Tomorrow is my 28th birthday, it sounds young but I feel older most days. Aches and pains a 28 year old woman and mom of 2 shouldn't have.

I had a great day though. Spent time with my family. I wanted to blog it as a good birthday memory.

I spent my last day being 27 with DH. We took dd to preschool together, afterward stopped at Tim Hortons with Ds & stopped in at a friends place who was on the way.

We did some groceries & our friend joined us at our house for a quick drink afterward (non alcoholic). My friend bought this bizar drink I had never heard of before - an alovera plant drink. It literally has chunks of aloe in it. The taste is very sweet and it isn't half bad except I can't handle the chunks of aloe LOL Apparently it's good for cleansing the system.

After ds woke up, got changed, had a snack and got changed again we went topick up DD from preschool, ran more errands and took the kids to Mcdonalds for supper. They always enjoy our mcd's family picnic :-)

Now with the kids in bed and house back in order I can relax and reflect on the last year. It's always busy around here, not a day goes by where we can say we are doing NOTHING. I wouldn't call it a complaint though, I like keeping busy. It keeps the mind and soul young, body - not so much.

Thinking about it, I had a pretty hard year considering the baby being born premature, two major family disputes, finding out about my future surgery and a few other things. Aside from the negative I had luck.

My son came home healthy, we moved to a bigger/cheaper place, everybody is overall happy.

Tomorrow is my official birthday so to celebrate we invited some good friends for drinks after the kids are in bed. Nothing crazy unfortunately. It's been a while since I've let loose, becoming mom gives you that guilt from doing even the smallest selfish thing.

Today however, I bought myself a few essentials I had been neglecting to buy myself and felt good about it.

Hubster bought me two KENO scratch n win tickets, I won 6$ now I can buy two more. Addictive little things!

Speaking of gifts I'm going to have to buy two small ones tomorrow. My aunts birthday is tomorrow as well and my moms birthday is August 1st. Growing up we always threw one big weekend birthday with my cousins and all. Now it's difficult as we all live in different cities/towns and have busy lives. The annual birthday party will take place next weekend :-)

Finishing off my evening with a shower, icecream and a movie with my love.


Today is one of those days where the smallest bad things happen just to make things all the more difficult.

With lack of sleep since the BBQ party we held Saturday night, I was up this Tuesday morning bright and early to the sound of Elmos voice across the hall. Dd was watching Elmo in grouchland. DS was playing quietly in his crib. Dh waits for me to do my lady things to get ready for the day. Typical morning until the kids realize moms up.

The baby began whining and dd started the questions "mom can I have/do this?" etc all before my morning coffee which by the way has been instant because I ran out & keep forgetting to buy more, among other things.

I don't mind cleaning but it seems every room the kids and dog occupy is a disaster when they leave it. Food on the floor in our dining lounge area trailed all the way into the livingroom by a child or dog.

Dh was busy doing outdoor maintenance like mowing the lawn and watering our new grass in the back plus my flowers.

There is something wrong with safari. Every blogspot blog I go to has script errors all along the left side. Hrm everything looks normal on DHs iPhone and the computer. Just something to upset my morning more than instant coffee.

I lost a writing star and a rating star on helium as well. I'm not mad at helium I'm mad at the fact I've been putting my writing on the back burner. Nobodys fault, it's just the circumstances but holy cow would we ever love a break from reality some time.

I felt grouchy and unmotivated most of today. I hate feeling like that! I don't even know why. Maybe the weather or too much negative has been happening, it's on my mind.

One of those door-to-door gas and hydro solicitors came to my door. A tall gangly looking guy with greasy looking hair, trying to rebuttle a mom holding a baby looking obviously BUSY not only having to say it. So annoying. If they come back again I'm getting info & calling the company, i've told them before not to come to my address. My bills are fine thanks.

After all that morning/early afternoon mayhem my son woke up from his nap and we went out on the deck to play after a snack.

He was being his typical cuteness, crawling around in curiosity.

Sometimes it's the little things like playing with your kids that can help bring a smile back. I know my kids and hubby always have their ways of making up for all the bad things that happen even the smallest ones.

-until next time keep dreaming...
UPDATE- seems the issue only occurs on my phone, debugger found 7 errors in scripting but I'm a writer not a mac tech...damn I'm screwed.

Last night I posted an entry about telling it like it is and for some reason safari browser on my iPhone is showing all kinds of scripting errors, but only on my phone. Dhs phone, the PC as well as others have said it's working fine so I have been troubleshooting my little brains out trying to fix it.
Could be my firmware I haven't upgraded to 3.0 but that should matter. I think blogpress messed up last night when I posted but I've tried everything even deleting and reposting.

Apologies to anyone else who sees those nasty scripting errors trying to fix it asap!



-Wisemen speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something- Plato

In life you will always have at least a few people deciding to take it upon themselves to tell you "like it is" or at least how they perceive whatever it is they feel the need to let their voice be heard about, despite the consequences.

Whether it comes in the form of an e-mail, written letter or voiced verbally, words can still hurt and burn bridges if not chosen properly by those deemed "loved ones".

Not everyone will agree with everyone they meet, befriend or are even related to. But being considerate toward others feelings is important in any relationship no matter how angry or hurt you are. If you expect respect you have to show respect.

Recently this kind of thing happened in my world where yet again family decided to "tell it as they see".

Not to get into the nitty gritty of family disputes but this one came as a shock in the form of a letter. A situation that needn't begun had the accuser had just thought of others and how it could affect their relationship instead of being so selfish and telling it as they see.

If you care about somebody shouldn't you accept them despite their faults and mistakes? Shouldn't you be there for them even for the little things as they have tried so hard to be there for you, the best way they know how? That's what I thought a real family was. At least that's what my mother taught me about true unconditional love.

It amazes me how many people thrive on other peoples mishaps in life. Enjoy seeing them squirm instead of holding out their hand. Expecting something in return after offering what one would consider a gesture of kindness, only to find out an alternative route, a guilt soaked con if you will.

Constant judgement on everything from weigh (or lack of), and finances to parenting, and cooking etc. If the person is already on the ground what gives you the right to kick dirt in their faces when you're already covered in mud.

Nobody is perfect therefore need not judge before stepping back and recalling their own mistakes.

Situations like these are ones where you can either forgive and move on or cut the rope and carry on. Sad to say but this time it's not my call.

-- Until Next Post...keep dreaming!


Illness is inevidable living in such a public environment, dealing with different types of people and places every day can be great exposure to germ collecting.

About 3 out of four canadians will not wash their hands. Imagine how much bacteria is on just about everything in public places from door handles to bus seats. Disgusting!

Having had my son in the hospital where hand washing is not a choice, as well as being raised by a clean freak (thanks mom!) I'm an avid hand washer and practically drill germ safety into my oldest kid when I see her not properly sanitizing her hands after play.

Sounds like your typical clean freak but no, DH became very ill recently with flu-like symptoms. We are constantly out and about unknowingly collecting germs so who knows, it could have come from anywhere.

Needless to say with all the news about H1N1 influenza deaths and severe illness lately has me worried as we move into day 3 1/2 of sickness. He's got flu symptoms bad.

Upon reading the swine flu website on Health Canada it says flu symptoms should resolve on their own with lots of rest and fluid. I'm no Doctor but trying my best to keep hubby quarrntined from the kids which is so hard because they just want to help make him feel better and don't totally understand they can get sick too.

The joys of sharing germs within your family! Hope this goes away from us. It's been one thing after another and this tops it off.

To learn more about the H1N1 influenza and precautions you can take visit www.fightflu.ca for information.

-- Until Next Post...keep dreaming!


July is the month I consider "my month". Not only is it in the middle of the best season, summer season but my birthday also falls in July. The very last day but July none the less.

I'll be 28 this year. I'm not complaining but it makes me look back on what I've been through the last 28 years.

I would change a few of my own personal choices I think but over all I'm happy with where I am. I can still walk despite my dysplasia, I have two gorgeous kids, a loving hubby and wonderful people around me.

I found out the worst news possible (previous post about it) and I admit I let it get me down for a bit but it also made me think. That is what I do best. My mind is still in tact (on most days) and I think it is what gave me a kick into getting back into writing.

I'm far from the best but I have my shiney moments. I'm working on a blog article for you all entitled "Me, in real life" which will give you an idea of who this strange writing mommy is! For now though I hope whoever reads this can enjoy and perhaps relate to my motherhood experience.

Until next entry -- keep living the dream!

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Let's put aside my momminess for a minute and lean into the geekier side of me. As some of you may or may not know I do almost all of my writing/tweeting from my trusty mobile iPhone! With Internet access and useful applications (aka apps) I can be both mommy and writer not having to be confined to a laptop or pc to write.

Let's just say it's my new age pen and paper. When I have an idea I can joy it down and save it for later.

There are hundreds of apps, some are worth it while others not so much.

Some of my favorite apps so far have been ranging from utilities to blogging tools, photo editing tools, social networking and games.

A few useful apps I enjoy-

-iBlogger: allows blogging on the go and hosts a variety of blogs including blogspot. Easy to use. Nice interface and load time.

-QuickOffice: it's like having an office on your iPhone! Create, save, import and export via wifi. Text, .doc, xcell formats and more. Very useful writing tool!

-Twitterific Premium: A fancy twitter application with sounds and all! Tweet, DM, send images and links etc. Impressive!

-The Sims 3: had to mention this one. I've always been a sims game fan and so far most of the mobile versions are impressive. This game as well, fun and addictive sims in your pocket!

-Facebook: Who doesn't have an account these days? What easier way to check up on my facebook on the go than my mobile app! Send/receive msgs and posts etc. Crashy but useful.

-Anti-Mosquito: actually works by playing a high pitched sound bugs hate. Keeps them away within a certain radius great for patios!
(@doby75 the iPhone guy found that one!)

-Game show games like jeopardy, wheel of fortune, hells kitchen and the price is right are addictive little time wasters.

Those are just a slim few of my favorite/useful apps I enjoy using. What are yours?

Until we dream again...

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Since beginning this blog back in April I have met a glorious bunch of fellow mommies, writers and just all around nice people through my writings on helium, blogger and of course twitter. I breifly described my life in a nutshell in one of my earlier posts but I have never told you about me. Not so much the writer or the mommy me, but me as a person. Me in real life.

I am Canadian born half Irish, part Native and part French although I can barely pronouce a roll in my "r"s raised completely English in a tiny Quebec town. Seriously tiny, it's like a speck on the map if you google it.

I stand tall, slim and walk a little funny thanks to being born with hip dysplasia. Don't know what that is? Google it, it's quite interesting what you can learn from Dr. Google. I'm no model, with my average face and lack of self esteem sometimes but I always try to put that aside be the best I can be at whatever I'm doing whether it be being Mom, being wife or being a blogger. At times I could give up and just crawl into a corner but I'm a Leo. We don't do that, instead we brush ourselves off and roar even louder.

One might describe me as the "quiet geeky type" with a smart ass sense of humour and a big heart. Give me a couple of glasses of wine and maybe that could be true. Being a Leo I can be stubborn, naturally. My feelings can easily be hurt (hello, do you have a tissue?) and I'm a grudge holder if you hit me in a sensitive area (it's all the feelings. I'm a lover, not a fighter!) but overall as you'll see I'm easy going, maybe even too much sometimes.

I'm a loving, caring kind of girl which is a big step for me. Having grown up in a split family, love wasn't always available to be shown or if it was shown it was a weird way of showing it. My mom, kids and my hubby taught me what real unconditional love is, what better way to say thanks than to love them all back as much if not more.

I enjoy laughing and joking around but I have a more serious side when the time comes. I consider myself compassionate and I am loyal when it comes to friendships and relationships.

I dislike liars and manipulative personalities. They usually go hand in hand.

My temper can sometimes get the better of me at times but over the years learned to control it. Becoming mom helped me.

I was taught to be honest and treat others the way I would expect to me treated.

I am a chocoholic, especially a sucker for Reeses peanutbutter cups. Ever since I was a kid I've loved those cups but if none are available for my enjoyment, anything chocolate please.

I try my best to keep things real but simple writing about my kids, being a mom and even being a woman. One subject you won't read very often is about my personal relationship, and if I do write about it it's written breifly and subtle.

I believe in privacy but I love sharing online with everybody. So heres the part where you get to learn a little about my "marriage". My man and I have been together for almost six years. Most of you are probably smiling "that's it?" but considering my previous attemps at love (or maybe we should call them failures?) and the fact we've survived the worst of it, that's pretty good!

When I say "Marriage" I am not mocking my committed relationship or anything, rather we are married but we're not. In the province of Ontario couples living together for a certain period of time and/or have kids are considered common law married.

Although my sweetie has proposed, and we are engaged but have yet to have the actual wedding. Money is tight with two kids so it's just an event that will be in time. I can't wait though, being raised catholic I've always wanted to have the traditional church wedding with an awesome reception to celebrate.

This is my first attempt at a "get to know me" blog in years but I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about me, in real life.
My mother called me yesterday afternoon. She was returning my call from the night before, I had called to thank her for sending her hubby over with diapers for my little one. Running on my "daytime minutes" unfortunately couldn't talk very long.

I miss her. About seven years ago, before my kids, before my hubby it was just her and I, most of the time.

When I was 18 I moved in with her and began a new chapter after leaving an old one behind. We had our share of rough times but we also had alot of good times too. Like those times we would both be too tired or lazy to cook so we'd eat out instead. Spending mom and daughter time together we missed in my early teenaged years as my parents were divorced and my father had custody of me.

Now, after everything we've been through as mother and daughter as well as individual women has brought us closer in our matured relationship.

My mother has done and still does what she can to help guide me in the right direction. Besides my hubby (and wonderful online friends) she's about the only one whos proud of and encourages my hopes and dreams.

Living far from her isn't easy but we call almost every day. I just wanted to say if you have a close relationship with your mom, cherish it because mom can become your best friend. I know mine did.

Until my next thought -- dream on

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Lately things have been so busy my writing seems to be being put on the back burner. It's harder to write in the day time with both my kids under way, usually my daughter is attending her daycare/preschool program but she's been off for holidays the past week.

We decided since the weather was bad and she was stuck indoors most of her holiday we will give her until Wednesday to relax. It's supposed to be nice this week so hoping to do some more outside activities!

Saturday night was the UFC 100. Now, I don't follow those types of "sport" but my Hubby does so I'll watch the ones he says are important.

Since becoming parents our social life went down, not because we aren't social or not nice but we have two kids, no car and no extra $$ to spend like most of Hubbys peers do because none of them are married, they have cars and no responsibility of children.

Either way Hubby invited some guys over hoping to watch the fight. Everything was going good I helped clean the house on top of my daily routine.

Everybody showed up and the channel playing the fight wouldn't work. Don't ask me, I'm not a satelite tech but we did have a bad storm. Anyway, Hubbys friends ended up leaving to watch it at a bar. My girl friend came with her bf (who left) but she stayed with us (the nice friend she is!).

He was so disappointed but we watched it via streaming Internet instead. Deal with the dish later.

If my girl friends acted like that I wouldn't consider them friends. Anyway typical men for you.

Hubby was invited out but since having kids he's not into going out at bars with his single buddies. I'm thankful my Hubby is so considerate of me and the kids. He sacrafices a lot of the "guy" stuff for us.

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Michael Jackson memorial

Today a memorial was held at the staples center in LA for the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson who died of a heart attack June 25, 2009. Tickets to the event were available allowing hundreds upon thousands to attend the final farewell including celebrity faces.

Various websites streamed live coverage of the event as well as the usual news networks such as CNN (where we saw it) allowing even more die hard MJ fans a chance to say good bye.

His family, friends and loved ones took the stage in an emotional service anybody would be proud of. Beautiful service so sad yet heart warming remembering the good times that Michael had despite the bad the world put him through.

I remember loving the song "black or white" I think I was 11 or so...big musical part of my childhood sad to see a legend go.

Michael Jackson was loved by the world over, he only wanted to heal the world despite what the media tried to make of him. Forever in our hearts, rest in peace MJ!


It has been busy since Canada Day! Not to mention the weather went from park weather to find some indoor stuff to do weather...Luckily no matter what gm made a promise to dd to go camping for a weekend and she brought her. Friday morning Gp came to pick up DD & they spent some time together going for mcdonalds breakfast :-)

We had two days with only DS. He is such an easy baby, he's on a schedule too.

The weekend gave DH & I a chance to relax and spend some time together.

Dds cousins were camping too with my sil and bil. She loves them but they live far so we don't see them often.

She had a blast and got a chance to spend real time with her grandparents. I'm happy.

DD returned this afternoon really quiet and exhausted from her weekend. It took her a bit to zone back in but a good bath & early bed she'll be back to her energetic self in no time!

Well time for this mama to get ready for bed! Adventures tomorrow? Well we a shall see :-)

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"Oh Canada Our home and native land..."

Our Canadian national anthem will be heard on this day from Newfoundland through Ontario to British Colombia, on this day we proud canadians celebrate our nations birthday Canada day.

Every year on July 1st we canadians celebrate the birth of our Canadian heritage. The nations capital, Ottawa Ontario, also my home town buzzes with exciting celebrations in the heart of downtown Ottawa.

Many a patriotic Canadian step out with family and friends to celebrate. No matter what day of the week the city wouldn't miss the spectacular air show, mounted police march, music and much more followed by an evening sky filled with beautiful fireworks.

Before I had my kids I was one of the fellow canadians to celebrate downtown but now the kids are much too young for the now a days drunken celebrations of parleament so we celebrate at home with a BBQ and some friends...HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE! However you celebrate have fun but be safe.

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