It's mothers day once again, the one day we moms are cherished and worshipped -- yeah right I wouldn't go THAT far but at least our family shows the love.

It was an overall typical day that began with the chaos that is a Sunday morning, mothers day or not. Hubby was angry at the dog for scratching the door and dd tattle-yelling "Omg gross he took off his diaper and peed!" - yeah typical of my son. Finally Hubby got everyone diapered and settled with breakfast, coffee brewing - don't wake me up unless you have coffee, especially on mothers day.

Hand-made gifts from dd were included today, a card (which we made at school together on Wednesday), a thank you card for coming on Wednesday and paper flowers -- always love her arts and crafts.
I tried calling my mom, no luck I ended up wishing happy mothers day to her machine.
We went out this afternoon to run errands, that was interesting. Hubby made an effort to try and keep it a happy mothers day - meaning a day with little to no chaos. I love him for that!
I did win myself a few mothers day gifts, a chickenfoot dvd (please laugh and google them, it's a band lol), Kathy Buckworth books and a t-fal actifry :-D pretty sweet, had to tell you about it!

Well I'm finally having true mommy time, I'm thinking mint chocolate chip ice cream in a chocolate cone...good night and happy mothers day.

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



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