It's been almost 5 years since we became parents. Before kids we had what we thought were "friends" and people around us who we thought cared. All that has changed as we grew from a couple to a family of four more and more people have just seemed to have dissapeared.
The majority of parents who lose part or all of their "before kids" social circle usually have the question: is it us? From personal experience I can tell you it isn't! Losing touch with old friends can happen with changes of lifestyle. Example before kids we could go out and party until 3:00am and sleep in, no responsibility except ourselves and a job! Now, if I'm up passed 12:00am I'm in for it with munchkins calling "Mommy" at 6:00am. Not much in common with single people or people without kids, almost like two different worlds if you think about it. Parenthood brings much responsibility and schedules to be followed not to mention finances to support your family. Going to get a 100$ hair do is not an option when you have kids to feed. Parenting is something you can only understand if you have kids, otherwise as an outsider "taking care of kids"can seem like an easy task.
We recently met a couple, who have kids and have had it as rough as the best of us but are still kind. We relate well to them in many points of view. A big change to hearing the adventures of the single friend or couple on the brink of break up. A nice change that let's us know, it's not us! It's life with kids :-) you wouldn't change it but there are ways to adapt.

-- Ally --

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