This week my parents-in-law came for a visit and brought a big surprise for the kids - a bunch of toys their cousins outgrew. I still need to go through two of the boxes...definitely have a garage sale, including the boxes already downstairs that contain toys that MY kids outgrew. Expect an upcoming post about that.

Back to my story - in one of these boxes of toys was a lovely bratz alarm clock, you know the talking ones. Nothing wrong with it by looking at it and the clock works.

I thought it was pretty cool, something dd didn't have and it can maybe replace the spongebob clock (with the nose broken off) that she's currently got. It was cool alright, until the thing freaked me right out this evening.

I went into dds room to tidy up, she had the clock plugged in and set up on her night stand. As I'm placing various Teddy bears back in their respective places in the plushy basket (which is on the opposite side to the night stand), the clock spoke. Randomly spoke.

All I hear is this girls voice say "yes?" - nobody was in the room but me and I hadn't said a word. So I approach the clock, pick it up and without touching a single button the voice continues explaining instructions how to program the alarms ring. So I repeated the word "Bratz" like it said, nothing. I pressed all the buttons, spoke into the little mic hole and nothing! The toy is obviously broken (or possessed when plugged in). Needless to say I unplugged it and removed it from her room.

This reminded me of that scary "chucky" looking doll dd had about two years ago. The thing had matted hair, scuffed up face and stained clothes (she was brought out to the park a few times). Midnight one night I got up out of bed and was heading to the washroom all of a sudden I hear "Im hungry maa maa!" in that creepy doll voice. Everyone was fast asleep, dd had left her doll on the floor of the hall near her bedroom door, midnight snack maybe. Seriously, do these toys malfunction after time to scare us or what? At least the clock stopped talking when I unplugged it, now THAT would've been freaky!

Have any of you experienced the toys that make noise going off randomly? Share your story!

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