Created for young princesses and doll collectors alike, the Hasbro Disney Style Collection Princesses will be on their list this holiday season. 

Hasbro released Disney Style Collection Princesses Ariel, Mulan, and Belle

Each doll is dressed for the red carpet with styles inspired by their own movie themes! They have real looking eyelashes and hair. They also each come with accessories to match their clothes like little shoes, necklaces, bags, and headbands. I love the makeup and lashes to match the looks too! 

Ariel’s two-piece dress is inspired by her under the sea adventures in The Little Mermaid. Her dress is gorgeous, she sparkles in her signature green and purple ensemble. She comes wearing her cute pearl and shell headband and holds her purple and silver shell handbag. Her shoes are covered by her long flowing gown but you can tell they are as gorgeous as she is! 

Belle's dress is inspired by the famous dance scene in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, but with a modern twist, cocktail gown look for that red carpet beauty. She comes wearing her hair in her traditional Belle ballroom look, accented by her rose necklace, matching rose handbag and ruby coloured shoes. 

Mulan looks fabulous in her beautiful purple and blue toned ball gown inspired by her own self-titled movie Disney's Mulan. She wears her hair down with a simple blue pearl and flower headband and carries her pink fan purse. Her shoes are golden high strappy ballgown shoes, to accent her colourful dress! 

As a doll collector myself, these are an amazing addition to have in my fashion doll collection. The detail that was put into these princesses is amazing! Not only the clothing but also the faces, they look like the characters they are supposed to but better. 

The box art tells you right away that these are not your typical playtime fashion dolls and are made for little girls (and big girls like me) who like to collect and show them off by having them on display in their rooms rather than on display at the bottom of the toybox with the other toys. 

You can find these and all your favourite toy lines on the Hasbro website! You can shop right there or find out where you can get them locally, so easy! 


Thanks to our friends at Suncoatgirl for sending us some samples for this review! All opinions on A Motherhood Experience are honest and our own. 

Little kids often want to copy the grownups and that’s no exception when it comes to my kids, especially my girls. My youngest loves to have her nails painted, especially with fabulous kid-friendly brands are created just for them. 
Suncoatgirl water-based nail polish is perfect for the little girls who love to have colour on their fingertips! The nail polish is non-toxic, water-based and peels off; no harsh nail products like the one's mom uses. 

Suncoat nail polish is available across North America and Europe. They have two lines of Suncoat nail polish for women and a line especially for little girls; Suncoatgirl. 

Suncoatgirl offers a variety of colours for the little nail artiste in your life including cute little holiday gift packs to make her smile! The colours are awesome and the best part is this nail polish is non-toxic and peels off; no need for harsh chemicals or nail polish removers on little fingers. Perfect for small children who want to be like mommy. 

This holiday season, she can celebrate her artistic side with new Suncoatgirl DIY Colour Creation Kit which comes with 5 colours (yellow, red, blue, white and black) and 5 empty bottles so that she can mix and match colours, creating her very own unique shade of nail polish! This kit can be found at stores like Toys R Us and Rexall. 

Celebrate Christmas in style with the Suncoatgirl 12 Days of Christmas nail polish set; she gets a gorgeous colour for every day of the 12 days of christmas! From reds to greens to inbetweens, you and your little ones will love pampering yourselves with these nail polishes. This kit can be found at Jean Coutu and Whole Foods. 

Give the gift of expressing herself with the Suncoatgirl Make Me Jolly nail polish kit which includes two colours (Christmas red and green), festive nail stickers and a sweet lip balm for those wintery chapped lips! This kit can be found at Jean Coutu and Whole Foods. 

With Christmas just around the corner, these Suncoatgirl kits are surely going to make a hit in the stockings and under the tree this year! 

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Kids aren’t the only ones who get excited for holidays! With Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons coming up, you want to be prepared to host the perfect holiday dinner without a hitch! 

Hamilton Beach has a variety of fantastic products that you can gift yourself to help you host and enjoy the holidays with your family. 

In need of something hot to warm yourself up? The Hamilton Beach Professional Digital Kettle is an amazing addition to our kitchen. It’s replaced our boring old, one-button plug-in kettle with its luxurious, new technology for the kitchen! 

I love my new kettle! It is completely stainless steel and sits on a base. On the base you have six buttons including settings, the on/off button and menus. The LCD panel screen (which lights up a pretty light blue) is bright and shows what's going on with your kettle from settings to temperature indicators. There are different settings for different boil temperatures depending on what you need (French press, coffee, different types of teas) and options to preset an auto-boil! It works very fast and efficiently. It has a beep indicator to let you know when your water is boiled to perfection. Our old kettle did make a "click" sound but this is so much more advanced! No more burning water or waiting. Just be careful, the carafe does get incredibly hot so make sure not to have this appliance accessible to anyone who may accidentally burn themselves by accident like little kids. 

We use a kettle quite often in our house; It's so nice to finally have one that is so precise! Not only will it help with hot drinks this holiday season, it's so cool looking, it also doubles as a fun conversation piece while I'm cooking holiday foods! 

This is a great kettle for your kitchen or as a holiday gift for that coffee/tea/hot beverage lover on your Christmas list! 

You can find Hamilton Beach small kitchen appliances at your favourite stores like Walmart for under $100 CAD! 

Happy hosting! 


“Hair can transform a costume when it comes to completing your Halloween look. Using hair extensions like the 3-in-1 Hair Wrap or ponytail can provide limitless options in shape, texture, and color,” says Nadine Mullings, Brand & Product Development Director at Barely Xtensions, “The only limit, is your imagination.”

 Whether it’s a princess, witch or fairy, here are some Halloween Hair Ideas:

Game of Thrones Princess.  Picture yourself as the Queen of Dragons conquering the North?  Or a princess high in the castle tower looking over her kingdom – whoever you choose to be -- the game of thrones is all about the hair, volumes, braids, and curls of hair.  If your hair isn’t quite long or thick enough – blend your natural hair with Barely Xtensions to kick it up a notch. 

Witchy Woman.  When thinking about Halloween, a witch is one of the first icons that come to mind.  The witch costume still trends as a favorite –but why not put a new spin on it?  Be a good witch, bad witch or witchy woman with a special theme.  Use your favorite movie, cartoon, photo or story to be your guide or get really creative and think about just portraying the split personality of a witchy woman. Split your hair colors and styles right down the middle, along with your makeup and wardrobe.  Or go all-out zombie style with “Walking Dead” zombie zone; half-human, half-zombie. Use color hair inserts like those from Barely Xtensions to add fun color sporadically, wherever you want it to appear. 

Superhero (or Villan!).  Avengers seems to be all the rage this season, but you can always channel and create your own Superhero.  For a last-minute costume, cat woman is easy.   Combine basic black, wardrobe staples that are already in your closet: Black long sleeve shirt, black tight pants, black boots, fitted belt, etc.  Put on a pair of cat ears and there you go, purr-fect.

Unicorn, Fairy or Mermaid.  Want the look of something magical, mystical or imagined but need the hairdo to go along with it?  For these costumes try the colored nymph braid.  Start by clipping the Instant Color Clips into your hair in a few different colors depending on what look you want. Create a half up half down ponytail to start, topsy tailing it to create a soft twist. Take the remainder of the hair and create a second ponytail underneath the first topsy tailing it as well. Finish with three-strand braiding the remaining hair for a woven, loose dreamy style.

Guest post on behalf of Barely Xtensions: 

Barely Xtensions is the Ultra-Seamless difference in hair extensions, offering affordable luxury and easy application. A revolutionary SlimClip Technology provides a smooth and sleek undetectable finish in dimensional colors. From natural highlights, lowlights and balayage to blends of pink or grey.  Find the latest styles and products like the 3-in-1 Hair Wrap and ponytail exclusively at Sally Beauty throughout the United States and Canada. 

For fashion, inspiration visit the website at barelyxtensions.com or connect with Barely Xtensions on social media! 


We love doing kids toy reviews here on #AMEblog but did you know we have a hobby we enjoy almost as much as being parents? 

My partner and I are big kids at heart. We get nostalgic seeing old toy commercials and videos online. We even collect our favourites; mine being Star Wars and his being Transformers. We have quite the collection of things the kids aren’t allowed to touch (they honestly are so used to our collecting they aren’t even interested unless it’s for them). 

For the past while, hub's has been working on his special G1 Transformers Collection; he’s got all the popular bots like Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron to name just a simple few. He has over 50 different transformers both Autobots and Decepticons. 

You’d think to be his wife I would be annoyed with his collecting hobby but I’m just as bad. I love the collector's Transformers especially when he’s got them out on display! 

We are excited to team up with Hasbro Pulse and The Toybox Collection to bring you a review of the latest Transformers collectors want and probably can’t get unless they preordered him back in September; Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Titan WFC-S29 Omega Supreme

This Transformer is HUGE standing tall at 2 feet! This Transformer has a G1 inspired design and transforms into Autobot Command Center mode. He comes with 6 Fire Blasts accessories to simulate battle effects on figure and Command Center mode plus also comes with Micromaster, Autobot Countdown, who fits inside the rocket, tank and control tower. He can ride around the defender perimeter how cool is that! 

This is NOT your typical toy and certainly NOT one I would recommend for a young child. He isn’t cheap to buy because he is a collector's item at (USD) $159.99. 

You might be lucky to find him online but so far it seems he’s sold out! 

Click here to see his full specs on the Hasbro website!

Check out our video showcase below! 


Put down that pile of laundry, sit down and listen up mamas.

I know you do a lot. You’re raising little humans, some of you tiny newborn humans and some of you tiny humans with medical issues and so on and so forth. You’re keeping your home together physically, financially and it’s hard whether you are doing it single or are lucky enough to have a partner to share the life with. Your kids and your spouse/partner have everything they need. They will be fine and sometimes, they can even manage to fend for themselves. 

What you need to do is take care of yourself. I cannot stress the importance of this. Not taking care of yourself will leave you feeling like an empty shell unable to give your all to the people and things that mean the most to you in your life. It’s not good for your health physically, mentally or emotionally; I know from experience, sadly to say.
It took a break down to realize I needed to slow things down and start focusing on me. I run half of a household, how can I do that when the physical and mental tanks are always running on empty. I couldn’t. 

They say "a happy mom has a happy family", I think it should be "a healthy mom has a happy family". 

Learn to say no! I had a bad habit of trying to fix everything for everyone. Not only does it not help the person learn how to solve their own problems but also puts extra stress on me having to solve everyone else’s problems including my own. Set boundaries and stick to them. You’re not being selfish, you’re taking care of yourself. 

Take moment for yourself doesn’t mean throwing your hands up in the air and not taking care of your responsibilities as a parent or whatever, it means taking it easy and not worrying about the things others can handle themselves. 

Take a moment and do something for yourself. Read a chapter of that book you've been wanting to finish, watch the latest episode of This Is Us, Meditate and take your mind off of the stressors of the day for just a moment, do anything, just make sure it's for YOU.  

You only have one life to live, live it by your rules and take care of you. Everyone will thank you for it in the long run. 💚💜

Click here for some "me day" tips from Her Real View! 


They came from a galaxy far, far away; in a big giant box that was quite the surprise for this Star Wars fan! 

The story of a generation comes to an end this winter when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theatres on December 20th, 2019! I for one cannot wait to see this final movie of the franchise; I have been a huge Star Wars fan ever since I was a little kid. 

We are celebrating "Triple Force Friday" and the legacy of Star Wars with Hasbro's all-new incredible lineup of action figures, premium collectibles, and role-play costume items inspired by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

A huge box of awesome arrived at our door; from a galaxy far, far away. The box itself had me in awe. Not only the size, but the graphics on it would amaze any Star Wars fans young or old. 

Inside the box was where the real fun began with 16 different items ranging from The Black Series collectibles to The Vintage Series action figures, which are more for the grown-ups in my opinion, and interactive role-play toys more suited for the kids. 

We made a Star Wars-themed video (which you can check out below) in celebration of our new collectibles and toys; Thank you so much to Hasbro for sending these to us to check out and enjoy! 

Check out @AMotherhoodblog and @TheToyboxCollection on Instagram for more Hasbro fun! 

Follow @Hasbro on Instagram and Twitter using hashtags #Starwars and #TheRiseofSkywalker to celebrate a galaxy of new toys that are out of this world!

May the force be with you, always! :-)