"Oh Canada Our home and native land..."

Our Canadian national anthem will be heard on this day from Newfoundland through Ontario to British Colombia, on this day we proud canadians celebrate our nations birthday Canada day.

Every year on July 1st we canadians celebrate the birth of our Canadian heritage. The nations capital, Ottawa Ontario, also my home town buzzes with exciting celebrations in the heart of downtown Ottawa.

Many a patriotic Canadian step out with family and friends to celebrate. No matter what day of the week the city wouldn't miss the spectacular air show, mounted police march, music and much more followed by an evening sky filled with beautiful fireworks.

Before I had my kids I was one of the fellow canadians to celebrate downtown but now the kids are much too young for the now a days drunken celebrations of parleament so we celebrate at home with a BBQ and some friends...HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE! However you celebrate have fun but be safe.

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