Springtime is wonderful, everything feels fresh and new - except our local park...

April is earth month and it's time to clean up - This month I will be doing several posts about earth month and of course earth day which is April 22nd!

Our city should be the first to set an example of renew, reuse, recycle by cleaning up the garbage and debris left from winter time in our local parks.

This weekends weather gave us a great opportunity to get out and enjoy but we did find the park to be a little under kept compared to previous years - the boards from the ice rink along with a snow shovel are still laying there.

We have been doing our part by cleaning up winter debris from our own backyard, slowly turning it back into the relaxing atmosphere we had last year.

Inside the heat has been turned nearly off - it still gets a little humid in this old house. As always our clothes are washed in cold water. Towels and other linnens washed which take more than one cycle in our dryer are hung out on the clothesline on nice days.

We began using our green organic recycling bin - when the kids have fruit outside, the peels and cores go in the bin plus dd loves knowing she's recycling.

Being green, even just a little doesn't only save you money on energy bills but it gives you a good feeling knowing you're doing your part to help clean up our planet. What do you do that's green?

Until next time - keep dreaming, always.


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