Our daughter left late Monday morning with her grandparents for her annual summer stay at her aunties house for a few days.

Little guy stays here with us, due to past events we haven't had him away from home yet for more than a few hours.

Even though we've only had one child the past couple of days things have been just as busy. Running around doing errands, just one less child to bring along.

I miss having my girl around, even though her constant, non-stop talking can make an elephants ears fall off...I miss her. I really dread what I'll be like if she ever goes away for summer camp.

She will be back on Canada Day which I'm happy about because every year we like to celebrate Canadas birthday together as a family.

This year we want to have an outdoor pick-nick but the weather is terrible so we might be stuck singing "Oh Canada" at home.

It almost feels as though she's away at summer camp but she's allowed to call home whenever she wants.

Almost over for her, this was summer vacation part 1 -- I can't wait to hear the stories she brings back.

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...


Bugs are gross. Growing up in the country did not subside my dislike of creepy crawly creatures nor did I ever "get used to them". Bugs are one of the things that really creep me out. I'm not afraid of spiders and I won't run away from bumble bees but I hate those gross, infesting type bugs like roaches or what we seem to have too many of - earwigs.

They are everywhere this year. They crawl into the kids toys, the patio set and even clothes on the line sometimes. Gross, really gross. It's not just one either they come by the handful, not that I've touched them.

People have given us home-extermination remedies like spraying mixtures of dishsoap or vinegar with water. They didn't work in fact I think they liked the scent of the dishsoap because they came back bigger and badder.

Today as I'm tidying up the yard I picked up a cloth somebody left out yesterday and what looked like a million earwigs were hiding under it. Gross, gross gross!

All I had under my sink was typical cleaning products and a can of air freshner. I grabbed the can and sprayed them. It worked! I wouldn't normally have used that but hey it's strong enough to kill off the weird smells coming from my kids rooms, it's strong enough to kill off those bugs when in panic.

I hope this infestation doesn't last all summer -- time to buy lots of raid!

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



My man has always been into technology and computers for as long as I've known him. It's no question he knows the ins and outs of the PC world. It's very handy having a guy who can fix just about any electronics, computer and most cellphone problems.

Now, with ever evolving technology he's learned a new trade to add to his list of know-how's, Apple's iPhone.

Since it's American release in 2007, the iPhone has had my Hubby in a technological trance. He had to have one of these top of the line, cutting edge gadgets that few at the time had due to the high price tag attached to the remarkable wonder. We joined the group waiting for a price drop. Not exactly a priority in the budget at the time considering we were moving and we were 7 months away from being a family of four.

He waited, and waited. Finally the time came where pretty much every major Canadian provider like Bell, Rogers and Fido started offering them with plans.
Anyway we'll skip to the point, while he waited and waited for his iPhone my man read and read. He read everything he could about the gadget from the shiney outside to the speedy inside.

More and more people are upgrading to the new technology of the iPhone but not all of them know how to properly use them and end up crashing them or getting that restore screen of death, that's trouble.

That's where my Hubby comes in, knowing what he knows and fixing their problems. I'm proud of how smart he is at these things. He may not have a certified diploma in it but he learned on his own and definitely knows what he's doing.

It works out for me too being somewhat of a geek, I rely a lot on my iPhone for tasks like checking just about anything online that doesn't require flash or crazy forms my phone can't read. If it breaks, as most of you iphone users can admit too I would be somewhat lost. So he's here to fix any problems that I can't.

As I say to Hubby when he asks me an iPhone related trouble shooting question "I know how to use iPhone, but don't ask me to fix one!" ;-) You have to love living with a techie ;-)

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



Today every Canadian media outlet has been swamped with whats going on in Toronto at the G20 summit...apparently a lot. Protesters took to the streets rampaging and rioting. Tearing down the streets of Toronto like wild animals, no civilization what so ever. They even set fire to a police cruiser and smashed windows of various local businesses. Just to get attention. Just to get some point across.

I live in Ottawa and have been hearing news about this all day. It makes me sick. How on earth can violence solve anything? Have we not learned this already from the many we have lost in battle overseas? It's disgusting. I understand protesting, wanting certain things for your country like ridding child labour, women's rights and so forth but will smashing up a StarBucks really make them listen? I doubt it. Actually I guarentee it won't. They are not only angering the city of Toronto but also embarrassing Canada as a country.  What happened to being civil, sending a letter or shouting a chant even. No, today people think its OK to destroy. It's OK to burn things and hurt people just to get your point across. This is the message they are sending our youth, our future.

Not like my little blog post will really make a difference itself but as a Canadian I need to speak up on this one. It reminds me of the time a little while back where we had protesters here in Ottawa infesting our downtown core. We were lucky, these protesters were more peaceful. The worst that happened was a few streets had been closed down due to the protesters where cars and city buses had to take a different route. I'm glad it wasn't like whats happening in Toronto.

After seeing so many tweets from Toronto friends of mine via Twitter yes, I became concerned. Concerned for them, their families and anyone else going through this terror and so close to Canada Day. It makes me sad to know the world is such an ugly place. Let's pray this stops for the sake of their city of Toronto and our country Canada.

*Photo from article on http://news.sympatico.ctv.ca*


image673993395.jpgOur little girl hit a milestone yesterday, leaving senior kindergarten on the last day of this school year. A proud mommy moment.

In September she proudly got on the school bus for the first time, As happy as I was for her, I worried. I worried because I wasn't there to protect her or guide her. She proved she really is becoming a big girl.

Throughout the year she grew and flourished, she made friends and dealt with a bully who became her friend, she learned to write, count and sing new songs. So many things for a young mind to take in. She learned a lot and I'm proud of her.

Her first two report cards were not exactly a picture of perfection but she worked hard to help herself. She studied and acted out less, the more we encouraged her to at least try the better she did. If you don't try you'll never know.

Her final report card came Wednesday afternoon -- great improvement and happy to say she's moving up to grade #1! I'm so proud of her because despite reported behaviour issues she has come a long way.

Turning 6 in August, my little girls not so little these days. We are proud of you babes, congratulations! :-)

Until next time...keep dreaming


Today a bizarre and rare wrath of nature was brought upon Ottawa-Gatineau and surrounding areas including parts of the united states. You can read about it on CTVs webiste.

We felt it here, the house shook violently and it felt as if it was going to collapse. I wasn't sure at first if it was an actual earthquake or if one of those big construction trucks outside had hit the house. Twitter quickly answered my question when five minutes after it occurred my feed contained alot of "Earthquake" tweets from Ottawa and beyond.

It wasn't massive although it did hit certain areas hard and caused minimal damage, but when does Canada have earthquakes? The last one I remember was as a child, maybe 1984. It too was breif.

I can admit for a second I was scared not really knowing if I should grab my boy and race out of the possibly collapsing house or not. Everyone is fine, no serious injuries although I did suffer phone withdrawl for about an hour. Apparently fido services in the area got messed up after the earthquake.

All is well and back to normal but it leaves you wondering why an event such as an earthquake would happen in areas that normally don't experience them. Maybe I watch too many Hollywood decorated movies about the end of the world but yet when things like this earthquake and the bizarre tornados not long ago happen, you get thinking. I'm just sayin'...

Until next time - keep dreaming.



Today we took a walk to run a few errands, beating the rain might I add. Anyway, I had coupons for a free product I had recieved for review purposes. So, while we were out we figured we'd stop by and pick it up.

We got what we needed and headed to the cash. I handed the cashier my coupon and her smile fell upside down into a nasty frown. "hmm well I guess this is it?" she grunted after five minutes of examining the coupon like it was a fake bill or something. I took my goods and left thinking, wow seriously what is with the attitude when people use a coupon?

The cashier herself doesn't have to physically lose anything, the product company reimburses the store and cashiers don't make commission that I know of. So why the frown when a customer is trying to save a buck at the store you work in. Honestly I dont understand it. I'm a good shopper, I even bring my own shopping bags yet these disgruntled employees scowl at my coupons. Your job is to ring in the cash not judge by a coupon. Looks like today I got a coupon for free rudeness.

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



We had our first BBQ-get together of the summer last night. Okay, so there were still technically four days until it's officially summer but we rang it in a little early ;-)
The weather was beautiful, needless to say we spent the afternoon and evening outside on our deck.

Two of our good friends along with their two boys came over for a patio BBQ get together. It was the first time little guy really met and got to interract with a toddler his age and his size. He was just great sharing his toys and everything, which is funny because he doesn't normally like to share with his sister. Maybe a few playdates could be arranged over the summer.

So company was great as usual, and so was the food! We had marinated pork chops, cooked by Hubby on our small BBQ with potatoes, peas and corn. We love BBQ season, who doesn't. We were too full after supper but the kids enjoyed some cookies.

It's so nice to be able to use the deck for those dreamed of patio BBQ get togethers. It brings everyone together in good fun with great food!

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



I love helping people whenever I can, it's in my nature. I feel good knowing I've helped even if it's a small contribution. Often people tell me I'm "too nice" because as hard as it is for me to admit it, I have a hard time saying no when it comes to family and friends.

I'm not saying I never say no, I just feel really bad and guilty when I do. Like I'm letting someone down, which I also hate doing.

A couple of days ago an old friend came by. Old meaning we've known eachother for a long time but there is distance in what was once a good friendship due to some events in the past.

Anyway just before leaving after an hour visit she put me right on the spot and asked if I could babysit her 7yr old this summer, because day camps are too expensive adding that school ends next week. Shocked at the request, instead of saying "No" I said "Let me think about it".

The first thing I thought about was money. I was considering selling myself short for what? An extra mouth to feed, take care of and entertain for someone I don't owe any favours to infact it's the complete opposite but that's besides the point. Someone I know is unreliable. Period.

This person knows about my disadvantage of having trouble saying NO. Not this time. I explained that considering the circumstances of our past and such I said No. Politely, but it was still a guilt free no.

This will probably result in her not contacting me anymore but I'm not a welcome mat for people to rub their crap all over and smile about it. Yes, I'm a stay at home mom. And that's the key word here, mom. I have enough on my plate worrying about my own children and problems without having to add the stress of someone elses all summer long.

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



Once upon a time, before children and slightly into having our first, we played video games. Nothing hard core or hours on end, just a little break doing something besides being a parent. It may sound silly or immature but hey I grew up with technology what can I say! I'm not talking about super Mario brothers or tetris here, Hubby would play more mature level XBox360 games like Gears of War, Halo, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six or Splinter Cell. He's got quite the collection over the years.

I on the other hand played a PC game - one that's been around since 1999 - The Sims. I used to own almost the entire collection of the franchise until one day - poof! I was pregnant with baby #2 and prettymuch lost all interest in anything but being a mom.

It was a past time I enjoyed - I would play after our daughter was asleep at night. I often miss it, like reading, a video game can bring you into another world so to speak. An escape when you can't really escape ☺.

Last week I won the recently released expansion pack to the newest of the sims franchise: The Sims 3: Ambitions via @EAplay on Twitter. At first i thought it was a stand alone (full game) but turns out you need the original Sims 3 game to play. Uh-Oh, I didn't own The Sims 3 what use is that expansion?

Today we took a trip to Best Buy "to look at earphones" said Hubby - even though I now know it was just an excuse because we walked out with The Sims 3 game. He told me he knows I used to always play these sims games so he thought he'd make my winning prize useful and get the main game for me. I love him, I don't go out to bars or parties of any kind unless it's a holiday or birthday - gaming used to give me that bit of me time I needed.

Blogging gives me that me time but I take it a bit more seriously than "just another hobby" gaming can come back and join the hobby list.

What can I say, growing up geek has made me once gamer, now geek-mama!

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...