cool and voilĂ ! Simple, easy and yummy!

You can make a baking project and allow your kids to decorate them (while warm for best results) fun and sweet!

Okay mine could have used some walnuts or chocolate chips for texture and lessen the "burger paddy" look but hey the kids like them! Enjoy!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


It is October and by the looks of it fall has officially hit us, and hard. Leaves are falling left & right off the trees, the air has that "winter is coming" cold crispness to it and we've been getting a dreaded amount of cold rainy days. Get ready for cold and flu season people!

Already a month into Kindergarten for dd. So far so good she likes both her teachers although she talks about her French teacher more, we know who the favourite is.

At first dd was forgetful about raising her hand before speaking and disrupting the class which thankfully they already knew about her from her school readiness program assessment earlier this year. She's progressing well.

No bad notes except that one time she fell, scraped her elbow and refused the teacher to clean it properly. That was a fun night at bath time "don't touch my bobo!"

October is going to be busy! Photo day tomorrow, ds has a cheo appointment next week, paediatrician the week after in between we have thanksgiving and top it off with Halloween.

I had a nice bug suit that wouldve fit ds this year. But dd decided it looked better with five legs instead of six and ripped one of the center ones right off leaving a hole. I can't sew to save my life.

So far dd wants to be a princess, a witch a devil, a ghost, a robot, a vampire, a cowboy, a pirate and we'll see what else she comes up with until she decides.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


I don't drive a vehicle. I don't have a drivers license. Now, I'm not about to break into song and dance as to why but we can say "I'm working on it".

We do a lot of walking and the stores are located of course in one of the busiest areas of the city, east end.

There are some really disrespectful drivers out there who don't yeild, turn even though pedestrians are crossing, and worst of all not paying attention. Most of the time the above accused are on a cell phone.

On a few occassions, one I remember like yesterday we almost got hit by a vehicle where the driver was on their cell. Not funny when you have children in tow.

I own a cell phone, so I'm not one of those anti-cellphone people. I actually think they are amazing devices, but not when you are driving!

It is so dangerous if you lose concentration due to a cellphone conversation distraction - anything could happen.

A while back the province of Quebec placed a cell phone ban banning drivers from using any type of hand held device while driving. Ontario is taking the initiative as of October 26th - cell phone ban for drivers.

I am happy about this, hopefully people will take safety into consideration.

See www.ctv.ca for details on the cell ban.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Despite the rainy weather mother nature has brought us, today is a celebration day.

DH and I celebrate six years together today. The photo above was taken at the beginning of our journey as a couple, back in fall 2003.

Things have definitely changed, especially my hair - which is no longer that strange reddish brown colour.

Our relationship has had it's ups and downs. Far from perfect and insane experiences that would've sent anyone running for the hills. Through everything we still have whatever we had 6 years ago and some. Not only becoming a couple over the past six years but also a family. I still love him as much as the first time we said "I love you".

I can imagine my post when we hit 10 years! :-))

Aside from all the gushy mushy stuff my helium writing has hit 60 articles and I've been back in the blog world for 6 months! Hmm six seems to be a common number today.

Time for afternoon mom duty! Until next time keep dreaming always!

Update- my mom remembered our anniversary and sent a card in the mail we got it today. (inside says nevermind, that's too personal) ;-))


Being a stay at home mom we need a window to the outside world besides picking our kids up from school, talking to the cashier at the store or when we maybe get a chance to get out with a girl friend, who half the time is as busy as we are.

Needless to say by my blog and many of my "Online friends" blogs that we turn to the world wide web for comfort on everything from keeping in touch with people we know (or met online but are really cool) to online banking and some of us even online business.

Everything is web based these days. Shopping, banking, gambling, information of every kind you name it it's online. Which brings up the subject - knowing when you're addicted to the world wide web.

Here are ten ways to tell you are an Internet addict:

1) The first thing you do when you wake up after making coffee is check your online accounts like email, facebook, Twitter etc even if it's via mobile device.

2) You keep an online blog and update it on a regular basis even if absolutely nobody reads it.

3) You have subscribed to more than 5 news letters or online forums of interest.

4) You require more than one email address to keep everything web based on track.

5) You refer to your online friends as friends in conversation with people offline.

6) You find yourself using online lingo in everyday speech (example telling your child you'll BRB)

7) You have the highest speed of Internet your provider offers because loading time is of the essence when surfing the web.

8) You email, MMS or SMS your spouse more than have verbal conversation in the course of 24 hours.

9) You have either wifi or 3G network enabled mobile device just so you can keep in the now with your online world.

10) You've read, laughed and nodded at most of these.

Now get off the Internet and go read a book ;-)

Written by @AMotherhoodBlog 

Meet "Curly Shirley", one of my daughters most cherished dolls. Okay, yeah it's just another doll named after a doll the character Ruby has on the cartoon "Max and Ruby" but she has a special story to go along with the stains on her once clean smiling face.

Dd had just turned two at the time she got this little rag doll. We were shopping at the dollarama picking up a few things and as a reward for being good she was allowed to buy one toy. Needless to say she chose the doll.

For the longest time she carried the doll with her. From sleepovers at relatives to nap time at home that doll was with her.

One day she brought Curly Shirley shopping with us and upon leaving the store we realized dd had dropped the doll. She was so upset we actually went back into the store and back tracked where we had been. The store was actually about to close when we saw it. Found the doll laying in the kids isle. Dd was happy once again. Just to show you what we do as parents when something as simple as a dollar store doll can mean the world to a little girl.

I bring this up because the other night dd chose this doll to sleep with (being older she rotates her favoritrs to sleep with now) and reminded me of the funny story.


I recieved notification that one of my helium marketplace submissions are currently in transition to helium and was not chosen by the publisher.

Crap. Another one bites the dust! It would be easier if the publisher could at least give a link to their website so we as article writers can decide what kind of tone to use. I followed the guidelines but oh well! like I said only lost some time and maybe a fraction of my self worth as far as writing goes.

I'm lacking tools. As nice as it is to blog mobile I need a laptop or netbook. Put this onto my wish list of things I can't afford at the moment.

Guilt has me just browsing the laptops while the little nag in my head tells me the kids need fall clothes before we need another electronic. What can I say I'm a techy mom.

A short entry and I'm off again to pick up dd at the bus stop!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


As most of you know yet some may not, when my son was born his chances at pretty much everything were looking slim. According to statistics of premature babies born as young and younger than him with as many problems as he had didn't look good on my sons behalf.

Shortly after birth he was diagnosed as having severe brain bleeds. To the point they said would effect his gross motor skills, social development and possibly speach & hearing.

Our son was delayed at first, he had difficulty holding his head up on his own but soon after he mastered that he was on his way to rolling, sitting up on his own, crawling and now standing/scaling furniture to try and walk.

He has been seeing a wonderful physiotherapist at the Ottawa Childrens Treatment Centre. She has always had faith beyond the statistics and agreed with us that he will get it in his own time.

We had our 18 months physio visit today which went extremely well. The dr is so understanding she said since we bus to our appointments and the bad weather is coming she'll call in December for an update and if he's walking by then he'll come in. If not, then call when he's walking basically.

Once he's walking he'll go back for a couple of routine checks to make sure he's walking properly.

Next up is his audiology test. I don't like going to those they are brutally long especiallly with a baby active like mine! The things we must do for the health and well being of our children.

He's come so far since the day we were told we were parents of a little 2 pound miracle.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Tonight was a quiet night in our household. One of those mysterious nights where the children go to bed without a struggle and hubby steps out for a while. A night to get some writing done!
Using our PC with the massive LCD screen, I finished editing the assignment I had started working on since last night.

Completed and submitted, now we wait. I have submitted a few utter failures in the past but as it is said "you never know!"

Take a chance, I seriously have nothing except a few hours of typing and thinking to lose.

Just wanted to post that update!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Things have been going at a fast pace around here, or at least that's how it feels lately.

I was able to "sleep on" yesterdays news, the quieter I am the more thinking I seem to do. Now, knowing the first step of what the Dr plans for my dysplasia are in effect I can sort of put that major worry to the back of my mind for now and focus on my life.

I have been so concerned about everything else I've been neglecting my writing other than my blog and Twitter banter of course. Luckily I was able to post two articles on helium. I had prewritten some drafts a few weeks ago that just needed editing.

I have decided to take on a market place assignment as well. Previous attemps weren't bought by online publishers but were published as the rest of my articles to be rated by other helium members.

Time to get back into the groove and this is my opportunity. I'm always looking at the market place for assignments that appeal to me. Ones I would need both self knowledge and research to write. I'm actually looking forward to getting things moving again as far as my writing goes.

Nobody said it would be easy but hey I'm still here aren't I?

Until next time - Keep dreaming...~@iDream1


Last week dh helped a friend move and well practically clean out any old stuff from his garage etc. He ended up bringing home a couple of tools and a dirt devil scorpion dust buster.

My mom owned I believe a black & decker model which I found at the time didn't pick up much but this dirt devil works!

It has this wet/dry feature on it. The guy just didn't want it anymore, still works so why not.

It's become my new best friend as far as cleaning goes. Hardwood floors don't usually require vacuuming but in areas such as under the high chair, stroller etc places where my kids accumulate crumbs, it's awesome!

Yeah so it's just a dust buster, a used one at that but it's mine and it works :-) so long crumbs and dog hair!

Now to find a useful replacement for my broom & dustpan ;-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Labour Day weekend has come & gone. Most people celebrate with a BBQ or getting crazy with friends. I however, spent it going crazy with the kids.

Friday I pretty much spent alone with the kids. Cleaning and doing my typical mommy routine while dh was off until late that evening helping an old long time friend of ours fix a few things at his cottage, the poor guy needs the help as hes on crutches after hip surgery earlier this year.

Saturday we visited another one of our friends and did a little bit of groceries.

Sunday the children got to go see the free Toopy & Binoo show at the mall as promised. The same show as last year but they got goody bags and Tim bits to make up for it. Dd was upset she didn't get to hug them, try explaining "unattainable celebrities" to a 5 year old!

St. Laurent shopping centre has a newly opened Halloween decoration & costume store, right across the center court area (where they host book fairs, free kids shows etc). The prices are a bit steep if you're looking for costumes for your kids (I'd honestly recommend walmart for the costume & dollarama for the candy bucket which this store was selling for 6.99$ each...) but for adult costumes, the price isn't half bad because unlike our kids we can always use it again.

Dh and dd had fun looking at the displays. They have these terribly ugly zombie babies set up, dh made the mistake of showing one to ds who's reaction was more "concerned to the point I feel like crying" instead of dds typical laughing because she knows it's fake reaction. Needless to say we left shortly after. Ds is certainly more sensitive than his big sister!

Today was labour day Monday home alone with the kids as dh took the dog with him to help out his friend again.

Now the evening is winding down and it's almost bedtime for the kids....

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Today was the first time dd got to take the school bus to school. Not only that but she was the first pick up. Dh was skeptical sending her on the bus alone with a stranger, funny dad even gets nervous for his little girl.

This first week has been full of errors, mistakes and big changes but I think it'll calm down now that her bus schedule is sorted out. After the bus drove away we came home and put ds down for his nap. By the time he gets up it'll be time to get his sister at the bus stop.

Time goes by so quickly when you have little ones. Ds is almost walking a year and a half he'll be in daycare most likely, dd is in kindergarten. Wow.

Tomorrow is Friday, the last day of the first week of school! Toopy and Binoo at St. Laurent Shopping Centre plus a long weekend to maybe relax and prepare for next week.

- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1
Half way through the week and it's been nothing but bad luck and mishaps in my world. Dd is entitled to a bus but because of Fridays last minute schedule change on behalf of the school, she didn't have a bus to get to school. No choice but to walk her, which is painfully long with a slow walker like dd.

Finally today I recieved the phone call that she has a bus stop to get to school at 12:00pm and pick her up at 3:00pm same place. Nice location and happy they got organized because this was stressing me out!

The last thing I need is my daughter to be forgotten.

September is going to be a long month. With dds birthday and starting school the moolah is tight. It feels as though ends never meet. I just paid a bill and someone else calls. If I had a money tree you'd all be covered trust me!

Anyway my shelter and family come first no matter what. It's kind of a rule my hubby and I have. If we owe a bill but also need an extra for one of the kids, the bill waits. As sad as it sounds.

I also recieved dds list of supplies that are required for class this year, those will be bought soon enough. This is going to be a fun month.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Big smiles for her first day of Kindergarten. Dd was so excited but it took her a while to click in that there is no more daycare, she said this morning "so this means I have lunch at home and go to school after lunch?" yes. Finally on the same page on that one!

It's nice yet strange to not have to wake up extra early to get everyone ready to go before 8am. I wish they had told me earlier rather than forcing to get up early the past week to prepare causing nothing but a houseful of tired and grouchy people!

The kids woke up at their usual time. I didn't want dd to dirty her school clothes so she got dressed right after brushing her teeth from lunch. She wanted to choose her own clothes. A pink long sleeve "Hello Kitty!" top she got for her birthday along with jeans with pink embroider on them, a pink vest she also got for her birthday and of course matching pink socks!

Normally I don't allow it for school but being the first day dd begged me to put her new sparkle tinkerbell nailpolish on her so we did. She wanted sparkle makeup but that's pushing it, she's only five;-).

Dd wanted to pack her own snack as well so we gathered the items and she placed them in her Tinkerbell lunch bag, matches her school bag and shoes! She brought a juice box, two cookies, box of raisins and a butterscotch pudding. She wanted those specific items so why not, she was having a big girl moment. :-)

After dropping her off in the play yard and meeting the principal and French teacher I spoke to the secretary and semi sorted out dds bus route. Home is all set but we have to walk her until Friday they'll tell us what bus and stop for Monday morning.

Different for everyone, dd is taking French now, dh is bilingual but dd never caught on.

We will be going in about an hour and ten minutes to collect dd from the bus stop. I can't wait to hear how her first day went!

It was nice. All of us went to see her off, even the baby who fell asleep on the way home. How fast they grow!

Part 3 coming up later!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Now that dd is officially 5 years old she is officially starting Kindergarten on Monday.

I had registered dd back in February when the registration dates were announced. A person from the school board came in early may to assess dd for kindergarten.

A couple of weeks ago I recieved dds bus schedule and needed to call regarding it.

I never recieved a supply list and the secretary called Friday morning while I was birthday shopping to tell me dd has been suddenly switched to the afternoon group instead of her scheduled morning group. Because of the mix up we have to walk dd to school the first day and they will arrange her bus schedule.

Someone better figure it out because this is just extra stress we don't need right now. I'm disappointed that the school is disorganized when it comes to students.

None the less we will walk her in, show her to class and then talk to whoever is in charge of the scheduling. This needs to be sorted out asap! I have a little boy with a schedule of his own starting back up with drs and appointments we can't miss.

Now that mommy has ranted it's time to order some pizza for the family, after all it's relax day ;-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

The birthday party has come and gone, dd is officially 5 years old. It rained unfortunately, but dh had an idea. Decorated the basement, set up some seats and tv with the VCR for entertainment. Balloons made for some good "pop the balloon" games.

We try our best to make due with what we have, I would love to have an all out party for her but things are tight being so close to school starting.
We had good company, food and above all dd had a great time. She recieved some great gifts including some clothes and littlest pet shop play sets she had been begging for.

Hotdogs for food & chocolate birthday cake for desert, it was good!

Next up - the first day of school!

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Today it seemed the pre-birthday/pre-first day of school nerves have kicked into high gear at the worst possible time as we have yet to get things done for any of it.

Dd does not understand the concept of days of the week ei she doesn't know Monday from Wednesday. She went into school with her jammies believing it was pj day. Luckily dh took that embarrassment bringing her in but pj day is Friday not Thursday. So dh as embarassed as he was made dd go change into her spare clothes before he left. Daddy'll show ya!

Later on dh had another full day of helping out his friend. Ds and I had a quiet day, I wasn't feeling very well. Combination of stress, lack of sleep and being tired I guess. Rest up because tomorrow is a brand new day!

Dds party is Saturday, my mom is taking some pressure off bribing hotdogs & condiments, drinks and probably other things.

Dh & I had an exhausting week and there's still one more day. Tonight we relax with food and a movie.

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Another project dh put together - a canopy in time for our princesses party!

After a long day giving his friend a hand moving, dh was semi-repaid with this canopy he installed on our deck last night. It's just a loaner for Saturdays parties & whatevers left of summer but it's alright. We want a different model and maybe a different colour for next summer.

I think it'll add a nice touch to dds bday party if it doesn't rain. This canopy doesn't hold water as well as one we'd like to get.

My mom was online last night chatting about arrangments for dds birthday party. It's going to be tight with school literally around the corner but unlike every other year this time someones willing to pitch in and help more. After all it's for HER. The big 5!

It's kind of a personal celebration fir dh & I Saturday marks more than our girl turning 5 but also 5 years ago we became parents for the first time. Oh how much I've learned and have yet to learn!

Time to get at it and finish my cleaning, just wanted to brag about dhs hard work.

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The decision has been made as far as daycare goes for DD starting Monday, starting Kindergarten.

Typically the school hours for jr & sr K are 8:15am to 10:45am where there was an option. Dd could take the bus home arriving at 11:00am giving her the rest of the day at home or she could stay at the daycare until 4pm.

Dh and I agreed both of us are fed up with the walking and making dd walk. Yeah, it sounds easy when it's summer time and the weather is nice. Winter or bad weather it feel like a chore.

So, the decision was made after the daycare director approached dh with the choice. Also why use a daycare place someone else needs. School will be enough with her homework.

Dh helped out a friend move and was kind of repaid with an outdoor canopy for the patio. After a long day he came home and installed it. Looks good but something to get used to.

The past couple of days I have been high tailing my writing. I put in another couple of articles now summing up to 53 total. Some of which are rated #1 you can check them out and my helium profile by clicking the helium banner.

Exhausting as it is, getting used to the new schedule with dd taking the bus is going to take some time but we'll all be okay.

Until next time - keep dreaming!

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Today is one of those days where the weather is wonderful and you should really be out and about enjoying it before the cold fall and winter seasons come back to haunt us. Unfortunately for me, other than going for an errand earlier and picking up DD later on, I'm pretty much house bound for today.

Doing laundry before it piles up as school begins next week for DD. Ds is resting at the moment so I'm able to slip away and get a little writing done.

This morning DH encountered the daycare director. She wanted to know if we planned to keep DD in daycare after her class in Kindergarten or have her bus home by 11am.

DH and I have been running it through our brains all week, we decided it would be enough with three hours of learning. It isn't the exact same environment and there are elements such as homework involved which right now she has none of only being in the preschool program, preparing her for what comes next week in elementary school.

Tomorrow we are running errands to finish preparing for Dd's birthday party which is in 3 days, the grown up party in 3 days as well as school on Monday. I think my brain is doing more thinking than anything though. I know it will all be fine just before school jitters.

Well off to finish my laundry.

Keep dreaming...


Summer is almost officially over as school begins for dd next Monday and she is beginning her earlier routine (both waking up and going to sleep) to prepare for her first year of elementary school, kindergarten.

This weekend we wanted to make special for her as the pool officially closed and events aside from the super ex are pretty much over.

Saturday we attended a BBQ at the local park (see Saturdays post for details). Everybody had fun, something small yet enough to amuse an almost 5 year old and 17 month old.

Sunday we felt pretty beat from having a busy week and events Saturday so we relaxed at home.

The kids and I played with super soakers. We made a game of it, since ds is not coordinated nor strong enough to hold his watergun mommy was on his team and dd had to try to get us both. They loved it, i had the waterguns filled with warm water too.

One of the best parts of being Mom is seeing them laugh, giggle and have a blast. Not to mention it burns their energy right out!

This week will go by quickly and before I know it we'll be scrambling to get the remainder of dds school things as well as part 2 of her birthday gift and the rest of the party supplies for both dds birthday & the grown up gathering Saturday night.

The following weekend our kids have a treat as treehouse tv is hosting toopy & binoo live at the st. Laurent shopping centre. A 45 minute show for the kids. I think also it is a long weekend for dd as well.

For now it's laundry and waiting for the mail. We still haven't recieved dds teachers school supply list.

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Today in my hood - community day - @idream1

In less than a couple of weeks the neighbourhood kids are going back to school. This marks the end of summer '09.

The city of Ottawa held the annual Overbrook Community Day celebrations with a DJ, garage sale, BBQ, booths about different city services such as health ontario and free contests to win prizes.

They were giving away Ottawa Sens shirts, insulated beverage mugs, pencil sets and more. I actually won a set of golf balls! I was hoping for a sens shirt but either way I gave my prize to dh ;-)
We didn't even know about the event until this morning our loyal dog freaked out at the people setting up the event. Dd had a blast. They were handing out free chips and dd kept coming back with bags, we gave one away to a friend from daycare she ran into.

Dd danced her little girl heart out to lady gaga and a few oldies. She won a prize, a little pair of work gloves.

She had put them down to continue dancing and somebody else took them, she was so upset so I went with her to explain to the lady what had happened and she was nice enough to give dd a replacement pair.

After all that dancing and chip collecting we had a couple of hotdogs on behalf of enbridge gas, that kind of made me laugh inside.

Hotdogs and watermelon for lunch and then a dip in the pool for the kids.

A fun and eventful day for all of us. Unfortunately ds isn't feeling himself as he skipped his nap for community festivities but a nice warm bath, bottle and bed early he'll be as good as new torrow.
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My daughter is turning 5 in 12 days and beginning kindergarten in 14 days, my nerves have officially kicked it into overload.

With everything flying at us at once and not much change in our income is looking pretty scary. Dds birthday means a lot to her & she without a doubt needs new things for school. Not to mention the monthly bills and groceries, you know the things we need/use to survive.

I think for her gift it'll be one toy she really wants and a complete new outfit including shoes for her birthday. She has never objected to new clothes.

I don't know why but I'm nervous about her starting kindrgarten. Maybe because it's new to all of us. As parents having our first born on the school bus and prettymuch on her own in big kid school. Wow time flies fast, I'll just have my little guy alone from 8 to 2.

There is a problem though which is one of the main causes of my back to school or in my case beginning school jitters. The bus schedule came in. Her stops are fine but the pick up is at 8am and drop off at 11am. Kindergarten is supposed to be full days, three hours doesn't make sense unless this is a schedule for the first week but it doesn't say of course. I'll have to make a phone call tomorrow. Mommy will get to the bottom of this!

I know I will be fine but as usual thinking of the worst case scenerio. After all in highschool my schhol forgot to send my bus route and any important information I needed until days before. At least they gave me 2 weeks.

Until next time, keep dreaming...

Let's face it we've all told a little white lie or two in our time, even the most perfect mom can tell the best of them.

As kids we grew up with little white lies to get us out of trouble or to get us what we want. Even though being raised to know better.

Our daughter recently began telling little lies and she's bad at it because every time, she's called on it. Little things like yes she ate her food meanwhile the dog is licking his chops on the sideline or her brother is upset and she didn't do anything meanwhile his favorite toy is sitting on her lap. Today however was a more serious lie.

She told us she wasn't feeling well. Now, she has had a problem with her throat all summer and we are waiting to see her family dr in September to further look into what it could be. Well, she tried to play on the throat thing later giving herself away by saying "No, I was just joking, I wanted to stay home to play iPhone". I told her for lying she has to have a quiet day no video games and such like it's the weekend. She pouted a while and I asked her why she really needed to lie to get out of a day of preschool and she replied it was because she didn't want to see a certain child in her class. Dd is no angel, she instigates some of the confrontations they've had but this particular child seems quite opposite to dds loving, giving, "everyone are friends" manner.

I explained to dd that it isn't nice to lie and she can't miss preschool like that over a child in her class. The kid is a year younger than dd so they won't even be in the same class in less than a month. I told her if the kid is that bothersome to ignore it and play with somebody else. That's what we were taught.

Dh and I spoke to her teachers, who try to keep them from the same groups when doing activities but there are 20 other kids to attend to also. The mother doesn't seem to care that her child is mean to ours, the impression she gave us it's no wonder the kid is like that. So talking to authorities has been pretty pointless.

Needless to say dd is having a day off today. Seeing we had no luck finding a not full or open pool this weekend & the pool across the way is open, we'll take the kids out this afternoon. No serious running around today.

As beautiful as the weather and quiet as it is (kids napping), I need to get some laundry done & kick into mommy gear.

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Growing up, summer time was filled with ice cream cones, good friends and bike riding around town in celebration of yet another school year ended and a new one soon to begin.

Where I grew up we didn't have the luxery of public pools or parks. Swimming was a treat if you found a clean source or if parents took their kids a town and a half over to swim in the bay.

It seemed so innocent and free back then, I don't remember it raining as much as it does now 20 some years later.

My parents, up until they separated, raised us in the country town they were raised in. These days I'm raising my own kids in the heart of the Capitol city of Canada.

There is a public pool and several parks in every community and every district so there are always places to bring the kids.

We live in the east end. There is a celebration going on up the street, I think it's a Muslim community religious celebration of some kind. They have a carnival set up, we could hear the fireworks.

It reminds me of the old days going to the super ex, one of the fun activities Ottawa has to offer each summer. Take a group of good friend and enjoy a day of rides, exhibits, cotton candy and concerts.

My youngest is still too young to participate in any carnivals or water parks etc but I plan to make their future summers off from school memorable ones.

Dd had an outing activity of going to the circus thus summer with her preschool group as well as lots of swimming and going camping with her cousins plus her upcoming 5th birthday party, august 29th.

It's been a busy summer despite the crazy weather we've had. September is coming quick with dd starting Kindergarten and upcoming appoinents for the rest of us.

Well it's time to say goodnight

Until next time keep dreaming


Those precious moments when your kids make your heart melt and put a smile on your face are the ones we consider rewards in parenting.

Today we played outside with DS on the deck. He lives water, as he should being pieces like his daddy. The kiddy pool was a little cold so dh sprinkled him with the hose. My kids have these giddy contageous laughs and funny expressions that make us laugh too.

I always love doing things with my family even small things like walking home after picking up dh from preschool. She wants to help take care of her brother so bad. Dh let her help push the stroller home, lucky it was the smaller one.

She's growing up so fast...soon time for kindergarten (upcoming post)

Until next time, dream on!


Lately things have been quite hectic, I think "Busy" should be my middle name.

Having a pretty full schedule between the routine with the kids, errands and so forth it's nice to be able to sit back and relax.

It has been hot the past couple of days, finally the summer weather comes. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to have nice weather for dds birthday.

Since things have been rough lately it's going to be a small party. Also not ideal to have too many guests with our overly excited dog, I still love him despite the fact he scares some guests visiting our home sometimes :-).

Dd played drama queen during bath time. She suddenly had a phobia about getting her toenails trimmed. Oh boy, that was interesting. When she becomes irrational or overly dramatic we know she's getting tired, if not already.

Early night for everyone, with everything happening lately puts a lot on my mind.

I have been neglecting my writing lately, it seems as if I have a lack of inspiration besides of course my family, who are most of what this blog is made of.

The days are about to get busier, hopefully my inspiration comes back to me so I can get back writing focus.

Good night and Sweet Dreams

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