I don't drive a vehicle. I don't have a drivers license. Now, I'm not about to break into song and dance as to why but we can say "I'm working on it".

We do a lot of walking and the stores are located of course in one of the busiest areas of the city, east end.

There are some really disrespectful drivers out there who don't yeild, turn even though pedestrians are crossing, and worst of all not paying attention. Most of the time the above accused are on a cell phone.

On a few occassions, one I remember like yesterday we almost got hit by a vehicle where the driver was on their cell. Not funny when you have children in tow.

I own a cell phone, so I'm not one of those anti-cellphone people. I actually think they are amazing devices, but not when you are driving!

It is so dangerous if you lose concentration due to a cellphone conversation distraction - anything could happen.

A while back the province of Quebec placed a cell phone ban banning drivers from using any type of hand held device while driving. Ontario is taking the initiative as of October 26th - cell phone ban for drivers.

I am happy about this, hopefully people will take safety into consideration.

See www.ctv.ca for details on the cell ban.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Despite the rainy weather mother nature has brought us, today is a celebration day.

DH and I celebrate six years together today. The photo above was taken at the beginning of our journey as a couple, back in fall 2003.

Things have definitely changed, especially my hair - which is no longer that strange reddish brown colour.

Our relationship has had it's ups and downs. Far from perfect and insane experiences that would've sent anyone running for the hills. Through everything we still have whatever we had 6 years ago and some. Not only becoming a couple over the past six years but also a family. I still love him as much as the first time we said "I love you".

I can imagine my post when we hit 10 years! :-))

Aside from all the gushy mushy stuff my helium writing has hit 60 articles and I've been back in the blog world for 6 months! Hmm six seems to be a common number today.

Time for afternoon mom duty! Until next time keep dreaming always!

Update- my mom remembered our anniversary and sent a card in the mail we got it today. (inside says nevermind, that's too personal) ;-))


Being a stay at home mom we need a window to the outside world besides picking our kids up from school, talking to the cashier at the store or when we maybe get a chance to get out with a girl friend, who half the time is as busy as we are.

Needless to say by my blog and many of my "Online friends" blogs that we turn to the world wide web for comfort on everything from keeping in touch with people we know (or met online but are really cool) to online banking and some of us even online business.

Everything is web based these days. Shopping, banking, gambling, information of every kind you name it it's online. Which brings up the subject - knowing when you're addicted to the world wide web.

Here are ten ways to tell you are an Internet addict:

1) The first thing you do when you wake up after making coffee is check your online accounts like email, facebook, Twitter etc even if it's via mobile device.

2) You keep an online blog and update it on a regular basis even if absolutely nobody reads it.

3) You have subscribed to more than 5 news letters or online forums of interest.

4) You require more than one email address to keep everything web based on track.

5) You refer to your online friends as friends in conversation with people offline.

6) You find yourself using online lingo in everyday speech (example telling your child you'll BRB)

7) You have the highest speed of Internet your provider offers because loading time is of the essence when surfing the web.

8) You email, MMS or SMS your spouse more than have verbal conversation in the course of 24 hours.

9) You have either wifi or 3G network enabled mobile device just so you can keep in the now with your online world.

10) You've read, laughed and nodded at most of these.

Now get off the Internet and go read a book ;-)

Written by @AMotherhoodBlog 

Meet "Curly Shirley", one of my daughters most cherished dolls. Okay, yeah it's just another doll named after a doll the character Ruby has on the cartoon "Max and Ruby" but she has a special story to go along with the stains on her once clean smiling face.

Dd had just turned two at the time she got this little rag doll. We were shopping at the dollarama picking up a few things and as a reward for being good she was allowed to buy one toy. Needless to say she chose the doll.

For the longest time she carried the doll with her. From sleepovers at relatives to nap time at home that doll was with her.

One day she brought Curly Shirley shopping with us and upon leaving the store we realized dd had dropped the doll. She was so upset we actually went back into the store and back tracked where we had been. The store was actually about to close when we saw it. Found the doll laying in the kids isle. Dd was happy once again. Just to show you what we do as parents when something as simple as a dollar store doll can mean the world to a little girl.

I bring this up because the other night dd chose this doll to sleep with (being older she rotates her favoritrs to sleep with now) and reminded me of the funny story.


I recieved notification that one of my helium marketplace submissions are currently in transition to helium and was not chosen by the publisher.

Crap. Another one bites the dust! It would be easier if the publisher could at least give a link to their website so we as article writers can decide what kind of tone to use. I followed the guidelines but oh well! like I said only lost some time and maybe a fraction of my self worth as far as writing goes.

I'm lacking tools. As nice as it is to blog mobile I need a laptop or netbook. Put this onto my wish list of things I can't afford at the moment.

Guilt has me just browsing the laptops while the little nag in my head tells me the kids need fall clothes before we need another electronic. What can I say I'm a techy mom.

A short entry and I'm off again to pick up dd at the bus stop!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


As most of you know yet some may not, when my son was born his chances at pretty much everything were looking slim. According to statistics of premature babies born as young and younger than him with as many problems as he had didn't look good on my sons behalf.

Shortly after birth he was diagnosed as having severe brain bleeds. To the point they said would effect his gross motor skills, social development and possibly speach & hearing.

Our son was delayed at first, he had difficulty holding his head up on his own but soon after he mastered that he was on his way to rolling, sitting up on his own, crawling and now standing/scaling furniture to try and walk.

He has been seeing a wonderful physiotherapist at the Ottawa Childrens Treatment Centre. She has always had faith beyond the statistics and agreed with us that he will get it in his own time.

We had our 18 months physio visit today which went extremely well. The dr is so understanding she said since we bus to our appointments and the bad weather is coming she'll call in December for an update and if he's walking by then he'll come in. If not, then call when he's walking basically.

Once he's walking he'll go back for a couple of routine checks to make sure he's walking properly.

Next up is his audiology test. I don't like going to those they are brutally long especiallly with a baby active like mine! The things we must do for the health and well being of our children.

He's come so far since the day we were told we were parents of a little 2 pound miracle.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Tonight was a quiet night in our household. One of those mysterious nights where the children go to bed without a struggle and hubby steps out for a while. A night to get some writing done!
Using our PC with the massive LCD screen, I finished editing the assignment I had started working on since last night.

Completed and submitted, now we wait. I have submitted a few utter failures in the past but as it is said "you never know!"

Take a chance, I seriously have nothing except a few hours of typing and thinking to lose.

Just wanted to post that update!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Things have been going at a fast pace around here, or at least that's how it feels lately.

I was able to "sleep on" yesterdays news, the quieter I am the more thinking I seem to do. Now, knowing the first step of what the Dr plans for my dysplasia are in effect I can sort of put that major worry to the back of my mind for now and focus on my life.

I have been so concerned about everything else I've been neglecting my writing other than my blog and Twitter banter of course. Luckily I was able to post two articles on helium. I had prewritten some drafts a few weeks ago that just needed editing.

I have decided to take on a market place assignment as well. Previous attemps weren't bought by online publishers but were published as the rest of my articles to be rated by other helium members.

Time to get back into the groove and this is my opportunity. I'm always looking at the market place for assignments that appeal to me. Ones I would need both self knowledge and research to write. I'm actually looking forward to getting things moving again as far as my writing goes.

Nobody said it would be easy but hey I'm still here aren't I?

Until next time - Keep dreaming...~@iDream1


Last week dh helped a friend move and well practically clean out any old stuff from his garage etc. He ended up bringing home a couple of tools and a dirt devil scorpion dust buster.

My mom owned I believe a black & decker model which I found at the time didn't pick up much but this dirt devil works!

It has this wet/dry feature on it. The guy just didn't want it anymore, still works so why not.

It's become my new best friend as far as cleaning goes. Hardwood floors don't usually require vacuuming but in areas such as under the high chair, stroller etc places where my kids accumulate crumbs, it's awesome!

Yeah so it's just a dust buster, a used one at that but it's mine and it works :-) so long crumbs and dog hair!

Now to find a useful replacement for my broom & dustpan ;-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Labour Day weekend has come & gone. Most people celebrate with a BBQ or getting crazy with friends. I however, spent it going crazy with the kids.

Friday I pretty much spent alone with the kids. Cleaning and doing my typical mommy routine while dh was off until late that evening helping an old long time friend of ours fix a few things at his cottage, the poor guy needs the help as hes on crutches after hip surgery earlier this year.

Saturday we visited another one of our friends and did a little bit of groceries.

Sunday the children got to go see the free Toopy & Binoo show at the mall as promised. The same show as last year but they got goody bags and Tim bits to make up for it. Dd was upset she didn't get to hug them, try explaining "unattainable celebrities" to a 5 year old!

St. Laurent shopping centre has a newly opened Halloween decoration & costume store, right across the center court area (where they host book fairs, free kids shows etc). The prices are a bit steep if you're looking for costumes for your kids (I'd honestly recommend walmart for the costume & dollarama for the candy bucket which this store was selling for 6.99$ each...) but for adult costumes, the price isn't half bad because unlike our kids we can always use it again.

Dh and dd had fun looking at the displays. They have these terribly ugly zombie babies set up, dh made the mistake of showing one to ds who's reaction was more "concerned to the point I feel like crying" instead of dds typical laughing because she knows it's fake reaction. Needless to say we left shortly after. Ds is certainly more sensitive than his big sister!

Today was labour day Monday home alone with the kids as dh took the dog with him to help out his friend again.

Now the evening is winding down and it's almost bedtime for the kids....

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Today was the first time dd got to take the school bus to school. Not only that but she was the first pick up. Dh was skeptical sending her on the bus alone with a stranger, funny dad even gets nervous for his little girl.

This first week has been full of errors, mistakes and big changes but I think it'll calm down now that her bus schedule is sorted out. After the bus drove away we came home and put ds down for his nap. By the time he gets up it'll be time to get his sister at the bus stop.

Time goes by so quickly when you have little ones. Ds is almost walking a year and a half he'll be in daycare most likely, dd is in kindergarten. Wow.

Tomorrow is Friday, the last day of the first week of school! Toopy and Binoo at St. Laurent Shopping Centre plus a long weekend to maybe relax and prepare for next week.

- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1
Half way through the week and it's been nothing but bad luck and mishaps in my world. Dd is entitled to a bus but because of Fridays last minute schedule change on behalf of the school, she didn't have a bus to get to school. No choice but to walk her, which is painfully long with a slow walker like dd.

Finally today I recieved the phone call that she has a bus stop to get to school at 12:00pm and pick her up at 3:00pm same place. Nice location and happy they got organized because this was stressing me out!

The last thing I need is my daughter to be forgotten.

September is going to be a long month. With dds birthday and starting school the moolah is tight. It feels as though ends never meet. I just paid a bill and someone else calls. If I had a money tree you'd all be covered trust me!

Anyway my shelter and family come first no matter what. It's kind of a rule my hubby and I have. If we owe a bill but also need an extra for one of the kids, the bill waits. As sad as it sounds.

I also recieved dds list of supplies that are required for class this year, those will be bought soon enough. This is going to be a fun month.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1