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This is a blog written by me, Alyssa. A Canadian Mom of two who is here to share her feats (and defeats) through her Motherhood Experience! You will find great stories, motherhood tips and eventually perhaps features on great products our family thinks yours will just love!

First though, let me introduce you to the AME family...

Family life began for us in fall of 2003, when we found out we were expecting our first baby. Our relationship had just begun to blossom and we were thrown into the reality of possibly raising a family together. Could we handle it? Many people didn't think so but moving on over the years, I think we did pretty good.

The Hubby: His name is Pat (aka Hubby here on AME) and he's a French-Canadian, down to earth guy who can be tough but has a deep love for his family. He's a handy-man who can fix anything. I call him "MacGyver" as a joke because I always break things, he always fixes them. Computers are his specialty, he can fix any problem hardware or software related which is a plus for me because I need a running computer.  He's also an amazing painter/interior decorator, he did it as a trade before injuring his back so when it comes to home renovations, he gets it done the right way and it always looks so nice.  When it comes to his kids, he is a great dad. He loves to make them laugh and I love to see him make them laugh. When it comes time to get serious though, he just sends them to me (I'm kidding, he knows how to handle them!).

Meet the kids:

Our daughter, Kylie (aka K) was born in 2004. She's already going on five years old, that is just unbelievable. I still remember when she was born, it was 72 hours that should have been recorded for a reality tv show. I remember my water breaking first thing in the morning, 8am. I wasn't even out of BED yet. This kid wanted to come out and meet the world and right on time. Hubby, the wonderful man that he is, told me he would get me a "new water" when I tried to wake him. "The baby is coming!" did the trick, key words to see a man move faster than you've ever seen him before.

Skip to the part when we are at the hospital, we had parents who didn't get along all showing up to try and help but wow. It was a crazy time. I am happy the one person I needed was there of course, that would be hubby. She was born weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces and had crazy strong lungs, she still does to this day.

Now, almost 5 years old she is quite the little lady. She loves her family, especially her baby brother. She loves going to school and playing with her friends. She enjoys playing outside and doing arts and crafts with mom. She likes going on "adventures" to Tim Hortons with Dad, even if they are just going to get a donut and come home. I can tell she is going to be my strong one, she has been through a lot with the rest of us, you'll know what I mean - read on to meet my son.

My son is a little different, a miracle in my eyes. I won't get into the details and long story because I have rehashed it so many times in the last year, I still can't bring myself to write the entire story without bursting into tears. I guess the scars on my heart are still fresh. He was born last march (2008) three months too early. They called him the "27 weeker". He weighed less than 2lbs and his chances of survival were slim to none. We went through 3 1/2 months of waiting on eggshells, waiting for something to get better and hoping nothing would get worse. There isn't a day we don't wake up and thank the man upstairs for giving us a chance to be parents to this bright, cute little one and a half year old miracle man.

So these are the people who I adore, the people I do everything for - my family. Oh yes and I almost forgot one of the most important family members, our personal guard and drool machine - Zeus!

He's our boy, a four year old Doberman who we purchased from a breeder recommended by a friend at the time. The breeder ended up being a total lie, a family who illegally bred Dobermans on their farm and charged an insane price for them. We thought we had been blessed with a deal for Zeus until we brought him home and within weeks realized he was born with demodectic mange. When we mentioned this to the "breeder" they suggested we "put him down" and they would give us a "free dog". We were disgusted by them and ended up filing a complaint with the SPCA (Quebec Humane Society). The website and contact numbers we had been using for them we no longer in service within weeks. I think they got the message. We managed to save Zeus with medication although his eye was damaged from the mange. He is still our boy and the best dog you could ask for! :)

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