My mother called me yesterday afternoon. She was returning my call from the night before, I had called to thank her for sending her hubby over with diapers for my little one. Running on my "daytime minutes" unfortunately couldn't talk very long.

I miss her. About seven years ago, before my kids, before my hubby it was just her and I, most of the time.

When I was 18 I moved in with her and began a new chapter after leaving an old one behind. We had our share of rough times but we also had alot of good times too. Like those times we would both be too tired or lazy to cook so we'd eat out instead. Spending mom and daughter time together we missed in my early teenaged years as my parents were divorced and my father had custody of me.

Now, after everything we've been through as mother and daughter as well as individual women has brought us closer in our matured relationship.

My mother has done and still does what she can to help guide me in the right direction. Besides my hubby (and wonderful online friends) she's about the only one whos proud of and encourages my hopes and dreams.

Living far from her isn't easy but we call almost every day. I just wanted to say if you have a close relationship with your mom, cherish it because mom can become your best friend. I know mine did.

Until my next thought -- dream on

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