Becoming a mom is one of the most wonderful things in life, enjoying every happy moment from pregnancy to birth. When baby arrives a lot of mothers find themselves scratching their heads. The parenting books didn't even come close to the real thing leaving moms confused and frustrated not knowing how to deal with the little things that can feel so big at the time.

If I hadn't received the advice I did, through online networks of new moms as well as family and friends, I think the first few months of motherhood would've been a little more crazy.

Here are my top picks of advice given to me by the "wiser" and learned at the time my daughter was born:

1) Being a mother means that most of your time will be spent taking care of baby, don't forget about you! Once a day do something for you, take a walk, listen to your iPod while in the hot bath, whatever brings you to that quiet place do it. Mom needs to recharge the batteries too.

2) Sleep when the baby sleeps. With mountains of laundry, a house to clean and baby bottles to make most would laugh at the thought of sleeping when the baby sleeps but honestly take the advice. You need your energy to take care of baby. Every baby has a routine, so when nap time comes for baby it should come for mommy too. If you're lucky enough to have family and friends around, ask them for help. Even if its to bring over a hot meal for supper or something during your transition into new mommyhood.

3) Don't take others advice as a personal attack on your parenting skills. Some people can come off rude, they can come off sounding like judge Judy and it can hurt your feelings but most of the time they are just doing to you what was done to them. They are just trying to help from experience. If you feel it's unsolicited advice or are insulted, let them know you've got this.

4) Know that no matter what you do, that little baby loves you unconditionally. She looks at you for everything from food to cuddles. As scary as it might sound, as she gets older the bonds will only grown stronger between her and you.

5) Remember every baby is different and although baby books can give you good pointers, you won't find the magic key at the end. What might work to calm some babies may not work for others etc etc but never give up. As you get to know your baby you will know what soothes and what just doesn't work. No matter what anyone says, do what makes you and your baby happy.

Have your own tips on parenting you would like to share with the world of new moms? Leave a comment below, I love to hear from my readers!

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