Lately we have been having somewhat of a diaper issue with our youngest, the boy who just turned 2 in march. The problem is getting them on him, he hates having to lay down to put them on and he hates even more having to keep the diaper on. We are leaning for the pull-ups people!

A few mornings in a row I've entered his room as usual only to find him smiling, diaperless and a puddle sitting just at the foot of the crib. It begins - time to start introducing the big boy potty.

A couple of weeks ago I found a potty seat at the dollarama, perfect! He's still a bit young to understand enough to ask when he has to go but tonight he took a baby step toward potty training!

Before bath we place him on his little potty seat, try to explain how "the pee pee goes in there" while he blankly stares and then begins to giggle and try to touch the toilet water...

Tonight before bath, when he sat on his big boy potty seat he did it! He went pee like a big boy and what a proud smile he had being praised by both me and big sister. The first step - understanding the concept is in motion. With a little patience and persistance he'll catch on before we know it.

Last week I received the pull-ups potty training success DVD - their website had a promotion not long ago. The DVD includes the music video for the potty dance song (see previous post about it!) and useful tips I'll definitely check out.

Now that son knows what the potty is and what to do, maybe I can learn some tecnique on how to get him to let me know! This should be an interesting road to big boyhood.

-- Until next time - keep dreaming, always @iDream1


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