Before I began this blog my family and I lived in a "project" we were desperate and the place is what we needed at the time.

The kids in that particular project come from all walks of life, all races, religions etc. No matter who you were the kids showed no respect for property, pets or people including other kids parents. They would be vulgar and violent especially a select group of boys. We warned them several times if they as much as looked at our dd funny we'd be visiting their parents for a chat.

They would taunt our dog by throwing marbles at him or "bark" at him. All of us couldn't wait to move.

Today, a year later we see these kids from our old project -- as rude and vulgar if not worse than before. These aren't little kids they are preteens or "Tweens" as they call them now. Not even old enough to shave yet the F word flows out like a second language. F this F that F you. Omg they would be eating soap for dinner if they were mine but they aren't so all I can do is shake my head in disgust.

It makes you almost want to meet their parents and see who taught them or in this case didn't teach manners. Simple common sense like not swearing when there's a pool full of little kids, set an example parents!

My daughter is 4 she doesn't need to see these older kids acting like that, thankfully mine is smart and calls them "bad boys". I know my kids aren't perfect but they are polite...so far & I plan to continue to teach them respect and manners, besides who wants to be the parents with the vulgar kids! Not this mommy!!

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