Living in a house with two kids and two animals leaves room to point fingers when something odd happens around here. Sometimes the dog did it or the baby did it, sometimes this strange "not me" person does it...either way mom gets to the bottom of it.

On the diningroom table I have a nice tall glass jar containing the remaining live flowers from Easter and beside it is a smaller glass containing the remaining bamboo plant with one leaf that the cat destroyed and Hubby is trying to save.

This morning I woke up and came downstairs to make my coffee and I noticed an accident had happened. The small glass on the diningroom table had been knocked over and water spilled, seemingly a while before I found it because some of it had dried.

I automatically had two culprits - dd or the cat. Dd loves flowers and will go try to smell them. The cat has lately taken a liking to those flowers as well, I've caught her on my table.

So I asked dd if she had accidently knocked over the glass. She immediately took offense and said " I didnt do it! Im not lying! the cat did it!"

Honestly before her reaction I thought she did it, I wasn't angry a little spill is no big deal but we've been having difficulty getting her to own up when she does do something rather than blame it on someone or something else, being honest. You can always tell by my daughters eyes if she's being honest and her eyes took offense so I know the cat really did do it.

After the mess was cleaned up and the ordeal was over I actually caught the cat in action, swatting at a leaf hanging from my flowers. So if anything weird happens around here from now on - we'll just say "the cat did it!"

--Until next time--keep dreaming, always, @idream1


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