Halloween 2009 has come & gone, we almost missed it but fortunately everything turned out ok!

Friday afternoon dd came down with a serious fever, we almost had to make a trip to the hospital but fortunately her fever broke overnight with the help of childrens motrin and she was feeling better by Saturday morning.

Although not 100% she spent the day resting, hoping she'd feel better in time for trick or treating.

I felt terrible, she was so excited about Halloween like any 5 year old & had been talking about it for weeks.

After dinner she was feeling much better. We put her devil costume together while dh and ds went to the store. Ds was supposed to be pooh bear but the costume was too small so he was an elephant. Someone called him horton from the movie horton hears a who.

For a little girl she got a lot of candy. To the point her felt bag ripped by the end and she had to finish off with a plastic shopping bag we had on hand.

Exhausted after dd only ate two candies and fell asleep on the couch. Little brother had been munching on cheetos while sister gathered the loot. When we got home he was good for bed too.

It was nice to go out & spend the event as a family. The kids had fun and that's what matters most.

Until next time...keep dreaming...


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