Just about everybody has access to the Internet. Whether they just browse or are hard core bloggers, the Internet is a vast place of information both educational and unfortunately sometimes personal, a little too personal.

Blogs are fun to write and they can be fun to read. Anyone can open a free blog and write whatever they wish. Word of the wise: think before you post. Anybody can read your blog, anybody.

This is where my story kicks in. Recently I came back in contact with a relative who I haven't spoken to in almost two years due to a family dispute, long story.

Anyway, we had chatted online for barely two weeks when I stumbled across something very hurtful and on the internet of all places.

After a facebook email pleading for us to get together and talk things through I find on their myspace blog an entire paragraph belittling me as a mother and as a woman, complete lies about me and written just less than 3 months ago.

I was shocked that somebody especially family could try to use the Internet as an outlet to make themselves feel better by belittling somebody like that. Unreal.

My reaction: told (not asked) the person to take the post down and expressed my disgust in the whole situation. They shouldn't expect any further of me any time soon.

As terrible as this is right before the holidays, it really gives me a good reason to focus even more on the people who truly care, unconditional love of my dh and kids.

Just a little advice to Internet newbes, think before you post!

And yes, I thought this one through ;-)

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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