Boxing day is December 26th, most people know it as a day practically every store has sales galore but since I was younger, it's been the day after Christmas we celebrate the holidays with those we didn't see on the exact day of Christmas.

This year my mom came to visit. It was fun seeing her, hectic and nerve wracking but its once a year and mom & the kids had a great time so that's what matters.

We exchanged gifts hubbs got a dremel, pjs & Canadian tire g/c and I got pjs, a dove kit, makeup etc. K got a chutes & ladders game, barbie hairdressing head/doll & D got pjs & a Tonka Truck.

We followed that excitement by a good dinner of meat pie, potatoes, carrots & Kraft stove top. We had an apple pie but everyone was too full for desert!

It's always nice seeing everyone over the holidays but really, as much Christmas spirit as I for Ed out of me, I'm glad it's only once a year!


Christmas time at our house is almost over. We had a busy weekend filled with new memories with family celebrating Christmas 2010.

Early on Christmas eve Dh's sister, brother in law & their 3 kids came by for a visit. I made cupcakes for the kids, we all exchanged gifts, talked & laughed. It was a good day despite our youngest being a little overwhelmed with the whole holiday season. He's 2, what can you expect! K got a build-a-bear bunny and clothes to go with it from her aunty, uncle & cousins. D got a cute little Go Diego Go on a bike, it rides in or out of water. He loved it!

Today was Christmas day and what a day it was! We started off a bit late, after all Santa was running late because mommy was up making sure those milk & cookies were left in his sight! Either way, the kids let us sleep in a little which was nice!

They totally deserve to be on Santa's excellent list! Opening the gifts after coffee was made, best part of the day.

The kids were so full of emotions and expressions, I caught what I could with my iPhone.

The kids were delighted with their gifts, especially K which is exactly what we wanted. Seeing those smiles is gift enough for me. Hubby & I did get a few things under the tree like a couple of movies & my new boots among other things ;-). Even the pets got treated with new toys and treats!

I made a nice black forest ham dinner for the four of us. Very good!

Tomorrow my mom & her hubby is coming to visit. They are coming later on for supper time and we can't wait to see them! The final Christmas dinner on Boxing day!

With that I should catch some sleep :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Happy Holidays from our home to yours!!!

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It can take a lot of time & effort to bake and create yummy treats to share for the holiday season.

Tonight with a few simple ingredients found in the cupboard, we made plain old chocolate cupcakes into Christmas-cakes!

Fun and very simple, something the kids can help make too!

What you need:

- 1 Box of cupcake mix
- Eggs & vegetable oil (most mixes require these)
- 2-3 Tbsp Icing sugar
- Sprinkles
- Maraschino cherries

How to make:

- First off bake a batch of cupcakes from the mix and let them cool accordingly. We used devils food cake for ours.

- After cooling simply sprinkle icing sugar and sprinkles on them, top them off with a cherry & voilĂ ! We have Christmas cupcakes!

The kids enjoyed them, can't wait to make our next treats using a recipe from the Kraft recipe for joy recipe box!

Have fun & happy holidays!

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Baby, it's cold outside...

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She made it after all!

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D was always a quiet baby. Being a 27 week preemie he reached many milestones at a slower pace, he seemed to like things simple. That's until he learned to walk & now, talk or in this case, yell.

It's begun - the age of tantrums. D now expresses frustration/anger by means of wicked tantrums. He doesnt have them constantly. Most of them occur when he is tired or isn't getting his way. Sometimes a mix of both. This is partially because of his birth situation we did baby him, we dont deny it and we dont make excuses about it. We spoiled our preemie boy & now we deal with his behaviour as he throws it at us. He does gets over them quite quickly.

Like any kid trying to coax him or talk to him while he's in mid-yell is impossible so away he goes for a good 2 minutes then he will decide to reason when he realizes mommy's no actually means, no!

Tantrums are nothing new in this house, K threw some whoppers our way when she was D's age. It's all part of growing up, although it can be really frustrating at times when he won't give up and I almost want to give up.

But he is my son, I love him & I'll take a breath and we will get past this stage like we did the rest.

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Only 10 days until Christmas eve! I'm excited (for the kids!) and it's beginning to look more like the holiday season around here.

This morning we woke up to the first real snowfall, meaning there's enough to actually have to shovel the driveway & walkway. Speaking of which my "lovely" neighbors only did their side of the shared walkway, thank you after all we only mowed your side of the lawn this summer, to be nice. We'll remember that.

K was excited to see the fluffy white blanket of coldness this morning, she seems to find reason to love every season. She admitted today that although she loves Christmas and winter, the snow is in fact very cold!

We just realized we are going to need a bigger snow shovel -- our bigger one was broken last winter. Yet another thing to fork out $$ for just before Christmas.

It would be totally inappropriate to give hubby as a gift so yes, it's extra. It would be like him giving me muffin tins, it's happened before but luckily it was not hubby who made that mistake.

For once we have Christmas pretty much covered and it feels good. Good to be organized and not have to worry about what we are giving the kids this year. We put the tree up early & decorated the house - lights, garland & all. We have to keep those smiles and make their Christmas a good one.

How are you coping with only 10 days left?

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There is only one more school week left until K is off for a good 2 1/2 almost 3 weeks for Christmas holidays. That means we have five more days to be sneaky and do Christmas stuff while she's at school. Otherwise it's one of us against the mob of other crazy last minute holiday shoppers!

This year we have her big gift covered as well as most of what Santa is bringing for D. It feels good to be a little more organized and I'm glad we are because it's been stressful around here. We just need stocking stuffers and maybe a couple of other things but that's it! Oh yeah and I have a couple gifts coming via courier this week too! All we want is for them to have happy holidays!

I have been a sneaky Santa myself and put aside a few things for hubby that for once he doesn't know about! He is one of those people who figure out their gifts weeks if not months before you can even buy it. Or maybe I'm just one of those people who are sucky at keeping secretive gifts from my spouse. Either way this year, he's not going to know at least three of his gifts!

It's hard to buy for adults when we are capable of purchasing most of what we want (ex: iphone 4 - what I call my early Christmas gift) but we try.

As for me, I'm not really expecting anything so if anybody got me anything I'm completely clueless. *hint hint hubs..*

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[caption id="attachment_1213" align="alignleft" width="134" caption="K lost her 3rd tooth today :)"][/caption]

Every day after school my daughter and I chat while we walk home together. Our conversations are usually about how her day went and what she did, she will ask me how my day went and what I did as well. Today we had a bit of a bonding mommy-daughter moment that made me feel good inside.

The first thing she told me when she got off the bus was all about her front tooth that FINALLY fell out. Unfortunately it fell out while she was enjoying her pizza lunch at school but nonetheless it fell out and the tooth fairy is visiting tonight ;-)

After we had walked away from the other kids and parents at the bus stop she told me something in confidence. I wasn't even allowed to tell her daddy (even though she did once she got home). I won't break our trust by mentioning exactly what it was here, I did promise her I wouldn't tell anyone the whole story. After all, they say what you blog about your kids could come back and bite them in the butt one day! Either way she told me about something very embarrassing that happened in school involving a toilet which lead to her having to come home in clothes out of the lost and found bin at school. Not just any clothes, but BOYS clothes. She was humiliated by being laughed at by some of her peers because of the clothes and the reason why she had to wear them, she told me it was just awful.

It felt good to know she trusts me enough to talk to me about stuff that when I was a child, would keep to myself. The worst thing I did was not talk to my parents enough and that's something I'm trying to build with my kids. That trust that they can come to me for anything and know I won't judge them. I didn't judge her for having to wear boys clothes home and I didn't laugh at the situation she explained to me, although I can see why a bunch of six-year olds would find it amusing. Kids will be kids, I'm glad I'm close with mine and I hope over that the years that special bond doesn't fade.

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One of the best parts of the Christmas season is getting together with family & friends to enjoy the goodness of a home cooked Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of families every year who go without that Christmas dinner. Christmas is difficult enough without having to worry about food on the table for the holidays.

That is why I'm happy to let you know about Kraft's Recipe for Joy program.

Now until December 31st, Kraft will donate 2$ to Food Banks Canada for each Free Recipe for Joy e-card sent out this holiday season.

Along with the ecard you can send a virtual gift: the Recipe for joy digital recipe box filled with yummy Kraft holiday recipes to share with your family & friends this year!

The Recipe for joy recipe box can be downloaded right to your computer so all of those yummy holiday recipes are just a few clicks away.

This is a great way to show your holiday spirit and help give to those less fortunate, perhaps we can all help make Christmas a little brighter, one ecard at a time.

Visit http://www.kraftrecipeforjoy.com to spread some Christmas cheer & get some great recipes from the Recipe for Joy virtual recipe box!

Thanks to Kraft Foods, our family will be trying out some of the great Recipe for Joy recipes this year at our annual Christmas family dinner - can't wait to share the goodness with all of you! An update will follow with some of the yummy Kraft recipe for joy recipes we are going to try!

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of the Kraft Recipe for Joy program. I received gift box of Kraft foods & gift cards to facilitate our Kraft recipe for joy dinner. All opinions and comments are honest & my own*

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Christmas time.

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We had our first snowfall here not too long ago. Two mornings ago we woke up to what most would call a "winter wonderland". I on the other hand refer to it as a pretty pain in the butt most of the time!

If you've been reading my blog since last year you'll know, I'm not a winter person. I don't like feeling cold, the slightest chill puts me in a downer mood.  I don't like getting bundled up let alone having to take 30 minutes each kid to get them ready before going out anywhere and everyone looking like marshmallows. I don't like the flues and colds, crisp wind and blizzards that come with our Canadian winters but I can't do anything about it except face the winter.

On the other hand I do see how people like winter. It's the season for celebrating Christmas, skiing, sledding, ice skating and snowman making. It's beautiful to look at and amazing to photograph, kids love winter. I don't play winter sports due to my hips but now, as a mother I can enjoy watching my kids enjoy their childhood winter activities with big smiles all the while. It's not about me anymore.

See, I'm not a winter person but I don't entirely hate it, I can't hate the snowflakes that make my children laugh. I can't hate that frosty my little girl worked so hard to build while I stand by freezing, proudly watching her imagination soar. I can't hate the fact my son is amazed with the white stuff, even if his cheeks get red and little teeth chatter, he's smiling and that's all that matters.  I can hate the cold, but I can't hate winter.

Until next time...



Today is December 1st which means there are only 24 days left until Christmas. Oh the excitement or stress, whichever way you look at it. I for one am trying to keep it positive even though honestly for me, Christmas can be a downer but I won't get into that right now. Most important thing to remember : It's all about the kids! They're happy, we're happy.

So far, we have put up some of the Christmas lights (I say some because apparently hubby wants more up) and we've picked up a couple of gifts here and there. K's big present is bought & paid for. Not even close to ready but hey it's a start right? Hopefully we'll have the interior decorated soon!

We caved an got K an iPod touch for Christmas. Shocked? Don't be. I do still think it's a lot of gadget for a kid but it's sort of a "your iPod is my iPod" deal. She'll have the same rules with it as any other device we've owned. Monitored and stored in the office when not in use. Nothing but kids apps on it. Limited but still hers and she can leave my iPhone alone!

With that said, I've also been mentioning some (what I think are..) great gift ideas here on A Motherhood Experience and will continue to do so until the last shopping day. After all, you never know who needs a quick idea like these:

- Mophie for the iPhone geek
- Pixie Chicago Paper designs

Until next time...
Happy December!

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Kids love writing and receiving letters from Santa Clause during the weeks leading to Christmas. Every year, we usually try to write the standard post-office letter to santa and get a reply within a few days. As nice as it is, younger kids can't read their own letters from Santa, a video from Santa would be even better bringing a special moment to an already magical time of year.

I was recently introduced to a new way to send a Santa message to your little ones with Portable North Pole (PNP). PNP is a free customizable video message from Santa for kids and adults who still believe ;-). Totally customizable, you can have Santa say your child's name, open a book with their photos, trace the route from the North Pole to your home and let them know what Santa might be putting under the tree at Christmas.

We thought this was a really great idea for our little ones, not to mention really neat! It brings Santa's magic to life right before your childs eyes, surprising them that Santa really does know if you've been naughty or nice!

It's very easy to get started making your children their very own video from Santa too! Visit: http://portablenorthpole.ca and follow the easy steps to create a really neat video your child and you will remember for years to come. We are going to be making our daughter her own special video, who knows who else we will send them to!

PNP is also offered in french at http://www.perenoelportable.ca/accueil.

Also, for you iphone owners there is a PNP app you can download for free from the app store to keep track of everything Santa including a password protected "Parents Zone" for shopping lists and keeping track of the videos you make on the site.

Hope you have as much fun with this as we did!

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Although the month is just about over, November is Adoption awareness month and in light of this we had a lovely  book called "Adopted Ed" to review and share with all of you!

Adopted Ed is a children's story written by Darren Maddern and illustrated by Erin Fusco. This story teaches children about adoption as they follow little Eddie in his journey discovering his story after being teased at school by a mean boy about being an adopted child. Little Eddie guided by his loving parents, learns that he is just as special, if not more than any other child. It teaches that being "different" isn't a bad thing. There are even many celebrities that are adopted as well.

Although my children are not adopted nor was I, I still feel it's very important to educate our children about different types of families including families with children who are adopted and let them know that they too are special in every way. Adoption is such a wonderful thing, a child gets a loving family and a couple who may have once only dreamed it, now have a beautiful child to love. There is no greater sacrifice than adopting a child who needs you, in fact the author of this book was adopted himself. Adopted Ed is a fun, bright enjoyable little book for all ages! My daughter enjoyed it, she had many questions after we finished reading it. Educational and fun, learn more about Adopted Ed and more upcoming books by Darren Maddern at www.adopteded.com 

*This review was written in participation with the one2one network. I received a complimentary copy of "Adopted Ed" for review purposes. All opinions on this blog are honest and my own*


Tonight was parent-teacher meeting night at K's school and it was totally opposite to what I had played out in my mind. Thinking back to last year's "Your daughter is a lovely child however..." parent-teacher meeting that left me wondering about my parenting skills, my daughters behaviour and the school itself. I left the school that night feeling heartbroken and like a complete failure.

I liked K's teacher last year, she was a nice lady but K didn't always agree with her. In fact, I think she spent more time on the "time out" chair than actual learning time in the short period of half-days she was there. That's how bad it was. I don't know if it was my actual child or the teacher, either way she made it into grade 1 and is moving on up which was what we were hoping for.

I really like her teacher this year, K tells me his name is "Mr. D" and he's always happy. We met him briefly at the beginning of the year but otherwise just kept in touch via notes in K's homework book about her progress, what she's been doing or anything that would have happened in class that we would need to be made aware of. So, tonight hubby stayed home with the munchkins and worked on his basement and I went to meet the famous "Mr. D" K always brags about when she comes home from school almost every day.

I wasn't expecting the type of teacher I met that's for sure. He was laid back, easy-going, super happy and super friendly certainly a fun personality to work with children! He began by saying "First off, let me start by saying I really LOVE K, she's so bright and funny!".  He had nothing but good things to say about my daughter which made my heart just glow.  He didn't make any "mistakes' shes made into a big deal, it's all about learning and that's what she's doing. It was nice to see a teacher that actually cares about his students and encourages them telling them its OK to make a mistake, unlike some we've had the honour of dealing with in the past. It's nice to know that my daughter goes to school every day with a teacher she can look up to, she respects him and she loves school because of it all.

I left the school feeling very proud of my daughter tonight and like I'm actually doing something right when it comes to school. As soon as I got home she was asking me what Mr.D said about her and I told her he had only good things to say. That put a huge smile on her face, I could tell in her eyes she was worried I would come home disappointed by something and I didn't, far from it. I am proud of her beyond words, there were so many times I worried that things would just spiral in the wrong direction when it came to school. She didn't like it, she didn't like her classmates and some days she wanted nothing to do with it altogether and I know that isn't her. All I wanted was for her to enjoy learning, enjoy experiencing school and be happy doing it. It feels good seeing her smile knowing her class is going to the library that day or its Friday which means "Friday fun tubs". Like they say, you do what makes you happy and school finally makes her happy. I am happy when my kids are happy.

To all the teachers out there like K's who actually take the time to show concern, consideration and compassion for both student and parents, thank you. You are the reason our kids thrive in the classroom!



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The holiday season is just around the corner, that means Christmas time and more social gathers so less time to put into the everyday of housekeeping.

We are getting ready for the holidays around here this week. Starting day 1 with a thorough clean of the place including cleaning those leaves in the backyard, you never know what's hiding under those leaves so huge thanks to dh for taking care of that!

Next up on my list is organizing and getting rid of junk I seriously do not need to be keeping like old clothes nobody wears, old toys, broken stuff we put away to someday "fix" and never got around to it. General clutter.

Okay I am not a clean freak, but I like my house looking good and tidy however I am somewhat disorganized. I do organize but it doesn't last. Like the linen closet I spent time folding & placing just to have it rampaged not even a week later by the kids looking for a towel or facecloth. Closets get junk piled in them "for now" that lasts a while, until I get fed up and make time to redo it.

It needs to be done and done this week so this is a goal, for my sanity and sanity of my family - get the place organized before it's time to decorate. All it'll take is a few boxes, bags and a whole lot of patience ;-)

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Last night was the Ottawa prescreening of the new Russell Crowe movie, The next three days and I was lucky enough to attend the viewing on behalf of Maple Pictures!

"What if you had 72 hours to save everything you live for?"

The Next Three Days is a suspense thriller about a family torn apart when the wife (Elizabeth Banks) is put in jail accused of murder and her determined husband (Russell Crowe) has just three days to figure out how to get her home to their son and bring their family back together.

Now, I'm not going to spoil the movie for anybody waiting to see it when it opens by telling you too many details but I will say it won't disappoint.

I for one enjoy Russell Crowe's films, he puts alot of emotion into this role. It really makes you think about the worth of your loved ones. I for one don't know If I could go to the extent Crowe's character goes to get his wife back, that would be something else!

With non-stop thrills, The next 3 days hits theaters November 19th!

To see the trailer and get more information visit the official movie site!

*This is not a sponsored post. I wrote about this film based on my opinion after attending a screening event. All opinions are honest and my own*

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Today is a day for all to remember, for some to reflect upon all the brave Canadian souls who fought and are fighting on behalf of our country. We salute you. To all the brave families grieving loss of a loved on, we salute you.

Here is a poem, a memory to all and one we all know for this and every Remembrance Day:

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders Fields.

- John McCrae

Let us remember those who gave their lives for our country.

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*Poetry by John McCrae found via google All opinions on this blog are honest & my own*


Hunger is something we cannot ignore. Worldwide and in our own country, Canada. Every DAY hundreds if not millions of families go without proper nutritional meals to feed themselves. Children go to school without breakfast and without a lunch, moms and dads give up meals and risk their health to feed their little ones. Families with children worry enough about everything else in life, feeding a family shouldn't be one of them. This cause hits very close to home and brings tears to my eyes, it breaks my heart. We should be helping each other and that's exactly what two incredible women are set out to do.

Two lovely ladies have started something epic. Inspired by #Bekind week, my friend @CocktailDeeva and @SuzieSwapper have come together with a campaign to help raise money for those in need in our own back yard, Canada. A province to province shoe-swap to help HEEL Hunger called of course "HEELing Hunger".

If you like shoes and like helping out, this is perfect for you. Join the fan page for updates on the campaign and to participate by uploading a pair of gently worn shoes you'd like to swap (mens and ladies only sorry no kids shoes), donating a minimum of 9$ and you get to choose yourself a pair of shoes. Funds raised will go to local food banks.

For more information visit www.heelinghunger.com, every shoe can make a difference! If you have a blog or website there's even a fabulous button you can grab to show your ongoing support!

Thank you for your time!


*This is not a sponsored post. I wrote it because I care. All opinions and thoughts on this blog are honest and my own*

I came across an amazing cause via some amazing people on twitter, Movember. November is Movember as millions of people all around the world are growing/sporting mustaches in support of prostate cancer. This disease affects hundreds and thousands of men every year including recent news of a close member of our family fighting the battle himself, this cause hit close to home for us. I felt the need to mention this here on my blog.

The movement started back a few years ago in Austrailia and since then has taken wind nation wide with men and women alike sporting the facial hair, raising funds and supporting a great cause that affects hundreds close to our hearts.

Visit http://ca.movember.com and get involved. Guys can sign up as a Mo Brotha, grow a mustache and raise funds for the foundation while doing it and women can sign up as a Mo Sista and support men in their lives as well. If you can't donate your time you can always make a monetary donation as well. Helping is that simple. Prostate cancer affects people close to our hearts, find it in yours and show some support!

Thank you for your time everyone, I hope you join the MOvement too :)


Tonight I learned that my son has become super picky. When it comes to dressing him for bed the quicker the better due to everyone just being tired and sometimes this results in mixed-matched pjs.

Tonight I threw together batman pj bottoms and a dinosaur t-shirt for the munchkin who's been extra cranky today. So, we put the pants on and everythings cool but then when it came time to put the dinosaur t-shirt on the little guy yells "No no no!" and runs away from it.

I asked him what's wrong with the shirt and he replies "Baman stirt", pushing the t-shirt in my hand away.

So, I rummaged through still not seeing where the batman shirt was and tried another shirt with fish on it. No dice. He yelled at me and protested my attempt to just get any shirt on him, no he wanted "Baman!"

After a thorough search of his closet I found it in his drawer, put it on him and he smiled.

It's funny how the little personality is starting to come out in him, he's becoming specific in what he wants not only in clothes but food, toys, tv shows, etc. Pretty much anything and as long as it's in reason like his batman shirt, why not let him be happy.

To anyone else it's just a shirt but to my little man he's a super hero in his matching pjs.

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Phone calls from school are never usually good. I'm starting to kind of get used to them as K's school seems to call about anything lately. Last time it was because she was struck in the face by another kids shoe, she wasn't injured at all. The most recent phone call hasn't quite settled with me yet.

It was nothing major, nothing anybody did wrong but definitely something that pulled the mom alarm when I was told.

The school suggests K talk to the schools speech therapist for an assessment. K has always spoken with a lisp. S & TH seem to be the sounds giving her the most trouble, I always figured its a phase. I'm used to hearing things like that about her brother, he was born preemie & is on a list for a developmental pediatrician about his speech development but I have never had any concerns regarding K.

So, a permission slip was sent home, signed by me and returned the next day.

It's not the end of the world, it was just shocking to hear and I as her mother never even thought about it. It never crossed my mind, I just figured that's how she talks, some kids have lisps! She's smart, loves to read and write (she's doing very well).

If she does have a speech problem the worst thing I can do is ignore this request. It's for her benefit and I'll do what I have to to ensure her education. I'm happy there are free resources and support offered by her school.

I over analyze situations that worry me, especially when it comes to my kids trying to find a solution even though in some cases like this one there's really nothing I can do but continue working with her on her reading & writing, wait for another phone call from her school.


My son is only 2 1/2 years old and has celebrated the last two halloweens unknowingly being as it was he was just too young to actually enjoy it.

His first one he stayed home with hubby & I brought K out, she was snow white! His second we dressed him up & he fell asleep in his stroller while K trick or treated as an evil princess.

This year he is walking/running, talking a bit more - pretty much ready for his first real halloween trick or treating. Of course we'll bring the umbrella stroller, he can't walk as far as his sister can. But I'm happy, kind of excited it being the first Halloween both my kids can actually enjoy it!

D understands Halloween as monsters and ghouls, he calls anything Halloween related "scary" and laughs when he does.

I can't wait to see them all dressed up and his reaction to all the other kids dressed up in spooky costumes!

This should be a fun Halloween!


Halloween 2010 is in just one more day! Falling on a sunday this year it makes for a whole weekend of fun!

For those too old to trick or treat but never too old for a good Halloween party, have a safe & happy Halloween! Remember to drink responsibly!

For those like me taking the little goblins out for trick or treating, remember to dress warm, it's supposed to be a chilly one!

Make sure to also keep it safe by having your little ones wearing a reflective sticker, carry a flashlight and always only trick or treat in a trusted neighborhood. You never know where the real ghouls lie.

As always check little ones candy stash before they dig in, incase of allergies or other mysterious unwrapped candy and sorts you may not want them eating.

Overall have fun, be safe and enjoy Halloween 2910 everyone!


As you may or may not know, a few months ago I signed up to be a BZZ Agent over at www.bzzagent.com. A fun place to share the Bzz about the latest products and gain bzz points while doing it. The latest Bzz campaign is all about Burt's Bees Natural Anti-Blemish Solutions!

I have heard and read a lot about Burt's Bees all natural products ranging from baby care, face, hair and men's skin care so I was quite pleased when I received my Anti-Blemish Purifying Gel Cleanser and Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment to try out for myself. Even as adults we can get the worst blemishes, nice to know there is an all natural product to get rid of them!
"Burt's Bees Natural Anti-Blemish Solutions™ - Skip the synthetics and go to the natural source! Formulated with Salicylic Acid, derived from Willow Bark, it is the first and only truly natural anti-blemish solution proven to prevent and reduce blemishes for clear, smooth and healthy-looking skin. Dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic."

Anti-Blemish purifying gel cleanser: I don't typically have really bad blemish pronne skin however I do get breakouts and I am the type that likes a quick fix, something to get rid of it asap. I have used other washes by other brands and they seem to leave my skin feeling dry, irritated or red blotches appear. When I used the Burt's Bees it left my skin feeling clean and soft, no residue and you can really tell the difference if you have any break outs and such.

Anti-Blemish targeted spot treatment: Again I have in the past used other brands versions of spot treatments which claim to instantly reduce redness etc in breakouts when in fact the chemicals in the product make them worse, redness, burning, itching etc. Sounds terrible but that's what happens when you have sensitive skin! Trying out the Burt's Bees was different. The treatment almost feels like a rubbing alcohol but then soothes the affected area. Redness disappears almost instantly and the appearance of break outs is reduced by a lot.

Overall I would say I would most likely buy Burt's Bees products in the future after my great experience with the Anti-Blemish Solutions. Go check out the Burt's Bees website for the entire Anti-Blemish and all the other great products they offer!

*This post was written in participation with the Burt's Bees Anti-Blemish Solutions campaign over at www.bzzagent.com. I received complimentary bottles of the mentioned products for review purposes. All opinions in this review are honest and my own*


Maybe it's because I was really tired when I went to bed that night or maybe it was something else all together but last night was one strange night. 

We were all sleeping soundly in our beds, as every night when suddenly the dog starts pacing around the bed. Back and forth, back and forth to the point it woke up hubby and I out of our sleep. I looked at my phone (it sits on the bedside table) 4:45am, merely a couple of hours until my alarm was to go off for wake-up time. We both told the dog to "go lay down" which would be in his designated area on the dog bed. Instead of listening like he usually does to hubby, Zeus decided to give a growl and show off his pearly whites. We really have no idea why he did and this is not typical behaviour for him at all, never has he acted like that before. He was then kicked out of the bedroom he's lucky because it almost lead to him sleeping outside but we aren't that mean. He was not allowed in the bedroom after his temper tantrum. Shortly after the dog acted weird our daughter woke up all upset from a nightmare, she said we were all vampires trying to eat her and did not want to go back to sleep without the hall light on. I figure her strange dreams about vampires and werewolves come from all the Halloween stuff shes been seeing at the stores, school and on tv.

After coaxing her back to bed and assuring her we were not vampires nor wanted to eat her and that she can safely go back to bed, her brother wakes up crying from the other room.  Perhaps he heard his sister, maybe it was something else he's too young to tell us why he woke up. He was changed and given a quick drink.  Finally around 5:30 we got everybody back to bed, just in time to get in another hour before the alarm went off and it was time to get up to the daily schedule.

This was really a bizarre night, I can't explain why everyone would be waking up around the same time like that including the pets. Maybe there was something there that we just couldn't see and nobody can explain...Could be the beginning of our Halloween!!! ;-)

spook ya later!




What a busy weekend we just had! Nothing to complain about, it was lots of fun but man am I pooped today! Coffee is my ultimate BFF!

Saturday my mother (aka Grandma) came to visit during which both kids were insanely energetic. Visits from Grandma don't happen often lately so when she does come, all those months of not seeing her burst out at once. Kept us very busy, nice time though just (again my fave word); busy. 

After our visitors left, the kids settled down with a movie in our bedroom and we caught the hockey game downstairs. We all needed to rest and relax! 

Yesterday we spent as a family and brought the kids to see Toopy and Binoo live (for the 4th time) - they did change up the songs a bit this time but always an enjoyable show for the kids. They love Toopy and Binoo! 

Adults, not so much. Nothing wrong with the show, I love Toopy and Binoo myself but the people who attend. Good lord. Pushy, blocking kids views & just rude all to watch a free 25 minute show. I'm not one for crowds of people so it was a little insane but we did it for the kids. Luckily we weren't there for shopping!

I know moments like taking them to little mall shows won't last forever and we always love the smiles on their faces when their favourite mouse and cat duo come out to play. 

We hope you had a great weekend too! :) 


Every week I get them, little yellow post-it notes in K's homework book. Little notes from the teacher. Some good but lately they almost seem like little yellow nags!

Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that the teacher is keeping in touch via the homework folder and such but why are most of the notes petty? Things that really shouldn't matter yet the bigger things aren't mentioned by the teacher but by my kid or worse via a letter!

Today the teacher sent a post-it stating to conserve paper because K skipped a couple of lines on her worksheet and wrote on a fresh one. I understand the teachers do things a certain way but is it really necessary to send little notes about little things like a few skipped lines?

Save the post-it's for serious matters like if she's having difficulties or times like when K came home with a mark on her arm & said a girl in class did it.

Seriously it's insulting when you spend time doing homework with your child to help them yet the teacher complains. I do it for my kids, nobody else

Imagine it's only October, I can see the post-it's piling up.


Hi everyone! It looks like we are still having some technical difficulties as far as the blog goes :-( On my end when I'm on the home page, instead of my nice sidebar I just see a big block of colour from the theme I chose. I have NO idea how this happened or why but I have contacted technical support on wordpress to help me out. This is the first time I've had any issues but also I'm new to the whole widgets thing so maybe it was something I did.

Either way I tried for the past two hours troubleshooting and following the directions in the help section here on the wordpress website but no, nothing. Tried asking on twitter but no dice there either. I'm disappointed that this happened now. Yesterday was such a rotten day and now this has to happen in my online world. Like my real life world wasn't having enough bad luck!
Thought I would update you all if you are wondering why the main homepage looks a little funny! I hope Wordpress is fast at responding to my request for HELP!!!

Until Next Time....



Thanksgiving is the time we celebrate and give thanks to all, sharing dinner, desert & good company...most of us.

Growing up we always celebrated thanksgiving at my grandmothers. She would prepare everything from the Turkey and fixings down to the deserts. Of course my mom & aunt would always bring extras for everyone. It was nice and felt like what thanksgiving should feel like.

Seven years later everything has changed. There is no turkey, fixings, deserts or the like shared with our family. There is no annual thanksgiving get together as everyone's lives have pushed everyone away from eachother. It's almost as if it was grandmas bond keeping it all together and now, she's no longer here. Everything is different.

It's sad really, I miss it. We are still celebrating thanksgiving but just the four of us. Hubby, myself & the two kids. I'll be whipping up a roast dinner, not all the trimmings but it'll work.

I'm thankful for those I celebrated with in the past, being able to have those memories is priceless. And I'm thankful to have what I do and who I have today.

For those celebrating in any way, big or small, Happy ThanksGiving Canada!!!


Last night hubby and I went out on a date. Something we don't get to do often without the kids. My cousin came over to visit and watch the kids while we went on a date we had been planning since a couple of weeks ago when we won tickets via Maple Pictures Facebook page to see the movie Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds.

I won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it but the movie is about an American truck driver who is abducted and wakes up buried alive in a wooden box with only a cellphone and a lighter. This isn't your typical hostage-situation movie, it's suspense from the beginning with a shocking twist to the end. Ryan Reynolds puts on a great performance, he's typically known for his comedy work in movies like "Van Wilder" and "Just Friends" so it was refreshing to see him in something with a darker feel to it. Directed by Rodrigo Cortes, this movie truly would have made Hitchcock proud.

I enjoyed the movie as much as I enjoyed the time out together with my hubby. It also got my cousin and I together, we hadn't seen each other in a while.

Thanks Maple Pictures for hosting awesome giveaways on Facebook, we had an awesome night!


image1846909504.jpgA couple of weeks ago K's grade 1 class was introduced to the school library and being big kids now are allowed to take out a book of their choice.

She's learning about responsibility having to take care of a library book for a whole week and return it on time.

Last week K took out a book called "Once upon a cool motorcycle dude" - A story about a brother & sister telling a not so typical Once-upon-a-time story together realizing sometimes two heads are better than one. Cute book, easy to read and kept her attention. K liked it a lot.

This week K has brought home "Thumbelina" by Hans Christian Andersen. Always a beloved tale of the thumb sized little girl who is born in a flower, taken by frogs, has a great adventure and finally finds her handsome thumb sized prince. K and I have been taking several nights to read this one, it's a little longer and detailed than the last book she chose but the story to her is always magical.

I love reading to my kids, it's fun and gives us that special moment right before bed. Moments we'll both cherish for a long time.


Today I have been doing a lot of reflecting. Thinking back about how my life has been unfolding from before I became a spouse and mom. A time before when I was niave and honestly woke up some days thinking I had it all figured out. I didn't then and I still don't now.

Seven years ago today my life changed in ways I had never imagined it would. I met my best friend who became my lover, partner and realized soulmate.

I didn't know love could be both so wonderful and strong but difficult at the same time. In seven years no matter what hell we've been through we have made it together.

I didn't know a man could love me as much as he does. He shows it every single day, always has and I believe he always will.

I didn't know seeing your baby for the first time born would make me cry because of how much love I have for her.

I didn't know how easy it was for a friend to betray but have my man by my side, no matter what.

I didn't know we would be scared after having our son born emergency c-section, premature with months of worry. Having him home was the best feeling ever.

I didn't know this would last 7 years and I'm glad it has...

What I didn't know then, I'm glad I know now. I can't wait to learn more.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life...let's see what I didn't know when we hit 10 years!

Until next time...



It's that time of year again. Out with the old and organize the rest, maybe adding an interior carpet or two along the way. We have been doing our fall cleaning this week and it has been exhausting.

We started with the basement, which in my opinion was the biggest problem room in the house next to probably the kids room and all the closets (I admit, I've been slacking for a while). Everything from last fall up until now was stored in the basement. It was all supposed to be temporary but soon it piled up and became overwhelming. After hockey season was over and we no longer had that many basement get together, it simply became an ugly, disorganized, storage area.

We kept promising K that we would fix up the basement yet again and make her a simple play area with the toys and games organized instead of strewn all over the place like they were. When we started it looked as if it was going to be never-ending. Boxes of old toys, kids clothes of all sizes, shoes, nick nacks and a lot of junk. You name it, it was most likely in our basement.

After two LONG 12hr days working on it and hubby working overtime into the wee hours to get it back the way it was, we did it. We now have our living space back and a little corner for kids to play. We still need to buy some decor though. Maybe some tables and stools for around the bar area. I'm not really liking the floor without carpets, it's a little cold on the feet and the walls could maybe use some pictures. I'm thinking since it's a basement we can save some money and just buy used or even retro! We'll see what the finances will allow before Christmas time.


Chores are never fun when you are a child, or adult for that matter. I remember having to do my share growing up in my parents house  like clean my room, put my laundry away etc. I hated it but now as a mother now I don't always see every-day things as chores but simply the things we need to do to maintain a happy (and sane) house, including the kids co-operating and helping out with what has to be done. Assuming of course your child is capable for their age, mine are 2 and 6 years old so that is the perfect age range to begin teaching them in little steps I think. At least thats whats worked for me.

There is always a debate about what the appropriate age is to start delegating tasks to your kids, also known as "chores". We have always taught our kids from a young age to pick up after themselves, they don't always remember and that's the key to anything with kids is constant reminder, but my oldest now does realize that helping out means she's contributing to the family just like mommy and daddy do. She makes her bed, she (sometimes) cleans her room, but mostly she will help me with things like picking up all the toys and arranging the livingroom back to normal after playtime or even helping out when it comes to her brother which I am proud of her for. She shows example to her two-year old brother who now helps in his own ways like picking up his toys, putting his cups in the sink etc. Small steps but in the long run will help them learn.

Having an older child helps too, K learned off of her daddy and me. Copycating what we do and helping us *most of the time* when asked to. D follows whatever his sister does bad or good, thank god he's picking up mostly positive things from his big sister. Now if I could just get the dogs to pick up after themselves I'll have it made *lol*

Until next time...



September 30th, 2010 marks seven years that hubs and I have been together.  In seven years we have been through a lot of stuff most people would probably call it quits on. It has been a journey and some but we've done it all together. No giving up. That's what love is about, and that is how you keep a family a family. I have always promised myself not to let my family see the fate my parents did. I'm happy we are an "us" and that no matter what, he supports me. He encourages me and always has while everyone around me is telling me what I can't do, he's cheering me on saying "screw them and listen to your heart". I wouldn't have made it this far without him. We may not be married but honestly, you don't need the extravagant wedding and a piece of paper to commit yourself to another (although being a bride just once would be nice..).

This year we are planning on celebrating a few days late, of course we will have a nice dinner and spend some "one on one" time together on the actual day but on October 7th we are going to the screening of the movie "Buried" starring Ryan Reynolds. Hubs won tickets a couple of weeks ago :) Perfect timing, now lets hope this doesn't become another episode like "the switch" where I couldn't find a sitter. I let that pass, but this is our anniversary "date". I'm looking forward to it and I think we both deserve it.

I wonder what the next seven years will throw at us ;)


It's fall fundraising time at school!

Again this year the Terry Fox Foundation is having its annual Terry Fox National School Run and my daughters school is participating. We received the letter after school and I asked her if she wanted to participate in it, she immediately said "Of course!", well that was a proud moment. Last year she was a little too young to participate so the JK and SK classes weren't included in the national school run. This year, she's a big girl happy to do her part to help and it is an excellent way for kids to discover that they too can make a difference, give something without expecting anything in return except maybe a smile.

Terry Fox is a Canadian Hero who ran cross-country in the early 1980's for cancer, suffering from bone cancer himself. He ran thousands of miles with one leg amputated. His incredible story has touched the hearts and lives of people not only in Canada but world-wide and my daughter learning about his history and participating in an amazing event is a proud thing for me. I remember learning about him in school as well.

Aside from asking friends and family for pledges and because the school prefers we not canvas door to door, I set up a pledge page on behalf of my daughter for her pledge raising for St. Michael Catholic elementary here in Ottawa.  As you all know cancer affects the lives of thousands of people every day, in fact this cause hits close to home as we have lost loved ones to this deadly disease. Anything can help toward the research for a cure. Can you help?

Click here to pledge as little (or as much) as you would like...my daughter will be walking for Terry on September 30th 2010.


Fall and I have a kind of love/hate relationship this year. I love the change in season, back to school, the leaves changing colours and all that but what I hate about fall? Everything you can catch and it seems this year we have caught some pretty good ones.

Within the first week of school K brought home a cold which infected the entire house except me who was busy and exhausted taking care of everyone while trying to keep the house as disinfected as I could. Runny noses and bad tempers seemed to diminish half way through last week and by the weekend whatever this sickness is came back full force as a flu. D was lucky, he only has a stuffy nose which causes him to be really difficult sometimes but hubby got it the worst. He caught a terrible case of the  flu.

On top of that we had another type of scare. Through a letter K brought home about lice in the class, the same letter we get every year. This time they thought K may or may not have had nits so we took every precaution, treatment and all. We can proudly say that this house is clear! What a scare and a disgusting one at that (double ew!).

This has been quite the beginning to what looks like a long fall. Hopefully things will start looking a little healthier for us before Thanks giving and Halloween roll around.

In the meantime, check out my latest review for a spooky cook book called "A Zombie Ate My Cupcake" by Lily Vanilli and grab your chance to win a copy!

Until next time...@AMotherhoodBlog


Twitter is one of the most useful social media tools for bloggers and businesses alike to use to connect with others, share ideas and network among other things. I joined twitter over a year ago and have made many connections both on a personal and professional level. Today one of those connections brought me the opportunity to have my ideas published as a special guest portion of a post about money-saving tips for the frugal family.

A couple of days ago I was going about my daily twitter check when I came across a conversation about an article about how expensive it is to raise children, in particular speaking about how a baby from 0-1 year can cost up to if not more than 10,000$. I of course voiced my opinion about that particular subject stating it is possible to raise a baby from age 0-1 on a budget less than 10,000$. Before I know it I was in a conversation with @mel_coulson about how exactly we save on some of the costs of raising our kids and she asked me if I would participate in a post she was publishing to her blog "Adventures of a working mom" on the Ottawa citizen website.

Of course I accepted the offer, living in Ottawa, this is a great honour having my input published on such a reputable website like the Ottawa citizen! This afternoon certainly made up for the events of this morning.

It's my first guest post and I was actually expecting an email back after sending it saying something was wrong with it, that's the pessimistic critic inside me. I need to trade her in for a positive thinking critic! All joking aside, it was fun participating in this and working with Miss Coulson. An opportunity I couldn't pass up helping out a fellow blogger and giving moms everywhere great money-saving tips!

Without further adieu here is the post itself, please feel free to leave any feedback (please, be nice.) or money-saving tips of your own!

Until next time...keep dreaming always...


*This is not a paid or sponsored post and I was not in any way compensated. Thank you to @mel_coulson for giving me the opportunity to have my opinion published in your blog!*
It's bad enough I hate getting up early but worse having to get up early and everybody is disorganized. As much as I try to stay organized lately it just feels like things are in a tornado all the time, nothing goes the way I plan it.

I make lunches the night before, I make sure the house is tidy and all important things like clothes etc placed in view for the next day so nobody is frustrated trying to find their things in a mess.

This morning hubby had to leave early and I was in charge of taking the two kids to K's bus stop for 8:50am. No problem, whats one extra kid to bring along?  I had everything organized jackets on, lunch in bag, keys in hand and we leave. We made it to the bus stop with minutes to spare and just as the bus is turning the corner she says it "Mom! I left my bag at home!"

Several emotions ran through me as I tried to think of a quick fix as the bus was coming down the street. Panic, I looked at the house, then over to D sitting in his stroller pointing that the "buck" was coming. Theres no way I could run with a stroller in time to get her bag, even though the house is only feet away from the stop. Frustration, as I see the bus making its stop "How could you forget your bag!". Guilt and love, K was starting to worry, she had the "Oh no!" deer caught in headlights look but then I told K not to worry, that mommy would walk to the school and leave her bag at the office for her. And that I did. After we put K on the bus D and I ran back home, grabbed the bag and jetted it to the school. 

As much as I really did not want to walk all the way to her school pushing my dinky umbrella stroller at 8:00am this morning, I did it. I sucked it up and did what any mom would've done. I couldn't leave her looking like she didn't do her homework and with no lunch on a Friday. Funny enough when I dropped off the bag at the office and said "My daughter forgot her bag at home" the secretary said "Let me guess, Kylie?" Wow. I guess she's already known on this forgetful friday! I can just imagine now how many times I'm going to have to cover for this girl as she grows up and you know what? I'll do it every time, as long as I can.

Until next time...keep dreaming always,



Tonight I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me in my email inbox. I received a "One Lovely Blog Award" from Elle at This is Mommyhood!

There are rules to accepting such an award and they are:

  1. Accept the award and post it on your blog along with the name and blog link of the person granting you this award.

  2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers you have recently discovered.

  3. Contact the bloggers and let them know they've been chosen.

I'm breaking rule #2 and giving you a few of my favorites with the promise to add more as I find them! Feel free to leave a comment and add your faves too:

 Thank you very much :)

Until next time, keep dreaming always.


Today there are so many food allergies it's unbelievable how careful you need to be when packing your kids lunch this school year. Often schools main concern is peanut/nut allergies and because so many young children have this allergy, many schools have become completely nut free including my kid’s school.

Meaning, of course you can't send your little one off with a peanut butter sandwich anymore. I don't blame anyone for this rule; if it was your child that had the allergy wouldn't you feel more secure knowing the school banned the one food that could be fatal? My children don't have these allergies (thank goodness!) but I know someone who does and I think of the ones who might. I always try to make sure to make the smart choice and make sure the foods I am buying are really nut-free.

Even though stores carry "nut-free" products it doesn't mean that they are truly free of nuts. Being nut free doesn’t only mean that the food contains no nuts or nut products but also that it are produced in a nut free environment. To some the slightest taste or even smell can cause the sometimes fatal allergy to flare up.

One of my favorite grocery stores has a complete line of nut-free products and displays it proudly with the nut-free symbol: Loblaws now offer a great selection of nut-free foods to send off to school for low prices with Presidents choice and no name brands!

We had the opportunity to try out a few different types of snacks like Presidents Choice Mini Bars dipped & chewy chocolate chip, wheat bran bites in banana bread flavor, mini chefs lunchbox packs honey crunchy cubs and no name brands zoo animals fruit snacks, crispy rice marshmallow squares, jelly beans and jujubes! Our kids aren't picky when it comes to brand and non brand names for food. As long as it tastes good, is nut free and sells at a reasonable price we're all happy! So check out Loblaws next time you're wondering where you can find these nut-free snacks and others for your little ones lunches!

Here is a message on behalf of Loblaw about being nut-free aware when buying foods for school lunches:
It’s important to Loblaw Companies Ltd. to provide peanut-free choices for kids and parents alike, and this year it’s easier for parents to shop their local grocery aisles for options. All President’s Choice® and no name® peanut-free products include prominent on-package logos and Loblaw banner stores across the country have displays marked with peanut-free signage.

The President’s Choice and no name brands would also like to offer parents some simple tips to help going back to school as simple as possible, since a peanut allergy is everyone’s concern:

  • Read labels and ingredient lists and teach your kids how to read them, too – every single time

  • Understand what “peanut-free” means: that the product or food-in-question doesn’t contain peanuts, peanut butter, peanut oil, traces or any derivative of peanut at all! Note that it does not necessarily mean it’s “tree-nut” free – so parents need to read ingredient lists to be sure

  • Empower kids to ask questions about food origins – kids with peanut sensitivities shouldn’t eat foods if they don’t know where, how or with what they were made

  • Parents and kids should be aware of the dangers of cross-contamination – using a knife to spread jam on a piece of bread that might have been used earlier in a peanut butter jar (even if there isn’t any peanut butter in sight) means that the knife has been cross-contaminated and may elicit an allergic reaction

  • When shopping for school lunches and snacks, avoid buying from bulk food bins – even if there’s an ingredient list available, you’ll have no idea if it’s been in contact with a peanut product since scoops inevitably get moved from bin to bin

  • The best store-bought "baked" snacks for a peanut-free environment are cookies, crackers and cereals that are properly labelled and pre-packaged; in a traditional bakery setting, cross-contamination is very possible

  • Don’t forget that in addition to all of the delicious President’s Choice- and no name brand peanut-free products available, there are many other snack choices that are nutritious, kid-friendly and don’t contain peanuts, including:

    • Any fruit or vegetable, such as grapes, celery, apples, carrots, oranges, bananas and raisins – don’t forget about applesauce!

    • Dairy products like cottage cheese, string cheese and yogurt.

Have a happy, healthy school year!

*Information on this post provided by Hill & Knowlton Canada on behalf of Loblaw Ltd. This post was written for informational purposes. I received a package of PC and No name brand nut free snacks for my family to enjoy.*


Most kids dread homework, it means spending more time learning and less time playing or watching tv. Last year she had homework in SK and hated it. Her words exactly, she hated it. Imagine that, she hated homework and she was only in SK!

Tonight when I checked her bag like I do every night, I found a new homework book with two sheets of spelling-writing homework from her teacher.

I read over the homework sheets where it said she was to write out the letters according to sound (eg. Telephone, T, "Tuh"). The last time we did homework together, she needed a lot of help. Not this time and she even said so herself! The only part I had to really do with her was the snap test at the end which is I dictate the letters at random and she writes them using sound. I think this method is great considering my little girl is actually writing and understanding what she's writing! I'm so proud of her for making progress so soon into the school year!

After we were all done she said to me "Mom, I wish I had more homework. It's so awesome!". It's awesome that she has had such a turn around about her attitude toward school and learning.  I wonder if she's going to think the same thing when she gets to highschool, college and university.

Until next time...keep dreaming always...



image1008400393.jpgLast year we celebrated the end of summer right across the street at the Overbrook community centre with the annual Overbrook Community Day. Music, games, draws and lots more.

This year I thought they weren't having the party because the centre has been under construction for several months now. Today I received a community flyer announcing the party is still on - rain or shine!

Here are the details:

Overbrook community day

-BBQ and Corn Roast
-Soccer baseball games
-Games for kids of all ages
-Giant inflatable castle
-Free draws and much more!

When: Saturday, September 18th from 12:00-4:00pm

Where: Ottawa Stadium, Coventry Road (next to Canadian tire/Hampton Inn)

If you live or happen to be in the area, come on out for some family fun!

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...