Children often use the phrase "it was an accident" to get out of doing something they shouldn't have been doing and got caught for in hopes to ease the pressure of the authority who caught them. Sometimes however it really IS an accident and my daughter showed me today how sensitive about hurting her brother she is.

After dinner time I was playing with both my kids. My daughter had left the room for a bit only to come back dressed in her old Halloween costume as snow white. Now my youngest is a 15 month old preemie who just recently learned to crawl...EVERYWHERE and his sister, without seeing him (or giving me time to react) danced straight over her brother, tripped and nearly face planted him into the floor. Of course being 15 months old and hit from behind my son cried his loud scared cry as I quickly picked him up to check him for boo boos.

I looked over at my daughter expecting her to have her typical "oops sorry" attitude when I saw she was in tears herself. I gave the baby to dad and had a chat with my daughter that showed maturity on her level and how she loves her brother...almost made me cry...

She said "I'm a bad big sister, it was an accident I didn't mean to make him fall, Im no good at taking care of him, I hurt his little head!!" I explained about being careful around him because he's crawling now and we went to say "sorry" and see if he was ok.

Back to normal, she gave her brother a kiss and said she wouldn't let him get hurt again...

What a little girl I have. She's growing up so fast! I thought I would share my story....

Dream xoxo

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