I love my kids, I adore my friends kids and anyone we know is pretty much welcome in our home.

Last night we had a houseful, 5 kids including my two. I like having my friends over and them being able to bring their children but my own children have certain rules to follow and I expect other children when told by their own parent, to respect the rules as well.

Unfortunately last night at one point rules were not being respected, nor was the mother, my friend who was trying to enforce them. Her child disregarded what was said and continued arguing.

I could see the temperature in my friend rise and the other children sitting and watching this event occur so I took the initiative and told this child she was being rude, I have particular rules for my daughter to follow (such as no jumping in the livingroom or on furniture) and I expect as a guest in our home she respect that as well.

About an hour later she called her mom into the livingroom requesting a private talk with me. I spoke to the girl and explained I think she is a wonderful, sweet girl but she can't act the way she was acting. She apologized for her behaviour and the conversation ended with a smile and a hug.

After that everyone was sitting quietly watching tv allowing us parents a few minutes to have a much needed coffee break.

Children sometimes need to hear it from another adult. I've learned from dealing with my own quite opinionated daughter the best way is communicating with them. It might not always work but you never know when your voice will be heard.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


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