We all forget things throughout our lives. Little things like items on a grocery list to bigger things like forgetting somebodys birthday or an appointment made. One thing as parents we do not (or at least try not) to forget is our children.

Most people could laugh and say "who could forget a child?". Last week my own daughter was forgotten.

Last Wednesday dh left the house at 2:45pm to collect our 5 year old daughter from her school bus stop. Not even two minutes after him leaving I get a phone call from the school. Our kid didn't make it on the school bus, was sitting in the office and one of us was to pick her up as soon as possible. I immediately asked how could this possibly happen, she's five? They told us she was "doddling"

This was both alarming and aggravating because we do not have a vehicle and Canadian winters are mean cold. Either way dh took the bullet and collected our little girl from the school by foot.

Before leaving with our child however, dh asked them how missing the bus home is the responsibility of a five year old child who cannot tell time yet and not the responsibility of a 40 something educator who is supposedly the adult in the situation.

It angered me that she missed the bus but it really upset me that they put the entire blame on her.

After the entire ordeal calmed down and everybody was safe at home I simply asked our daughter what had happened that caused her to miss the bus.

She explained the teacher put her on time out. She continued, saying that after a few minutes everybody was ready and leaving for the bus but she didn't have time to get dressed and missed the bus, the secretary brought her to the office.

It hurt hearing that because of her "reputation" for bad behaviour with a certain teacher caused this teacher to actually forget about her like that.

My child isn't perfect but she still deserves respect like anybody else regardless of how she acts. This negative approach and constant pin pointing is happening too often.

Dh and I have decided, one more phone call from school and we will need to have a meeting. Something is going on between school and my daughter because the behaviour stated on her recent report card seems mote extreme than what she acts at home, doing homework etc.

All we can do is try to work with the school to help our girl be the best she can be in school and in life.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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  1. All too often it seems that schools pinpoint a certain child to make an example of, your right to stand up for your daughter. Perhaps if she is having problems within the school system you should wait it out a little to see if she adapts but if not consider alternatives in schooling? It all comes down to what's best for her.

    Take Care


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