Here in Ottawa, Ontario there are certain by laws about picking up after your pets, more or less after your dog upon taking it for a walk.
I recently wrote an article on helium in a debate whether or not States in the USA who don't have the by law should!
It won't kill you to bring a bag when you know fido is going to do his do do!

As someone who walks everywhere AND is the owner of a large breed dog -- every right to RANT!

I went to the corner store earlier it's about 3-4 blocks maybe less away. Three times I JUST missed stepping in dog piles on the side walk!

The worst is running over it unknowingly with a stroller...
I'm just saying dogs are a responsibility -- feeding,water,shelter and cleaning up after them -- especially in public areas! DH brings our dog for his walks and never forgets the bag!! It's like forgetting a diaper when you bring a baby out...common sense!

Thought I'd share my mini rage for a moment :-)

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