Since beginning this blog back in April I have met a glorious bunch of fellow mommies, writers and just all around nice people through my writings on helium, blogger and of course twitter. I breifly described my life in a nutshell in one of my earlier posts but I have never told you about me. Not so much the writer or the mommy me, but me as a person. Me in real life.

I am Canadian born half Irish, part Native and part French although I can barely pronouce a roll in my "r"s raised completely English in a tiny Quebec town. Seriously tiny, it's like a speck on the map if you google it.

I stand tall, slim and walk a little funny thanks to being born with hip dysplasia. Don't know what that is? Google it, it's quite interesting what you can learn from Dr. Google. I'm no model, with my average face and lack of self esteem sometimes but I always try to put that aside be the best I can be at whatever I'm doing whether it be being Mom, being wife or being a blogger. At times I could give up and just crawl into a corner but I'm a Leo. We don't do that, instead we brush ourselves off and roar even louder.

One might describe me as the "quiet geeky type" with a smart ass sense of humour and a big heart. Give me a couple of glasses of wine and maybe that could be true. Being a Leo I can be stubborn, naturally. My feelings can easily be hurt (hello, do you have a tissue?) and I'm a grudge holder if you hit me in a sensitive area (it's all the feelings. I'm a lover, not a fighter!) but overall as you'll see I'm easy going, maybe even too much sometimes.

I'm a loving, caring kind of girl which is a big step for me. Having grown up in a split family, love wasn't always available to be shown or if it was shown it was a weird way of showing it. My mom, kids and my hubby taught me what real unconditional love is, what better way to say thanks than to love them all back as much if not more.

I enjoy laughing and joking around but I have a more serious side when the time comes. I consider myself compassionate and I am loyal when it comes to friendships and relationships.

I dislike liars and manipulative personalities. They usually go hand in hand.

My temper can sometimes get the better of me at times but over the years learned to control it. Becoming mom helped me.

I was taught to be honest and treat others the way I would expect to me treated.

I am a chocoholic, especially a sucker for Reeses peanutbutter cups. Ever since I was a kid I've loved those cups but if none are available for my enjoyment, anything chocolate please.

I try my best to keep things real but simple writing about my kids, being a mom and even being a woman. One subject you won't read very often is about my personal relationship, and if I do write about it it's written breifly and subtle.

I believe in privacy but I love sharing online with everybody. So heres the part where you get to learn a little about my "marriage". My man and I have been together for almost six years. Most of you are probably smiling "that's it?" but considering my previous attemps at love (or maybe we should call them failures?) and the fact we've survived the worst of it, that's pretty good!

When I say "Marriage" I am not mocking my committed relationship or anything, rather we are married but we're not. In the province of Ontario couples living together for a certain period of time and/or have kids are considered common law married.

Although my sweetie has proposed, and we are engaged but have yet to have the actual wedding. Money is tight with two kids so it's just an event that will be in time. I can't wait though, being raised catholic I've always wanted to have the traditional church wedding with an awesome reception to celebrate.

This is my first attempt at a "get to know me" blog in years but I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about me, in real life.

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