It's time to send the kids off for another school year! Most parents have a 50/50 feeling about this time of year - we like it but we dread it.

We like the routine, the fresh new start, and the kid's enthusiasm. We dread how much it can cost when we are out shopping for new school stuff. The supply list is long enough, they also need new clothes! They seem to grow at least a size or two just over the summer months! 

Also, as kids get older (tweens/teens) their taste may become particular and maybe a little more expensive than we are used to. They want to make a good first impression on that first week of school and nothing says confidence like looking good and feeling good about it. 

Did you know most Canadian parents can spend about $120 on one single outfit? Shirts, pants, socks, shoes - kids usually need the whole kit and not just one new outfit. 1 in 5 Canadians can spend $400 or more per child for back to school gear. We want the kids to have what they need to succeed without breaking the budget. 

You can get stylish, clothes that suit your budget at Sears with affordable top-to-toe brand name outfits for $65 and under. With everything from tops to pants, shoes, and backpacks, Sears Canada can help parents beat those back to school blues! 

The only thing you'll be sad about is watching them get on the bus that first day. 

Visit www.sears.ca or your local Sears Canada location and find the styles you want today! 

Sponsored by Sears Canada. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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