Dec 16, 2011

Teaching your kids about healthy eating is important but many kids don't enjoy their veggies - for whatever reason - which results in them getting less than the daily recommended daily portions. Getting less of the good stuff means less energy to do some of the fun stuff. Learning should be fun and what better way to do so than to make a game out of it - including when they learn about food!

Bring fun to the table with Crunch a Color! Crunch a Color is a fun new way to teach your children about healthy eating while getting their daily recommended portions of fruits, veggies, grains etc in a fun new card game! This PTPA approved educational game takes the guessing out of how to get your kids to eat the good stuff on their plates.

Crunch a Color was created by Jennifer Tyler Lee, wife and mom of two, who wanted to make meal time healthy for her family. It began with cards on her kitchen table to a fun new card game to make healthy food fun for kids and adults alike during meal time or even snack time.

Easy to play, Crunch a Color is an engaging game that gives kids points for eating balanced and colorful plates of fruits, veggies, protiens and grains. Kids can earn bonus points for showing good manners, helping set and clear the table and for trying new foods. At the end of the game, tally up all the points and winner gets a healthy prize from mom and dad for being a good sport. This could be as easy as letting them pick out items for your next Crunch a Color game. A portion of each sale goes toward supporting children's nutrition programs. Proudly, Crunch a Color has won both the Dr. Toy and PTPA awards!

How do you play Crunch a Color?

Crunch a Color is super easy to play and is recommended for kids aged 4 and up. Adults can even play too, its always great to teach by example and participating in games with your kids is also a great way to spend time together.

1) It's recommended to play Crunch a Color during mealtime.

2) Each person collects cards for eating veggies, fruits, proteins and grains. Each card features a number of points and a colorful healthy food character.

3) Earn at least 30 points, 3 color cards (veggies and fruits), and 1 protein card in a meal. Everyone can win!

Another way to play is during snack time, our daughter always has an afternoon snack after she comes home from school - perfect time to get out the Crunch a Color cards!

How to play during snack time:
  • Create a simple spread of different foods like carrots, cucumber, celery sticks, grapes, sliced banana, apple slices, oranges, raisins, snack crackers, cheese, yogurt etc. Place each item in their respective bowls and kids pick a card. Once they pick a card they choose from the option given to them (example they choose a red card, they eat a portion of strawberries the size of their hand which would be maybe two strawberries depending on the size) once eaten they get to keep the card and earn the points. A prize for snack time game could be as simple as an oatmeal cookie!

Win it!

Crunch a Color wants to bring fun to your food with our PTPA Winner Crunch a Color giveaway! One lucky reader has the chance to win their own Crunch a Color card game to try out with their family! This giveaway is a little bit different than others and available to enter on both and my PTPA Blogaholics post!

To enter please carefully follow the directions as per the rafflecopter ballot below and have fun!

Giveaway ends December 26th and is open to Canadian and US residents 18 years old and older.

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Good Luck and Happy, Healthy eating!


*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience in participation with PTPA's Blogaholics on behalf of Crunch a Color. We received sample product for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own. A copy of this review can be found on the PTPA Blogaholics blog under my authorization.*

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