I don't like seagulls. Sure, they look pretty flying over a beautiful ocean view but let's face it: in the city they are ugly, garbage-picking scavangers.

Two years ago, before we had the little guy, we took dd to burger king for dinner and decided to stop at Tim Hortons on the way home to get a coffee.

As I'm strolling with dd, Hubby already in the store, a gull swoops down at me and the stroller! I scurried away thinking that bird was nuts, only to realize Hubby stashed a burger in the stroller basket! Wow, crazy birds.

I always tell dd not to feed them when we have our outdoor pic-nics. Even though I say not to, they feed them. One comes along, a fry is dropped and boom: 20 million others come flocking and squawking.

Today we decided on a quick supper of McDonalds, seeing it's nice we decided to eat outside. Dd saw one little seagull and decided to feed it a fry. They came, flocking and squawking. Like something out of a Hitchcock movie.

They were only vicious toward each other when ds thought it was funny to throw his fries at them too.

I think it's kind of sad though, these poor birds lining up for a morcel of French fry. Oh well, they're fed when we come around ☺
Nobody was swooped at or harmed in any way except maybe the gulls harming eachother plus they got free take out.

I guess since we have no ponds with ducks around, feeding the gulls at the local McDonalds is the next thing? Lol

Thought I'd share a bit of humour with you.

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



Today we went on a family outing to walmart. It was supposed to be an enjoyable time shopping but it was quickly ruined by an obnoxious employee.

Typically at any store one would expect store employees to be there to help them in a mature, curtious manner - after all they are representing the store are they not?

I have to say I'm still shocked at the disrespect we got today. Shopping in the sports department dh comes across something of interest - it requires an employee key to unlock a casing to look at it. After 15 minutes of waiting and searching for an employee I finally find one -- stocking boxes three isles down from us.

I politely asked for his assistance as nobody else was around and he literally snapped at me! With a cruel look on his face,"What do you want!" were the words that rolled out of his mouth. I couldn't believe the nerve of this man. Holding it in I simply repeated my request and headed back to dh - infuriated.
The employee followed - looking at dh who just wants to buy this product and get out of here says, "What? I don't have keys for this!" and walks angrily away leaving us unsatisfied and unamused.

We find another employee after ten minutes of waiting - dh complained about the rude employee to her just as he was returning with the keys. The angry employee became angrier after hearing the complaint. Dh asked him if there was a problem and said we didn't appreciate the attitude. The employee flew off the handle at dh. Yelling at him saying he won't serve us and doesn't have to, he made my 2yr old start crying...Humiliating to say the least. The whole store must have heard it. After calming down dh asked the guy if he could serve us already so we could leave. He was served, he got his sporting goods and we left.

We were the farthest from rude yet this man feels the need to rant and yell at a simple request of a customer at a store where he works. Unreal!

I wish I hadn't been so angry and utterly humiliated, I should've taken his name because he does not deserve to represent WalMart!

Little note to WalMart - I still love you even though that guy was a real first class jerk.


image949396360.jpgYogurt has always been a healthy snack favourite around my house. Plain yogurt with fruit, flavoured yogurt, mousse yogurt, you name it.

Danone is a brand most of us have grown up with - their jingle "Mmm Danone" lives up to it's name with flavourful, healthy yogurt products for families to enjoy.

Danone recently came out with it's newest concept in healthy yogurt snacks with Danones DanActive Drinks!

DanActive contains probiotics that help strengthen your bodys natural defenses and the bottles are compact, great for health on the go!

Right now until May 31st Danone is having a contest with a chance to win a years supply of DanActive!  OFFER NOW EXPIRED!!!

This weekend only, Saturday May 29 and Sunday May 30 I will be giving out special contest codes via Twitter and facebook in a first come first served basis, I have a limited amount of codes!

ONE CODE PER PERSON! Sorry no multiples here, those are the rules!!

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★This post was written in participation with the Bzz Agents Danone Campaign. Bzz simply provided a coupon for DanActive and codes to share with everyone★


This morning made for quite the exciting day as I received an email from @kellidaisy congratulating me on winning two tickets to a special invite-only SATC2 screening event tomorrow night!

I had been trying to win tickets for a few days and almost gave up, so thank you Kelli and Billings Bridge!

I decided since we missed out celebrating one of my best girls birthday, she is going to be my guest for this special event!

Hubby was sent on a mission to Billings Bridge to pick up our VIP tickets (heehee!)

I'll be honest, I'm not sure but I think I'm a little nervous not having gone out "just the girls" in a while. What to wear, fix my hair, fix my nails and well I guess become a woman again for one night (kind of like Cinderella lol). I know it'll be more than fun and I'm sure I won't be the only non-fashionable person there (again, in a joking manner here lol).

Definitely try getting pics, this was sure an exciting surprise and a BIG thank you to my loving man who will be watching the young while moms out for the evening!

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



Previously I wrote a post showing what's been growing in my yard. Some of the photos shown are now just that, photos of the flowers that once bloomed. I guess they were seasonal because the blossoms are gone and new flowers have come into season.

These are new this year - once again knowing little about flowers other than how to care for them, no clue what kind.

They're pretty just the same - I love things like this right in my back yard.

A bunch of these growing at the end of the flower garden. I'm not sure what they are. If anybody knows again please comment and let me know!
That about wraps up this segment of "Growing in my yard"...

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



No, we didn't go camping, visit a cottage or even see fireworks this long weekend. We spent it at home, together as a family.

The kids did crafts, more or less the little guy coloured on himself with markers while big sister did crafts!

She finally painted those mask magnets and piggy bank - she has quite an artistic imagination for a five year old. I had to show off her creativity!

These are the masks, also fridge magnets - the top one is the one she painted for me. I believe the other two are for daddy and nana...

She ran out of pink - the little paint they give with these kits! So she mixed it up a bit, added some blue, green, purple etc and called him a rainbow piggy bank.

I always live these kinds of projects because it allows her to be creative, imaginative and she shows her generocity by making things for certain people she cares about.

She was full of paint when she was done but she was proud, which makes me proud.

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...

Weight seems to be a big and touchy issue when it comes to women - most are trying to lose for whatever reason be it health, self-esteem, image whatever, they are on a constant battle against themselves - to lose weight.

I have been battling a weight problem for about two years now - but it's the exact opposite of everything I just said. I'm trying to gain weight. For my own reasons such as health, image and well that's pretty much it. I'm tired of being "the skinny one".

It didn't happen on purpose, I'm not annorexic or have any eating disorders - my love of chocolate can tell anyone that! But with pressure & stress of almost losing our son back in 2008 put me into a year long depression with terrible eating habits and I slimmed right down to the point my doctor, family and friends became concerned and I was just not happy with this skinny rake like figure I had become. I felt like hiding under sweaters and big clothes. It's sad when you aren't happy with that woman staring back at you in the mirror.

Finally my son was out of the danger zone and I started being me again. Eating my healthy meals and getting out, enjoying life that for months felt like it was over. Enjoying my kids with the new energy I thought I had lost. Doing more of what I love, laughing.

It has been 2 years since I hit my low point - I've found out several things about my health that made me really open my eyes and realize a lot. I was taking care of everybody but me. Now, I'm taking care of me, and everybody.

I haven't reached my ideal weight yet - it's been a struggle trying to keep it healthy but also keep to foods that can help me gain back that weight. I'm very active - walk everywhere, helps for somewhat of an exercise routine besides running after the little guy all day!

So, anyone struggling with a weight problem, trying to lose or gain - we are together in this because our main goal is to be happy right? A happy mama makes a happy family - that's where I want to be and I know I'm headed on the right path as long as I keep doing what I'm doing and that's not giving up.

I thought I would share this with everyone, a more personal post....


Ever have one of those days where you plan out exactly what you're going to do and have it go exactly as planned? I love days like those, today was one of those days!
We had errands to run, completed every important task on target. I got my newest gadget: my new HP all in one printer - best part is we paid a lot less than we thought we would. That's always a shoppers bonus!

We brought the kids out to pick something out at the dollarama. Usually our oldest picks some ridiculous toy that breaks within hours, not even, of being home. She's lucky if it makes it beyond Tim hortons without breaking (lol).
She surprised me today however, by choosing two craft kits instead. Those premade paint them yourself plaster knick knacks - a piggy bank & a set of three masques! She'll have an activity to do this long weekend!

One of my activities this weekend is to find the business card paper we have and print out the cards I made! I found a useful website called www.businesscardland.com
which allows you to make your own professional looking cards to print out yourself. I tried it out to see what it was all about, any catches to pay for the services etc - nope all you need is business card paper & a printer. Playing around I ended up making some "blogger" cards hehe I wanted to print out a few to see just how great my new printer really is ;-)

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



The word "Shut up" would usually be considered rude - but when you being the main chef of the house and can never seem to satisfy everybody sitting at the dinner table, sometimes you have to say "Shut up and Eat!" -

I recently got my hands on a copy of "Shut Up & Eat: Tales of Chicken, Children, and Chardonnay" By Kathy Buckworth and I honest to god loved it! I haven't read a GOOD *and funny* parenting book in a while, this one became an instant favourite!

I had heard of/read reviews via Twitter as well as saw many, many tweets about Kathy and her books so I thought I would give it a whirl - Funny, down-to-earth REAL mom stuff. Just the type of book I was looking for. I'm so tired of parenting books being "to the fact" about everything - in real life no mother is that perfect.

From Breakfast to dinner, everything in between and even some of Kathy's easy recipes included, this book covers it all!

Kathy Buckworth puts a hilarious spin on being the "Chef" of the house - She does it her way! The atmosphere you're brought into in this book really makes you feel at home - I know I can relate to a lot of the meal disasters and "fun" trying to figure out the daily family meals!

I thought I would share one of my fav recipes, just one, I don't want to spoil for those who haven't read it yet!

Easy, Easy, Easy Chicken and Rice Casserole

1 cup uncooked rice
1 can condensed cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup
1 7/8 cups water
1 package of dry onion soup mix, or 1 can of French's Original French fried onions
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F

  2. Spread rice in the bottom of a 9" × 13" baking dish.

  3. Rinse the chicken, pat dry, and place on top of the rice.

  4. Mix the soup and water together and pour over the chicken and rice, evenly. Sprinkle the onion soup or french fried onions on top.

  5. Cover and seal tightly with foil. Bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Kathy Buckworth is the author of several parenting humour books, including The Blackberry Diaries: Adventures in Modern Motherhood; Journey to the Darkside: Supermom Goes Home; and The Secret Life of Supermom. She is the only two-time winner of the Professional Writers Association of Canada Excellence in Humour Writing Award! To learn more about Kathy, her books and the awesome work she does, visit her website www.kathybuckworth.com

Have you read "Shut up and eat" yet? If not, I hope you can get a copy to enjoy! It would make a great mothers day gift! You can buy "Shut Up & Eat" and other Kathy Buckworth books at Amazon or Chapters.

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...


Lately the weather has been absolutely beautiful, definite patio weather. We have been taking advantage and sitting out in the patio during the day, eating outside etc. The kids love it, being in the city that's as close to "roughin' it" as they'll get.

The little guy has hit toddler-age, he loves exploring and down in the dirt - summer is the best for exploring and we keep saying it's just around the corner!

New flowers have begun to bloom in the garden - unfortunately, that beautiful tree featured in my "Growing in my yard" post is now bare except leaves. The beautiful blossoms blew off days after those pictures were taken. It's funny how some plants are only around for a short period of time.

I want to plant more flowers but having kids and dogs actively in the back yard, it's hard for anything to grow unless its in a pot above the ground. Even then the squirrels think its free range food for them to gather up. They end up digging out the pots, taking any seeds or bulbs and also making a huge giant mess of soil all over the deck. Grrrr!

We will have to figure out a way to get our back yard looking pretty once again, even if its just for one season.

Posted by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.


Today was crazy around here, crazy enough that I'm going to blog about it. Started off typical - very early wake up call from the little guy who was both thirsty & needed to be changed. Rolled myself out of bed, not very happy because it was 6:45am and I had been kept up until 2am by noisey kids who disregarded the huge "danger due to construction" sign at the park and decided to have a late night game of basketball. After dealing with the baby (who went back to sleep), I went back to sleep for about an hour before the construction started.
Anyway we'll fast forward through the morning routine and getting the girl dressed, fed and off to school for a couple of hours.
We thought we could take advantage of the quiet time seeing it was also little guys nap and go through some toys and start organizing boxes for the garage sale we keep talking about. An hour into it and knee deep in boxes of toys we get a text message from a good friend. She was in the neighbourhood and wanted to stop by. Put the garage sale organizing on hold and visit with sis. Another excuse to procrastinate because I was beginning to get a little overwhelmed with all those tiny Barbie parts and pieces.
Another hour went by and it was time to get the girl from her bus stop.
Right before I was about to get ready and go I recieved a text message. Out of the blue from someone I had once been good friends with and had a falling out. It was unexpected and I really didn't know where to throw it.
Being as polite as I am I responded to the text, playing aloof pretending I didn't know who it was at first (after all her number isn't in my contacts anymore). Bizarrely enough she wanted to do a quick coffee visit. Strange. She stops talking to me 6 months ago for no explained reason and then suddenly wants to have a cup of coffee?...We had that coffee, she spoke about herself and her dramatic problems, as usual. It was short and I'm still kind of wondering why after all these months, all of a sudden out of the blue she texts me.
It's been a crazy day!
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to continue organizing those boxes for that garage sale!

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...




Let's face it, girls love doing crafts and my daughter is no exception. She's got such a creative imagination and loves new ways to express it through things like colouring, painting, moldeling clay and craft kits.

I came across a great Canadian company (through mention on Twitter) called Kiss Naturals, owned by Marie and Mike, who specialize in all natural DIY (do it yourself) beauty craft kits. They have lip balm, bath fizzies, solid perfume and soap kits. Great idea for a girls birthday party or a sleepover activity!
Thanks to Kiss Naturals, my daughter was able to try out the lip balm making kit, she was so excited! She loves baking and doing crafts so something like this was perfect for her, she had so much fun putting together her kit!
The kit includes 10 containers, 2 mixing sticks, dropper, the ingredients (Natural Shea butter, safflower oil, pure bees wax & essential oils in mint and orange for lovely scent),and instructions. The kit comes in a resealable bag.

Each kit has their own instructional video online too, my daughter and I found it useful to watch how it's done! My daughter did everything herself (with my close supervision of course!) and had such a great time doing it. Allowing kids to do activities like this themselves helps them take pride in the things they can accomplish! :)

The process is quite simple, put Shea butter, safflower oil & bees wax in microwave for about a minute, mix in your oils and pour into containers. Let them set for about 30 minutes and that's it!

Fun for kids to be able to make it themselves. My daughter loved making her Kiss Naturals DIY lip balm kit and I'm sure yours will too! The best part though - is the final product, all natural home made lip balm!

For information about all of Kiss Naturals DIY craft kits please take a moment to visit their website!


Majesta Tree Planting Events

MAJESTA is pleased to announce that the 2010 Trees by the Shore tree planting season is officially underway. Partnering with Tree Canada, MAJESTA will be hosting a total of 25 community events across Canada as part of our movement to plant 1 million trees.

The next Trees by the Shore event will be on May 15th in Cantley, Quebec with Les Amis du Parc Mary-Anne Phillips to help stabilize the shoreline along the Gatineau River.

Visit TreeNN to learn more about Trees by the Shore and see highlights from our tree planting events.

*Information via Majesta.com newsletter*


Everybody loves winning things - it makes you feel good and it's like receiving a gift!

Through my life I never really considered myself lucky. I never won first place/prize at anything, I even came up short competitions or contests.

Lately I think my luck has changed, maybe I'm being silly about it but after year after year of bad or no luck it's nice to finally say I'm a winner!

Lately I've been winning things like CDs, DVDs, but my biggest win was right before mothers day!

On May 8th I received an email from EverythingMom - I won a contest I had entered for a T-Fal Actifry! Wow! What a surprise! So happy, what a prize! Also on May 10th I received an email from Wonder Moms - Congratulating me on winning their Kathy Buckworth Contest - Prize: "Shut Up & Eat" & "Blackberry Diaries". Sweet! Thank you Everything Mom and
Wonder Moms for hosting great contests like that!

Looks like I'll be making fries while reading Kathy Buckworth books ☺☺☺

Until next time...keep dreaming @iDream1


It's mothers day once again, the one day we moms are cherished and worshipped -- yeah right I wouldn't go THAT far but at least our family shows the love.

It was an overall typical day that began with the chaos that is a Sunday morning, mothers day or not. Hubby was angry at the dog for scratching the door and dd tattle-yelling "Omg gross he took off his diaper and peed!" - yeah typical of my son. Finally Hubby got everyone diapered and settled with breakfast, coffee brewing - don't wake me up unless you have coffee, especially on mothers day.

Hand-made gifts from dd were included today, a card (which we made at school together on Wednesday), a thank you card for coming on Wednesday and paper flowers -- always love her arts and crafts.
I tried calling my mom, no luck I ended up wishing happy mothers day to her machine.
We went out this afternoon to run errands, that was interesting. Hubby made an effort to try and keep it a happy mothers day - meaning a day with little to no chaos. I love him for that!
I did win myself a few mothers day gifts, a chickenfoot dvd (please laugh and google them, it's a band lol), Kathy Buckworth books and a t-fal actifry :-D pretty sweet, had to tell you about it!

Well I'm finally having true mommy time, I'm thinking mint chocolate chip ice cream in a chocolate cone...good night and happy mothers day.

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



This was sent to me via email - a nice little poem about Mothers, I don't know who the original author is but I liked it, hope you do too!


Real Mothers don't eat quiche;
They don't have time to make it.

Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils are probably in the sandbox.

Real Mothers often have sticky floors, filthy ovens and happy kids.

Real Mothers know that dried play dough doesn't come out of carpets.

Real Mothers don't want to know what the vacuum just sucked up...

Real Mothers sometimes ask 'Why me?' and get their answer when a little voice says, 'Because I love you best.'

Real Mothers know that a child's growth is not measured by height or years or grade...
It is marked by the progression of Mommy to Mom to Mother.....

The Images of Mother

4 Years old - My Mommy can do anything!

8 Years old - My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot!

12 Years old - My Mother doesn't know everything!

14 Years old - My Mother? She wouldn't have a clue.
16 Years old - Mother? She's so five minutes ago.

18 Years old - That old woman? She's way out of date!

25 Years old - Well, she might know a little bit about it!

35 Years old - Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion.

65 Years old - Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?

75 Years old - Wish I could talk it over with Mom......."

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...




Today parents were invited to our kids school to celebrate Education week by listening to grade 5/6 students read story books & then our kindergarten class had a special song (in French) and a mothers day craft afterward.
I thought it was a nice gesture and since I missed out at christmas on the gingerbread house making due to an appointment, opportunity to get involved.
We figured since mommy had to walk to the school anyway, dd would just walk with me too - it was gorgeous out!
We got to the school a little late so by policy had to drag the poor girl up to the office, sign her in and then go outside around to the back to her classroom - what a workout!
When we arrived the grade 5/6 were already reading their stories. Dd sat in a group of three other girls to listen to her story..
After a long and slowly read story Mme announced the next event - the song the kids had been practicing.
I looked around and noticed there weren't a whole lot of mothers or fathers who came, too bad because it was nice.
I recorded the song (poorly, missed the first 10 seconds) there was even a little dance routine but dd was placed at the back near the wall so you can't see her well :-(
Then we did the craft. Planting a seed together then making a mothers day card.
Dd proudly placed the soil in the pot & planted about six seeds (lol), watered it and voilĂ  now she waits.
For the cards dd chose some flowers and things to glue on the card and a nice insert, I helped her with some parts but otherwise she did it on her own. I was proud to see her so proud of herself.

It was defintely a nice way to spend time just her and I.
Afterward, she had a choice: Stay at school, eat and play computers or come home with mommy. She chose home, on the walk back she tells me she chose to come with me because she loves having time together. She's such a thoughtful, bright, funny little girl - this made my mothersday even more special this year!
Until next time - keep dreaming



Today's weather was really weird. It was blue skys in the morning with fluffy white clouds. I managed to wash and hang a load of bedclothes out on my line to dry in the breeze that picked up in the afternoon.
Thunder storms for some of the region were announced via the weather network and various sources on Twitter, so we anticipated a storm.
My daughter wanted to ride her bike before it started to rain. She needs a new girl bike - the other blue one we have "is for boys" so she chose her old Dora bike - it's going in our upcoming garage sale, too small for her but anyway she was only riding the thing around the driveway.

Daddy set her up with her helmet and his set of riding rules, she's still learning.
With that she was off doing laps while daddy cut the grass and I went to tend to little man. After daddy was done cutting the grass I went out and watched her ride around.
She was so proud! It brought back memories of feeling the joy of learning to ride a bike - I'm rusty these days.

She beat the rain, by minutes but she had a fun time even if it was just outside our front door. It's the little things that make them smile, which make us smile.
Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



Every year I dream of this gorgeous outdoor oasis in my backyard - filled with beautiful trees and flowers. Sitting on the deck enjoying the summer sun while the kids play in the kiddy pool.

With the yard being a mud-soil-clay mix, it's been quite the task to grow anything new - even grass. Hubby threw grass seed last year, it took all summer to grow and this year, at least the center of the yard is green!

Trees have begun budding some even blooming and those mystery plants/flowers in my little flower garden seemed to have doubled in population and are growing once again...

Today, as I went to throw the kitchen garbage in the can I stopped to see what was growing in my back yard.

These are beautiful - from a tree in the yard, not quite sure what kind of tree. The blossoms are pretty but fragile - strong wind and they're on the ground so I thought I'd photograph them while they're here.

The mystery flowers, actually I think they are violets - growing by the bunches in my flower garden!

Last and really should be least, they aren't flowers, we hate them and kids love picking them: Dandylions (lol) Thought I'd throw that one in for a smile :-)

We will be finding out in a couple of weeks if the flower seeds we planted are going to take - unless the dog ruined them or the squirrels got them. Dd is hoping and wishing for them to grow so cross your fingers - we'll have that oasis someday...

Until next time...keep dreaming

Every year I dream of this gorgeous outdoor oasis in my backyard - filled with beautiful trees and flowers. Sitting on the deck enjoying the summer sun while the kids play in the kiddy pool.

With the yard being a mud-soil-clay mix, it's been quite the task to grow anything new - even grass. Hubby threw grass seed last year, it took all summer to grow and this year, at least the center of the yard is green!

Trees have begun budding some even blooming and those mystery plants/flowers in my little flower garden seemed to have doubled in population and are growing once again...

Today, as I went to throw the kitchen garbage in the can I stopped to see what was growing in my back yard.

These are beautiful - from a tree in the yard, not quite sure what kind of tree. The blossoms are pretty but fragile - strong wind and they're on the ground so I thought I'd photograph them while they're here.

The mystery flowers, actually I think they are violets - growing by the bunches in my flower garden!

Last and really should be least, they aren't flowers, we hate them and kids love picking them: Dandylions (lol) Thought I'd throw that one in for a smile :-)

We will be finding out in a couple of weeks if the flower seeds we planted are going to take - unless the dog ruined them or the squirrels got them. Dd is hoping and wishing for them to grow so cross your fingers - we'll have that oasis someday...

Until next time...keep dreaming