Our little boy is about to turn two years old. I am beyond proud he has reached so many milestones the doctors never thought he would live to reach when he was born. (See past entry about my kids!)

March 14, 2010 he will officially be two years old. I have already begun planning a little birthday party for our little guy, I'm thinking icecream cone cakes as it's easier for him to enjoy and themed maybe Thomas the train but I'll discuss this in a post closer to the date once I decide.

Back to what my son has accomplished lately...He says a series of words and two to three syllable phrases like "here you go" and "look at that". One of his favourite words is of course "hockey" influenced at a young age!

He has been crawling for months, it took him a while to break his fear of standing and trying to walk but he's finally done it!

It's so exciting when your baby finally meets their milestone especially when you've been hoping and waiting for it proudly knowing they'll do it when they are ready. Well he's ready.

Started off as scaling across the furniture to slightly letting go, now he takes off across rooms unt he realizes he's got nothing to hold onto and goes back into crawl mode. Good going my boy!

As a little guy who faced slim chances at birth, he amazes me. Before I know it he will be running around and talking a mile a minute with his older sister.

-- Until next time...Keep Dreaming Always, @iDream1

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  1. Wow has it been that long already? I really need to find my way out to Ottawa soon to meet your family. God I've been saying that since you were pregnant with your daughter showing me ultrasound pictures! lol But I mean it, I'd love to come visit.


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