It’s really sad to read the news lately. My heart dropped when I read that article about a little girl, the same age as miss M, pinned by an idle car after it backed into her at a school drop off of all places. She later died of her injuries. I can’t imagine what her family must be going through. Isn’t school supposed to be a place kids (and adults) feel safe?

Apparently it’s not uncommon for school parking/drop off/pickup zones to be what I call: War Zones!

Last year and the year before we drove the kids to school. The bus rules changed and we were no longer eligible. Driving them to and picking them up from school was a nightmare. A small, overcrowded parking lot with rude, inconsiderate people. Parking in no parking zones, cutting off other cars, parents, faculty and students on foot! Every day was an accident waiting to happen or a fight waiting to brew between two frustrated parents.

Hubby tried to reason with some of the parents only to be called crude names, flipped a middle finger and the worst one even called the police because he told them not to park in a no parking zone! The officers at the time agreed with hubby, that parking situation was an accident waiting to happen.

This year I wasn’t putting my family through that again. We fought for a bus for our son since his sister automatically gets a bus being a Kinder student. We won. After much pestering, we got a bus to and from school. No more nasty parking lot confrontations before coffee.

This year we have a new principal at our school. I received two emails within two days about the school parking lot.

The first were a set of simple rules and a warning to those adults who refuse to abide by them. The second was a final notice: parents must wait until all students are dismissed before picking them up. The parking lot will be closed from 2:45-3:10pm, when there are kids in the masses leaving to walk or getting on the bus in that area, including my two little ones. It gives me a bit of relief knowing some changes are being made, it’s just really sad that it took a tragedy like what happened to that little girl to make people wake up and open their eyes.

To the parents who are guilty of this irresponsible behaviour: shame on you! We all have the same goal: get the kids to school, get in and out as quickly as possible. Which is fine and dandy but when it comes to an unpredictable parking lot with cars and people everywhere, take the safe route. Wait until the traffic passes, drive SLOWLY and pay attention! Why not even park a few blocks away and walk the kids in or if they’re older have them walk with a buddy and know the rules. Anything to be safe but please don’t be so inconsiderate and only think of yourself.

Look to your left, look to your right, look in front of and behind you. Those people you see, their lives are as important as yours, remember that.


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You know how they say “sleep when the baby sleeps”? I chose to take a break when the kids had a break. From everyday chaos to preparing for Christmas, I started to feel run down. We didn’t even host anybody except the five of us for Christmas yet I felt as though I had.

Was it the end of the year burn out? Was I pushing myself too hard? Was life THAT demanding of me? I’m not sure but I had to hit that pause button and just focus on the bare minimum while the kids were off. I definitely needed it and now I’m back to hit the new year head on! I am going in with a positive attitude.

I don’t have "New Year's resolutions" (I don’t do those) but I have goals. Times are changing, the kids aren't babies anymore. I'm growing in my own personal ways but one thing I do know that won't change: I'll always be a mother, therefore I will always be experiencing motherhood. This blog has grown and changed over the years, I plan to continue growing and changing in that area but I'm not going anywhere despite my slight thought over the holiday season to just throw in the towel. I know, it may be a shock to some of you. After all, I have been doing this for nearly nine years!

I almost lost my way for a brief moment and forgot why I do this to begin with: my love of writing and reaching out to people, even in the smallest way. That and I don't give up. I'm not a quitter and I don't plan on becoming one. Thank you to all my regular readers who continue to be the drive I need in my blog life some days. 

I’m looking forward to 2018 of new opportunities both on the blog and in my ever busy personal life. 

Until next post...