Tonight we had our first parent teacher interview. Of course I went, being the one who deals with most of the childrens appointments. I was nervous and not about meeting the teacher but about what she had to say about our dd.

For those of you new to my blog my dd is an amazing little girl. She's bright, has a good sense of humour, she has a big heart and the whole package but when she doesn't get what she wants watch out. It's like watching her transition from this innocent 5 year old to a mouthy know it all 13 year old. She will do anything to get her way (not like she does no matter what she pulls with me!)

So back to the interview, at 5:45 I hustled my butt in the freezing cold to make the 6:10 meeting. Made it there 10 minutes early too (organized mommy points!). The 6:00 family were late so I was able to go earlier, bonus!

Met the teacher, lovely lady very welcoming and kind. We discussed dds progress as far as school work goes she's been progressing well. Which made me quite happy but the harder part was about to be said.

I think the teacher knew I was expecting it when she said "okay, now to discuss her...um...behaviour". Here it came, in a nicer way than I had interpreted in my head. To put it short my dd is a handful and some at school. Worst part is she's only there for 2 1/2 hours a day!

Being on time outs, having to be sent to another class and basically doing what sounded worse than she does to me at home. The teacher finished with "She is a lovely child, we just need to tone down the determination". Determined is a light way of putting it.

I felt like crying on the walk home but instead I thought about a decent speech when dd and I had our talk about the interview when I got home.

I got home, discussed the interview first with dh. Gave him the heads up, he was impressed by her french work report. Dd came in the room so we sat her down and discussed everything.

As a mom I believe in letting my kids know they can come to me with anything no matter how big or small, that's what I'm here for. Every night I spend about 10-15 minutes before bed when I tuck her in to just talk to her. It doesn't matter what about but I always end it telling her how special she is to me, her daddy & her brother. She always replies "I love you too mom". The reason seeing her act out the way she has been breaks my heart because I know that's not her.

Hopefully my new and improved mommy methods will work. Wish me luck!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


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