Despite the rainy weather mother nature has brought us, today is a celebration day.

DH and I celebrate six years together today. The photo above was taken at the beginning of our journey as a couple, back in fall 2003.

Things have definitely changed, especially my hair - which is no longer that strange reddish brown colour.

Our relationship has had it's ups and downs. Far from perfect and insane experiences that would've sent anyone running for the hills. Through everything we still have whatever we had 6 years ago and some. Not only becoming a couple over the past six years but also a family. I still love him as much as the first time we said "I love you".

I can imagine my post when we hit 10 years! :-))

Aside from all the gushy mushy stuff my helium writing has hit 60 articles and I've been back in the blog world for 6 months! Hmm six seems to be a common number today.

Time for afternoon mom duty! Until next time keep dreaming always!

Update- my mom remembered our anniversary and sent a card in the mail we got it today. (inside says nevermind, that's too personal) ;-))


Being a stay at home mom we need a window to the outside world besides picking our kids up from school, talking to the cashier at the store or when we maybe get a chance to get out with a girl friend, who half the time is as busy as we are.

Needless to say by my blog and many of my "Online friends" blogs that we turn to the world wide web for comfort on everything from keeping in touch with people we know (or met online but are really cool) to online banking and some of us even online business.

Everything is web based these days. Shopping, banking, gambling, information of every kind you name it it's online. Which brings up the subject - knowing when you're addicted to the world wide web.

Here are ten ways to tell you are an Internet addict:

1) The first thing you do when you wake up after making coffee is check your online accounts like email, facebook, Twitter etc even if it's via mobile device.

2) You keep an online blog and update it on a regular basis even if absolutely nobody reads it.

3) You have subscribed to more than 5 news letters or online forums of interest.

4) You require more than one email address to keep everything web based on track.

5) You refer to your online friends as friends in conversation with people offline.

6) You find yourself using online lingo in everyday speech (example telling your child you'll BRB)

7) You have the highest speed of Internet your provider offers because loading time is of the essence when surfing the web.

8) You email, MMS or SMS your spouse more than have verbal conversation in the course of 24 hours.

9) You have either wifi or 3G network enabled mobile device just so you can keep in the now with your online world.

10) You've read, laughed and nodded at most of these.

Now get off the Internet and go read a book ;-)

Written by @AMotherhoodBlog 


Last week dh helped a friend move and well practically clean out any old stuff from his garage etc. He ended up bringing home a couple of tools and a dirt devil scorpion dust buster.

My mom owned I believe a black & decker model which I found at the time didn't pick up much but this dirt devil works!

It has this wet/dry feature on it. The guy just didn't want it anymore, still works so why not.

It's become my new best friend as far as cleaning goes. Hardwood floors don't usually require vacuuming but in areas such as under the high chair, stroller etc places where my kids accumulate crumbs, it's awesome!

Yeah so it's just a dust buster, a used one at that but it's mine and it works :-) so long crumbs and dog hair!

Now to find a useful replacement for my broom & dustpan ;-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1