This valentines day was hubby and my 7th valentines day together. Every year we celebrate even in small ways. Hubby would get me a little gift, I would either cook or order a nice dinner. Just spending the evening enjoying eachother, another excuse to do so (hehehe).

This year however was different. We had a busy day doing each our own things and by mid afternoon my phone rang with a discouraged friend on the other end. She was upset and having more than her share of problems all at once.

The last thing I want is something happening to a good friend of ours so hubby and I opened our doors & helped our friend on this gloomy valentines day.

The weird thing is that it didn't bother me that we didn't get to have that special valentines day dinner-evening together. We shared our table with someone who needed her friends around her. After dinner another close friend was beside herself with a whole other set of sorrows, she too was invited for a coffee and a chat.

It made me feel good that I did not allow someone I care about to be alone on love day! I'm glad we were able to give them the time to sort out some of their stuff and get back to being themselves.

Glad we were able to show our love besides to eachother on love day.

Love for your partner and anybody you care about should be shown on more than just one day marked on the calendar by card companies, another hallmark holiday.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1


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