I call my son a miracle baby for many reasons. He has beaten a lot of odds and still continues to fight every day. His story has been a rough one (see May 4ths entry), but he has recently reached some amazing milestones. Being born three months early his corrected age is 11 months but you can't expect a preemie to meet the milestones of a full 9 month term baby because each preemie has a unique background. My son recently learned how to hold his own bottle, sit up without support and feed himself small soft foods or food that "melts" like mini ritz crackers, he also has been practicing his speech skills. My oldest is almost 5 so it's sweet to hear the baby babble in the house again. Both my kids amaze me everyday, my son showing he's as strong as the best of them and my bright little girl with her thoughtful but funny ideas.

Here are my two angels who inspire a lot of my writing.

-- Ally --

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  1. He truly is!!!!

    YOur Kids are so cute Ally I feel like a long lost aunt hehe ive known you for so long :) its great to get the chance to see them grow up :)


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