Christmas and new years eve were generally reserved for family, the kids and spent with loved ones.

A great beginning to 2010 with a belated new years gathering with grownups only to watch the first ufc event of the year as well as wish eachother happy new year.

It has happened in the past, in 2009 when we had planned similar events where it ended in nobody showing up for whatever reasons and feeling disapointed time and energy wasted.

This was not the case last night. We had a house full. Four couples and a couple of beers, we had a nice evening laughing and getting the chance to relax a little.

It's nice to have social gatherings but it's even better when you have friends who don't mind coming by because you can't get a sitter to get to them. The friends where it doesn't have to be a wild and crazy party to have fun.

It's wonderful being a stay at home mom, being able to spend a lot of time with my two kids and the whole kit. It's also nice to let go once in a while as an adult with my partner and just have some fun. Its not every day and I'm glad we did, a great way to celebrate the beginning of a New Year!

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


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