We are a catholic family. Both dh and I were raised in a catholic environment and went to catholic schools - we are beginning the same ritual for our children.

The hardest part about trying to teach your children the real meaning of celebrations such as Christmas and Easter are the myths we've made up over the generations about fictional characters who come around giving treats when you're kids are good on these special occassions.

I remember excitedly waiting for the arrival of the big bunny (we won't mention his name) and thinking about it, yes I did enjoy it but as a mother now having my own kids ask about these things I feel guilty. As if I would lie to my own kids about something as silly as a bunny.

Then again I think about it. Part of being a child is not knowing and not needing to know. There is so much heartache and terrible things in this world I guess the least we can do is give them a couple of fun characters for the holidays. Even if that means trying to figure out what to say when you're 5 year old asks where the bunny & Santa fit into all of this.

This Easter is less about the chocolate bunnies and more about the time spent together as a family, with everyone under one roof enjoying a beautiful meal Easter Sunday.

I'll anticipate the moment she figures it all out, they're smarter than we think...;-)

- Until next time...keep dreaming... @iDream1


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