Big smiles for her first day of Kindergarten. Dd was so excited but it took her a while to click in that there is no more daycare, she said this morning "so this means I have lunch at home and go to school after lunch?" yes. Finally on the same page on that one!

It's nice yet strange to not have to wake up extra early to get everyone ready to go before 8am. I wish they had told me earlier rather than forcing to get up early the past week to prepare causing nothing but a houseful of tired and grouchy people!

The kids woke up at their usual time. I didn't want dd to dirty her school clothes so she got dressed right after brushing her teeth from lunch. She wanted to choose her own clothes. A pink long sleeve "Hello Kitty!" top she got for her birthday along with jeans with pink embroider on them, a pink vest she also got for her birthday and of course matching pink socks!

Normally I don't allow it for school but being the first day dd begged me to put her new sparkle tinkerbell nailpolish on her so we did. She wanted sparkle makeup but that's pushing it, she's only five;-).

Dd wanted to pack her own snack as well so we gathered the items and she placed them in her Tinkerbell lunch bag, matches her school bag and shoes! She brought a juice box, two cookies, box of raisins and a butterscotch pudding. She wanted those specific items so why not, she was having a big girl moment. :-)

After dropping her off in the play yard and meeting the principal and French teacher I spoke to the secretary and semi sorted out dds bus route. Home is all set but we have to walk her until Friday they'll tell us what bus and stop for Monday morning.

Different for everyone, dd is taking French now, dh is bilingual but dd never caught on.

We will be going in about an hour and ten minutes to collect dd from the bus stop. I can't wait to hear how her first day went!

It was nice. All of us went to see her off, even the baby who fell asleep on the way home. How fast they grow!

Part 3 coming up later!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Now that dd is officially 5 years old she is officially starting Kindergarten on Monday.

I had registered dd back in February when the registration dates were announced. A person from the school board came in early may to assess dd for kindergarten.

A couple of weeks ago I recieved dds bus schedule and needed to call regarding it.

I never recieved a supply list and the secretary called Friday morning while I was birthday shopping to tell me dd has been suddenly switched to the afternoon group instead of her scheduled morning group. Because of the mix up we have to walk dd to school the first day and they will arrange her bus schedule.

Someone better figure it out because this is just extra stress we don't need right now. I'm disappointed that the school is disorganized when it comes to students.

None the less we will walk her in, show her to class and then talk to whoever is in charge of the scheduling. This needs to be sorted out asap! I have a little boy with a schedule of his own starting back up with drs and appointments we can't miss.

Now that mommy has ranted it's time to order some pizza for the family, after all it's relax day ;-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

The birthday party has come and gone, dd is officially 5 years old. It rained unfortunately, but dh had an idea. Decorated the basement, set up some seats and tv with the VCR for entertainment. Balloons made for some good "pop the balloon" games.

We try our best to make due with what we have, I would love to have an all out party for her but things are tight being so close to school starting.
We had good company, food and above all dd had a great time. She recieved some great gifts including some clothes and littlest pet shop play sets she had been begging for.

Hotdogs for food & chocolate birthday cake for desert, it was good!

Next up - the first day of school!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Today it seemed the pre-birthday/pre-first day of school nerves have kicked into high gear at the worst possible time as we have yet to get things done for any of it.

Dd does not understand the concept of days of the week ei she doesn't know Monday from Wednesday. She went into school with her jammies believing it was pj day. Luckily dh took that embarrassment bringing her in but pj day is Friday not Thursday. So dh as embarassed as he was made dd go change into her spare clothes before he left. Daddy'll show ya!

Later on dh had another full day of helping out his friend. Ds and I had a quiet day, I wasn't feeling very well. Combination of stress, lack of sleep and being tired I guess. Rest up because tomorrow is a brand new day!

Dds party is Saturday, my mom is taking some pressure off bribing hotdogs & condiments, drinks and probably other things.

Dh & I had an exhausting week and there's still one more day. Tonight we relax with food and a movie.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1
Another project dh put together - a canopy in time for our princesses party!

After a long day giving his friend a hand moving, dh was semi-repaid with this canopy he installed on our deck last night. It's just a loaner for Saturdays parties & whatevers left of summer but it's alright. We want a different model and maybe a different colour for next summer.

I think it'll add a nice touch to dds bday party if it doesn't rain. This canopy doesn't hold water as well as one we'd like to get.

My mom was online last night chatting about arrangments for dds birthday party. It's going to be tight with school literally around the corner but unlike every other year this time someones willing to pitch in and help more. After all it's for HER. The big 5!

It's kind of a personal celebration fir dh & I Saturday marks more than our girl turning 5 but also 5 years ago we became parents for the first time. Oh how much I've learned and have yet to learn!

Time to get at it and finish my cleaning, just wanted to brag about dhs hard work.

;-) until next time - keep dreaming always @iDream1


The decision has been made as far as daycare goes for DD starting Monday, starting Kindergarten.

Typically the school hours for jr & sr K are 8:15am to 10:45am where there was an option. Dd could take the bus home arriving at 11:00am giving her the rest of the day at home or she could stay at the daycare until 4pm.

Dh and I agreed both of us are fed up with the walking and making dd walk. Yeah, it sounds easy when it's summer time and the weather is nice. Winter or bad weather it feel like a chore.

So, the decision was made after the daycare director approached dh with the choice. Also why use a daycare place someone else needs. School will be enough with her homework.

Dh helped out a friend move and was kind of repaid with an outdoor canopy for the patio. After a long day he came home and installed it. Looks good but something to get used to.

The past couple of days I have been high tailing my writing. I put in another couple of articles now summing up to 53 total. Some of which are rated #1 you can check them out and my helium profile by clicking the helium banner.

Exhausting as it is, getting used to the new schedule with dd taking the bus is going to take some time but we'll all be okay.

Until next time - keep dreaming!

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Today is one of those days where the weather is wonderful and you should really be out and about enjoying it before the cold fall and winter seasons come back to haunt us. Unfortunately for me, other than going for an errand earlier and picking up DD later on, I'm pretty much house bound for today.

Doing laundry before it piles up as school begins next week for DD. Ds is resting at the moment so I'm able to slip away and get a little writing done.

This morning DH encountered the daycare director. She wanted to know if we planned to keep DD in daycare after her class in Kindergarten or have her bus home by 11am.

DH and I have been running it through our brains all week, we decided it would be enough with three hours of learning. It isn't the exact same environment and there are elements such as homework involved which right now she has none of only being in the preschool program, preparing her for what comes next week in elementary school.

Tomorrow we are running errands to finish preparing for Dd's birthday party which is in 3 days, the grown up party in 3 days as well as school on Monday. I think my brain is doing more thinking than anything though. I know it will all be fine just before school jitters.

Well off to finish my laundry.

Keep dreaming...


Summer is almost officially over as school begins for dd next Monday and she is beginning her earlier routine (both waking up and going to sleep) to prepare for her first year of elementary school, kindergarten.

This weekend we wanted to make special for her as the pool officially closed and events aside from the super ex are pretty much over.

Saturday we attended a BBQ at the local park (see Saturdays post for details). Everybody had fun, something small yet enough to amuse an almost 5 year old and 17 month old.

Sunday we felt pretty beat from having a busy week and events Saturday so we relaxed at home.

The kids and I played with super soakers. We made a game of it, since ds is not coordinated nor strong enough to hold his watergun mommy was on his team and dd had to try to get us both. They loved it, i had the waterguns filled with warm water too.

One of the best parts of being Mom is seeing them laugh, giggle and have a blast. Not to mention it burns their energy right out!

This week will go by quickly and before I know it we'll be scrambling to get the remainder of dds school things as well as part 2 of her birthday gift and the rest of the party supplies for both dds birthday & the grown up gathering Saturday night.

The following weekend our kids have a treat as treehouse tv is hosting toopy & binoo live at the st. Laurent shopping centre. A 45 minute show for the kids. I think also it is a long weekend for dd as well.

For now it's laundry and waiting for the mail. We still haven't recieved dds teachers school supply list.

Until next time - Keep dreaming...


Today in my hood - community day - @idream1

In less than a couple of weeks the neighbourhood kids are going back to school. This marks the end of summer '09.

The city of Ottawa held the annual Overbrook Community Day celebrations with a DJ, garage sale, BBQ, booths about different city services such as health ontario and free contests to win prizes.

They were giving away Ottawa Sens shirts, insulated beverage mugs, pencil sets and more. I actually won a set of golf balls! I was hoping for a sens shirt but either way I gave my prize to dh ;-)
We didn't even know about the event until this morning our loyal dog freaked out at the people setting up the event. Dd had a blast. They were handing out free chips and dd kept coming back with bags, we gave one away to a friend from daycare she ran into.

Dd danced her little girl heart out to lady gaga and a few oldies. She won a prize, a little pair of work gloves.

She had put them down to continue dancing and somebody else took them, she was so upset so I went with her to explain to the lady what had happened and she was nice enough to give dd a replacement pair.

After all that dancing and chip collecting we had a couple of hotdogs on behalf of enbridge gas, that kind of made me laugh inside.

Hotdogs and watermelon for lunch and then a dip in the pool for the kids.

A fun and eventful day for all of us. Unfortunately ds isn't feeling himself as he skipped his nap for community festivities but a nice warm bath, bottle and bed early he'll be as good as new torrow.
until next time...keep dreaming!

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My daughter is turning 5 in 12 days and beginning kindergarten in 14 days, my nerves have officially kicked it into overload.

With everything flying at us at once and not much change in our income is looking pretty scary. Dds birthday means a lot to her & she without a doubt needs new things for school. Not to mention the monthly bills and groceries, you know the things we need/use to survive.

I think for her gift it'll be one toy she really wants and a complete new outfit including shoes for her birthday. She has never objected to new clothes.

I don't know why but I'm nervous about her starting kindrgarten. Maybe because it's new to all of us. As parents having our first born on the school bus and prettymuch on her own in big kid school. Wow time flies fast, I'll just have my little guy alone from 8 to 2.

There is a problem though which is one of the main causes of my back to school or in my case beginning school jitters. The bus schedule came in. Her stops are fine but the pick up is at 8am and drop off at 11am. Kindergarten is supposed to be full days, three hours doesn't make sense unless this is a schedule for the first week but it doesn't say of course. I'll have to make a phone call tomorrow. Mommy will get to the bottom of this!

I know I will be fine but as usual thinking of the worst case scenerio. After all in highschool my schhol forgot to send my bus route and any important information I needed until days before. At least they gave me 2 weeks.

Until next time, keep dreaming...

Let's face it we've all told a little white lie or two in our time, even the most perfect mom can tell the best of them.

As kids we grew up with little white lies to get us out of trouble or to get us what we want. Even though being raised to know better.

Our daughter recently began telling little lies and she's bad at it because every time, she's called on it. Little things like yes she ate her food meanwhile the dog is licking his chops on the sideline or her brother is upset and she didn't do anything meanwhile his favorite toy is sitting on her lap. Today however was a more serious lie.

She told us she wasn't feeling well. Now, she has had a problem with her throat all summer and we are waiting to see her family dr in September to further look into what it could be. Well, she tried to play on the throat thing later giving herself away by saying "No, I was just joking, I wanted to stay home to play iPhone". I told her for lying she has to have a quiet day no video games and such like it's the weekend. She pouted a while and I asked her why she really needed to lie to get out of a day of preschool and she replied it was because she didn't want to see a certain child in her class. Dd is no angel, she instigates some of the confrontations they've had but this particular child seems quite opposite to dds loving, giving, "everyone are friends" manner.

I explained to dd that it isn't nice to lie and she can't miss preschool like that over a child in her class. The kid is a year younger than dd so they won't even be in the same class in less than a month. I told her if the kid is that bothersome to ignore it and play with somebody else. That's what we were taught.

Dh and I spoke to her teachers, who try to keep them from the same groups when doing activities but there are 20 other kids to attend to also. The mother doesn't seem to care that her child is mean to ours, the impression she gave us it's no wonder the kid is like that. So talking to authorities has been pretty pointless.

Needless to say dd is having a day off today. Seeing we had no luck finding a not full or open pool this weekend & the pool across the way is open, we'll take the kids out this afternoon. No serious running around today.

As beautiful as the weather and quiet as it is (kids napping), I need to get some laundry done & kick into mommy gear.

Until next time keep dreaming!


Growing up, summer time was filled with ice cream cones, good friends and bike riding around town in celebration of yet another school year ended and a new one soon to begin.

Where I grew up we didn't have the luxery of public pools or parks. Swimming was a treat if you found a clean source or if parents took their kids a town and a half over to swim in the bay.

It seemed so innocent and free back then, I don't remember it raining as much as it does now 20 some years later.

My parents, up until they separated, raised us in the country town they were raised in. These days I'm raising my own kids in the heart of the Capitol city of Canada.

There is a public pool and several parks in every community and every district so there are always places to bring the kids.

We live in the east end. There is a celebration going on up the street, I think it's a Muslim community religious celebration of some kind. They have a carnival set up, we could hear the fireworks.

It reminds me of the old days going to the super ex, one of the fun activities Ottawa has to offer each summer. Take a group of good friend and enjoy a day of rides, exhibits, cotton candy and concerts.

My youngest is still too young to participate in any carnivals or water parks etc but I plan to make their future summers off from school memorable ones.

Dd had an outing activity of going to the circus thus summer with her preschool group as well as lots of swimming and going camping with her cousins plus her upcoming 5th birthday party, august 29th.

It's been a busy summer despite the crazy weather we've had. September is coming quick with dd starting Kindergarten and upcoming appoinents for the rest of us.

Well it's time to say goodnight

Until next time keep dreaming


Those precious moments when your kids make your heart melt and put a smile on your face are the ones we consider rewards in parenting.

Today we played outside with DS on the deck. He lives water, as he should being pieces like his daddy. The kiddy pool was a little cold so dh sprinkled him with the hose. My kids have these giddy contageous laughs and funny expressions that make us laugh too.

I always love doing things with my family even small things like walking home after picking up dh from preschool. She wants to help take care of her brother so bad. Dh let her help push the stroller home, lucky it was the smaller one.

She's growing up so fast...soon time for kindergarten (upcoming post)

Until next time, dream on!


Lately things have been quite hectic, I think "Busy" should be my middle name.

Having a pretty full schedule between the routine with the kids, errands and so forth it's nice to be able to sit back and relax.

It has been hot the past couple of days, finally the summer weather comes. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to have nice weather for dds birthday.

Since things have been rough lately it's going to be a small party. Also not ideal to have too many guests with our overly excited dog, I still love him despite the fact he scares some guests visiting our home sometimes :-).

Dd played drama queen during bath time. She suddenly had a phobia about getting her toenails trimmed. Oh boy, that was interesting. When she becomes irrational or overly dramatic we know she's getting tired, if not already.

Early night for everyone, with everything happening lately puts a lot on my mind.

I have been neglecting my writing lately, it seems as if I have a lack of inspiration besides of course my family, who are most of what this blog is made of.

The days are about to get busier, hopefully my inspiration comes back to me so I can get back writing focus.

Good night and Sweet Dreams

-- Post From My iPhone


As mentioned in a previous post, my family came over today for our annual family birthday get together. My Aunt, My Mom and her husband (aka Grandpa Jim) came to visit us. It was so nice to see everyone. My mom over did herself as usual bringing the kids clothes and my Aunt as well trying to make up for missed birthdays. It wasn't about what they brought though, I just miss the old days of getting together whenever we felt like it. I grew up with them, its too bad my cousins couldn't have joined us.

My mother made spaghetti sauce so we cooked up some pasta. Everyone enjoyed it, especially the kids. Of course we had cake for desert. DD shocked everyone by saying she didn't like the icing. This is a child who a week ago ate a triple chocolate cake on my actual birthday yet vanilla was too sweet. Ds loved every minute of it, smearing cake everywhere...ah well he enjoyed it as he was too small on his birthday to have any cake.

I always get this empty feeling when my mother leaves. I miss her, we don't get to see eachother as often as we like. When I lived with my mom we were close, I remember going out to the local restaurant for dinner, really I knew she just liked to go to spend time together and talk, which I didn't mind either. At least I still have the good memories :-)

She told me she will be back in a few weeks for dd's birthday party. She's turning 5 already, time goes by fast.

In writers news my blog is now posted on the Writers who also blog zone on Helium as well as the official Helium blog. I have yet to hear when I will be featured but I'm listed now :-)

Well being as late as it is, I should clean up my house and call it a night.

Until next time...Keep dreaming


Today is activity day for DD. She is going to the circus with her daycare group. She was so excited this morning she actually behaved herself and didn't give me a hard time about having to brush her hair. After all, she had to look fantastic for the circus show. Kids...make you laugh or make you want to cry.

I remember going to the circus as a child. Breifly however, I was quite young. I remember my grandfather being there, my parents and of course my older brother who made me so jealous when he got to ride the elephant because he was older.

Now that I think of it, years later I rode an elephant at parc safari and honestly it wasn't all that.

Years ago I worked for a fundraising company and one of our campaigns was the Shriners circus. We did quite a good job selling those tickets so our boss passed a few to some of the employees for a job well done. Since it had been well over a decade since I had went, my friends and I attended the show.

They had no elephants because apparently one was sick so they quarrentined them all, the black panther swatted at the tamer and had to be taken out of the ring. I am all for animal rights so the useage of animals in the circus for our entertainment does make me clench teeth but the show itself was pretty amazing.

The jugglers, clowns, acrobatics and those that use silk sashes and spin around in an artistic way. They made the show.

My daughter however is young and wanted to see the elephants today. I will hear all about her amazing day tonight.

Meanwhile mommy has to mad clean and try to organize this house because grandma and the gang are coming for a visit!

I'm excited it's been a year since I've seen some of my family excluding my mom & stepdad :-)

-- Until next entry Keep Dreaming


Yet again mother nature has punished us summer folk by throwing some more dreadful thundershowers our way.

We got most of our errands done today but unfortunately got caught in the down pour on the way home from picking up DD from daycare. Luckily she is smart and always carries her umbrella in her pink Dora the Explorer back pack. At least the kids didn't get soaked, DS has a big canopy cover on his stroller (A mongoose breast cancer foundation edition) so he was safe.

The joys of living within walking distance of most major stores.

In other news I received another email from Helium. I am proud to annouce A Motherhood Experience will be featured on Heliums new "Writers who also blog" zone. I am really excited, this could bring a new road of opportunity as far as my writing goes. I will post the link when it becomes available to me.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me through my writing journey so far. Rome wasn't built in a day as was once told to me.

Until next time - Keep Dreaming


Today was a civic holiday in Canada, most of which celebrated as a long weekend. I had a pretty good long weekend with dh & the kids.

Friday was my birthday get together and Saturday we took the kids to the pool to cool off and have some fun. Nothing special about Sunday as we were rained in most of the day but I accomplished a lot of laundry! (the joys of being mom!)
Yesterday my iPhone wasn't working properly. If anybody knows me by now my iPhone is like my mini laptop. When on the go as "Mom" I use it for everything Internet or computer related from quick draft writing to my blogging. Twitter and facebook are my addictions as well as two of my networking tools for my online writing.

For some reason my sounds weren't working, weird scripting errors in Safari and a lot of crashes! So DH, as nice and kind as he is backed up and updated my software to 3.0. It felt weird not having my iPhone on me, like my little gateway into the online world. I survived the day and now it works like a brand new phone.

Being into the Internet and technology for over 11 years, it's like taking away from my daily routine. Rather than read the news from paper I grab the headlines online with my morning coffee while the kids throw cheerios in my hair. Not that I let them do that but it's a nice early morning description.

Tomorrow is back into the same routine, dd goes to her preschool. I am waiting for her information pack to arrive for school. Supplies, anything to be signed etc. I'm getting nervous the closer we get to September, possible article about that in the future.

I received a more uplifting email this afternoon. My favorite writers website www.helium.com want to consider A Motherhood Experience to be featured in their Writers who also blog zone as well as in the Helium blog.

What an honour to just be considered! Helium has helped inspire me to become an article writer and has given me the chance to show my talent on their information website. Maybe this will be the boost I need.

Until next entry...Keep dreaming!


My birthday was great yesterday, dh took me shopping and I ended up buying two tops as well as something to drink last night.
Two 1L Bacardi breezers orange tropical smoothie drinks. I'm not for hard liquor or beer these were good. A little too good lol

It almost looked like my mini party was going to be a bust. After a day of preparing and getting the kids settled 2/3 couples didn't show up and also didn't even call to say they weren't coming. That's when you know who your real friends are.

Obviously we aren't worth even a phone call so I didn't let it ruin my fun! The couple that came are close friends of ours. We all have a lot in common & always have good times. So considerate they even brought a cake for me!

It was a quiet party but with good friends, good drinks and a yummy cake it was fabulous!

Dh tried hard to make it a good birthday, he is sweet like that. We had a great time!

This cake was awesome! Not too sweet, moist & fresh. Excellent way to celebrate my special day!

Until next entry keep dreaming.