The Drs appointment was a little harder than I thought when my dr mentioned what the specialist had said on my last hip scan. I need surgery, but first new scans to determine the extent of damage since my last scan and determine if it will be a replacement or similar reconstructive surgery like I had done at the age of 9. Either way call me "out for the count" when it happens.

I'm 27 years old right now so hearing "hip replacement" made me feel at a loss of words. I knew eventually down the road, long down the road I would require surgery,but as a woman and a mother my kids are still young and dependant on me! They need me on my two feet...I'm scared I admit it, we are talking about my ability to walk and be mobile here.

I have the support of my husband don't get me wrong I'm just speaking from a more personal point of view. This is a topic I will be bouncing on and off of as my blog grows.

A big event in my adult life that could change everything.

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