Still talking about resolutions in February? Why, yes we are! Did you know most people forget about their promises to themselves by the third month of the year if not sooner? We are already over halfway through the second month, today is always a great day to start if you haven't already. 

Hands up those who have begun and are sticking to the promise of a healthier 2016! Some people have natural self motivational skills, I envy those people. They know how to get it done! Some people just need a little boost, some help to get on the right path to exercising, eating well and being a healthier you. 

Here are some handy hints and tips from health and wellness experts from Sears Canada to help you stay motivated!

1-  Ditch that snooze button! Try waking up 30 minutes earlier than normal for a quick workout and healthy breakfast before starting your work day. This will help you feel accomplished, energized and excited all before 7am! Tip: Walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes every day burns an extra 1000 to 1500 calories in a week! 

2- Make staying on track with your goals easy! Celebrate the mini-milestones and achievements with a fun, well-deserved treat. Why not reward yourself with fresh, new workout gear like Sears PURE NRG ATHLETICS Athletic Capri or Performance Tank ($13.97). Look great while you work out!

3- Get moving! Every day activities can be an easy exercise opportunity (especially if you have stairs!). Use commercial breaks during your favourite TV show, or downtime when you pick the kids up at sports, to do some easy workouts on the go, such as leg lifts, bicep curls or marching on the spot. Why not grab a set of Hers Kettle Bell weights ($99.99) to intensify the exercise? This makes for a time-saving, efficient and effective workout!

4- Save time and money, get fit right at home! More than 55% of women surveyed prefer working out at home to spending on average $1400 annually on gym memberships. At-home fitness equipment and accessories are easily found, purchased and delivered at Sears, often for less than the cost of a yearly gym membership. 

5- Get your "Om" on with yoga and get ready to renew yourself! It benefits mind, body and soul. Yoga can help reset your mind, increase focus and creativity not to mention improve sleep. Do your downward dog pose at home on the Gaiam Printed Premium Yoga Mat ($39.99)

6- Add meal planning to your weekend To Do list and save yourself time during the busy weekdays. Set yourself up for success and make meal prep easy with the Magic Bullet Blender ($49.97) and the Breville Juice Fountain Duo ($319.99) from Sears Canada. 

7- Getting on the right path to living a healthier lifestyle is so much easier when you have a support system. Family and friends can support you by joining you, why not make it a group effort? Cheer each other on and stage weekly check-ins using a BIOS Glass Electronic Scale ($44.99) to hold each other accountable.

8- It's easy to fall off the wagon when your exercises become boring and routine, I think we've all been there at  one point! Try something new that will target different muscles like Pilates in the comfort of your home with the STOTT PILATES SPX Reformer Package ($3199.99) or channel your inner UFC athlete with the UFC Resistance Fitness Kit ($32.99)

It's great that Sears Canada offers a fitness collection with just about everything you need to get off on the right track for your own fitness routine. With name brand workout wear and accessories to home equipment like treadmills and home gyms, Canadians can achieve a challenging and engaging home workout thanks to Sears Canada. 

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  1. I always do #1! If I try to snooze, I just end up thinking about all of the things I should be doing instead of actually doing them! Thanks for sharing these tips with us!

  2. Great tips! I never make resolutions any more as I have learned I am not good at keeping them! However, I am striving for a healthier me in 2016, which includes more exercise! Thanks for the info!

  3. I tried yoga and hated it LOL ...maybe if there had been a slow paced class, I'd have liked it more. I don't do breakfast til about 3 hrs after I get up (or it comes up) but I also have never hit the snooze (I don't have an alarm clock,I just get up at 6:30am every day)


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