The end of January is among us. Smack dab in the middle of a freezing Canadian winter and trying our best to make ends meet during this time.

January to March is always a dreaded time around here. Quite a few bills come in right after Christmas it always takes a bit to catch up, the children still need everyday essentials and we need to just survive in general. The decision to either skim on a bill and have the company call to harrass or skim on the groceries - I don't think so. No decision really to be made when it comes to the well being of my children.

As much as we try to budget, it always feels like there's never enough. In one hand and out the other without even being able to think of wasting it on something like an evening out or new clothes.

I know things will pick up moneywise by spring as it usually does but oh how I can't wait to close the page on yet another long and dreadful January.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


My man is a true "Mr. Fix it". Better yet, he's a true "Build anything from anything" type of DIYSer.

He is constantly building (or repairing hehe) things for and around our home.

In recent years he has built and fixed computers, everything from hardware down to the software needed to run it.

He's fixed just about every electronic we've owned that's broken down from coffee makers & kettles to DVD players, cell phones and tvs. Basically anything electronic, he'll take a chance to at least try to fix it.

This past summer as many of you readers already know he built a deck & grew us a back lawn. Recently redid the basement turning it from dingey and old to homey and new.

I am lucky to have a man as handy as mine. I couldn't think of half the ideas he's come up with, my Mr. Home improvement.

While mom worries about the piles of laundry, what to make for dinner and everything else kid related, dad gets everything else done.

It's nice to have the type of relationship that both parties are on the same page working as a team. What one can't accomplish the other tries his or her best to take it over. It makes patenting as well as running a household just a little easier.

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I love my kids, I adore my friends kids and anyone we know is pretty much welcome in our home.

Last night we had a houseful, 5 kids including my two. I like having my friends over and them being able to bring their children but my own children have certain rules to follow and I expect other children when told by their own parent, to respect the rules as well.

Unfortunately last night at one point rules were not being respected, nor was the mother, my friend who was trying to enforce them. Her child disregarded what was said and continued arguing.

I could see the temperature in my friend rise and the other children sitting and watching this event occur so I took the initiative and told this child she was being rude, I have particular rules for my daughter to follow (such as no jumping in the livingroom or on furniture) and I expect as a guest in our home she respect that as well.

About an hour later she called her mom into the livingroom requesting a private talk with me. I spoke to the girl and explained I think she is a wonderful, sweet girl but she can't act the way she was acting. She apologized for her behaviour and the conversation ended with a smile and a hug.

After that everyone was sitting quietly watching tv allowing us parents a few minutes to have a much needed coffee break.

Children sometimes need to hear it from another adult. I've learned from dealing with my own quite opinionated daughter the best way is communicating with them. It might not always work but you never know when your voice will be heard.

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Last week was insanely busy. Between the kids, the hubby, social gatherings and lack of sleep because of pain releif methods that just arent working, I'm glad weve moved on to a new week.

On top of the daily routine with the children & chores around the house, hubby had three seriously infected abscess teeth he needed to have removed pronto.

Tuesday afternoon a good friend of ours went with hubby to the specialist, what a day. Hubby is the type who does not do well with being put out for anything. I've witnessed the outcome and it had me a bit worried that I couldn't be there as support this time. It put me at ease knowing a trustworthy friend was available to be by his side. We are lucky to have such friends.

With hubby recovering I was kept very busy considering our son is nearly walking making him much more mobile and more likely to get into things he's not supposed to. The discovery age. He keeps me on my feet and trust me, I feel it at night.

Our little girl had an excellent week, the bus driver was quite impressed with the behaviour and the bully has eased off into being friends with our little girl. Sometimes all it takes is communication and making sure everybody understands how eachother's feeling. Happy that's resolved, for now.

On a bitter note we found out some fairly devastating family news. There is a close member who is very ill. We have him in our prayers and wish nothing but good for him during this difficult time.

It's one of those unavoidable occurrences that really makes you look around at who you have in your life. Remind yourself how much they mean to you while you can. Unfortunately sometimes differences cannot be resolved and time is wasted. These are the times to put everything aside and be as supportive as you can be toward the ones who need it most.

On that note, my own little ones need my attention...maybe a hug or two as well.


I began writing again in April 2009. I started this blog, started to kind of get my roots back into the blogging world and maybe make something out of it one day.

One of my goals for 2010 is to write more. Blog posts, articles, anything just simply write more. Im currently working on my first official project of the year. I can't wait to post it but can't say anymore about it. My little secret hehehe

It may seem small to some but as they say we all have to begin somewhere, right?

More to come on this subject! Exciting!


Bullying is a serious issue in many schools today, children being picked on by other children for whatever reason. It's an issue that has been around for decades and it should be up to us, the responsible parent to teach our children how to handle emotions, confrontations and that bullying another child is wrong.

Many children are silent about it as well, they won't tell their parents or any trusted adult what's going on sometimes until the problem starts interrupting the bullied childs everyday life.

I've always taught my daughter to tell an adult. If she feels it's wrong she can always come to mom or dad. Which I'm glad this time she listened and came to us.

Dd has had a problem with one particular little girl since September. At first we thought it was because school was all new and kids are kids.

Months later it continues with this child constantly picking at mine and according to dd if she doesn't do what she's told the girl threatens her with anything from hitting to not being her friend.

Hearing this from my own 5 year old with tears in her eyes and a trembling lip broke my heart and mommy mode kicked in.

This afternoon I took dd to the bus stop to see what's been going on and maybe try to put a stop to it. Dd was talking to the other girls caregiver when the other girl made a snide remark that was uncalled for.

I spoke up, told her that was rude and asked her why she's not getting along with my daughter. The two girls instantly started babbling about what eachother does to the other. Oh boy. It wasn't working at all. Neither child will give in.

So the grown ups spoke and the caregiver said she would start driving in the other girl to try to avoid this problem but it happens at school as well.

So, one more incident and phone calls will have to be made to the teacher and the childs actual mother because this has got to stop. Every day of Christmas break she mentioned this girl.

It's getting to the point it disturbs my daughters sleep as well. Night wakings, bad dreams and a sudden fear of what lurks in the dark corners of her room.

I know my daughter is not perfect but I know she's typically friendly with other kids, a real ham who loves to have other friends around her. If she is denied she takes it very personal and becomes hurt.

I don't know this other little girl except that her parents are divorced and she stays a lot with her caregiver, I know that can be hard on a child but picking on mine isn't going to solve anything.

Hopefully her caregiver takes what happened this afternoon into consideration and let her mother or father know what's going on. Kindergarten and already it begins!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


Christmas and new years eve were generally reserved for family, the kids and spent with loved ones.

A great beginning to 2010 with a belated new years gathering with grownups only to watch the first ufc event of the year as well as wish eachother happy new year.

It has happened in the past, in 2009 when we had planned similar events where it ended in nobody showing up for whatever reasons and feeling disapointed time and energy wasted.

This was not the case last night. We had a house full. Four couples and a couple of beers, we had a nice evening laughing and getting the chance to relax a little.

It's nice to have social gatherings but it's even better when you have friends who don't mind coming by because you can't get a sitter to get to them. The friends where it doesn't have to be a wild and crazy party to have fun.

It's wonderful being a stay at home mom, being able to spend a lot of time with my two kids and the whole kit. It's also nice to let go once in a while as an adult with my partner and just have some fun. Its not every day and I'm glad we did, a great way to celebrate the beginning of a New Year!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1