This is Hazel -

A 3 year old indoor shelter cat a friend of mine had to give away due to having to constantly break up fights betwen Hazel & her own cats. She contacted me last week with the offer to take her in.

This was a decision I have been bouncing back and forth in my head since dd started begging for a kitty about two years ago. Kittens are too much work with shots and messes etc, older cats can be set in their ways sometimes not very good when you have young kids. Hazel however is only 3 and has lived in large households including other pets but Zeus is not just an ordinary dog...he's BIG.

My main concern about bringing hazel into our home was not about her harming my kids but rather how would she handle my kids and giant monster of a dog.

I haven't owned a cat since I moved on my own and started my own family nearly 7/8 years ago...Living with my mother she had three of her own. She still has three cats but the eldest of the original three passed away last year and my mother adopted my brothers cat when he moved and couldn't keep her. My kids have never owned a cat and my dog has never lived with other animals in fact typically he can become agressive so that concerned me a bit.

So after talking it over with dh and asking my friend a million things about her now, Hazel is my new cat. So far she's wonderful. She's friendly and really gentle. Zeus thinks she's great and wants to play but his size scares the crap out if her so she'll hide. Which is a lot better than the scenerio in the summer of Zeus cornering the neihbours cat and freaking out on it. Hazel, consider yourself on his good side! ;-)

Dd is happy she finally has a pet kitty in the family. Only problem is dd tries to pet her, backwards and when Hazels had enough she runs away. Well dd although told over and over not to, chases her. Not in a mean kid kind of way, just because she wants to pet the cat!

Ds has no interest in the cat so far. I think this wi be good for everyone, something different. Dh is even taking a liking to our new furry friend...

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


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