It is thanksgiving weekend 2009. Dd has a four day weekend, talk about busy!

Luckily this year we only had one turkey dinner, as opposed to our typical two to three turkey meals in a four day time period.

Yesterday my mom & her husband came over for dinner. Turkey, potatoes, etc typical Canadian turkey dinner. Was really good too! It's always nice to see at least somebody for a holiday but nothing beats the old days of thanksgiving at my grandmas.

Homemade everything from dinner to desert prettymuch. You'd be so full after you wouldn't want turkey until next year.

Today I spent taking pictures and numbering more used clothes for the gallery. It's coming along nicely! Now hopefully my idea won't bs a bust like just about every other idea I've had & we'll be on our way!

Well it was left over turkey sandwiches tonight after I ruined baking some cookies today. They turned out all mushy & weird. I'm going to try some muffins after I clean up the dinner mess!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


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