Today we went out shopping as a family. Dd needed a new pair of shoes. We packed up ds in his stroller - snacks & juice in the bag and went on our way.

We had a couple of other errands to run besides shoe shopping but we decided to go for the shoes first to avoid "when am I getting my shoes?" the whole time we shop.

I hate shoe shopping - never do they seem to have the size we are looking for or the style we need. Non laces and wide is what my daughter prefers, I won't buy expensive 100$ shoes for a 5 year old but I won't make her wear shoes she isn't comfortable in either.

It took us about twenty minutes of running up & down those shoe isles looking at pair after pair that just weren't good enough. Finally we found a pair - Barbie shoes, no laces and wide. The pair I picked up luckily was her size - phew no more hunting! Let's go get the dog food!

We finished what we had to do, paid and left the store. As I'm making sure ds is still comfy I hear "but I don't know where he went!" a sad little voice - dd had dropped her favorite beany baby puppy somewhere in the store.

Try explaining to a 5 year old that when you lose something you can't always get it back. She started to cry and insisted I go back with her & look fir it. Oh man, I was tired and becoming a little cranky but we went back to search anyway. Nothing. She cried some more so daddy went this time. Twenty minutes later they come out with the damn puppy. She placed it on a shelf in the shoe department to look at the shoes. I didn't think of the shelves.

After all that we finally got our errands done. It takes so much longer without a car and two kids but besides losing the puppy (and patience a little) I do enjoy going out as a family - we usually stop at Tim Hortons for coffee, donuts & chocolate milk for the kids.

Sometimes it's the little things that make the big things seem not so big.

Until next time - keep dreaming, always...


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