Flu season, it comes hand in hand with the colder seasons of fall and winter coming in. This year we have another bothersome worry with the threat of the dreaded H1N1 or swine flu lurking around what seems lately, every corner.

My family and I endured a long tough two weeks with everybody being sick one after another. It's incredible how quickly this virus can spread but with the help of bedrest, a little TLC and some great online resources about the flu we made it through and recovered.

As we all know the government has released a H1N1 vaccine which has it's benefits but also brings worry to others so whether you decide to vaccinate against this illness is completely up to you. The same choice we have to vaccinate against seasonal flu or not as well.

Although the vaccine is available there are still chances you or worse your children could contract the virus and bring it into your once healthy home.

The first thing you should do when you see your little one isn't themselves is NOT panick.

H1N1 can really only be detected through testing however symptoms are close to that of a regular seasonal flu.

Check for the following symptoms:

•Sore Throat
•Respiratory Problems
•Body Aches

For more information about H1N1 symptoms visit http://www.h1n1-symptoms.org.

The best thing to do when your child is sick is to keep them home from public places like schools, malls, even buses and quarrentined to one room of the house if possible.

Have them wear a face mask if they have to be around anyone who is not sick and make hand washing essential.

Keep the sick one as comfortable as possible with plenty if fluid to prevent dehydration. Let them get the rest they need.

For more detailed information about how to care for someone while sick please visit:

There have been quite a few emergency cases of the flu this year which required medical attention. If any of the following symptoms occur please visit your local emergency room as soon as possible to be tested for h1n1.

•fast breathing or trouble breathing
•bluish skin color
•not drinking enough fluids
•very sleepy or lethargic
•in babies, being so irritable they don't want to be held
•fever with a rash
•flu-like symptoms that improve, then return with fever and a worse cough

There is nothing worse than having a family member sick, especially a young child so please take precautions by influencing hand washing and keeping disinfectant cleaning products on hand at all times. You can't be too safe when dealing with your health and the health of your family.

For a great parents guide to H1N1 and prevention please visit http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/bacterial_viral/h1n1_guide.htm

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