A few months back I made a very sad and failed attempt to sell some of my kids old clothes. Funny enough I actually felt this guilt doing it because normally when my kids outgrow their things we simply give them to somebody who needs them, for free.

So now being it Christmas we have been giving ds old clothes away to someone we know with a little boy too. Tonight he got an early gift, dh brought over ds exersaucer we haven't used it in months but bought it brand new only ds ever used it.

Feels good to know we are helping others without gain, although $$ from used clothes couldve helped but oh well!

People in the past helped us when we were starting out, i'd just like to repay the favor by doing the same. I would love to donate money to charity but financially we just can't.

Giving puts me in the Christmas mood.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


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