Weight seems to be a big and touchy issue when it comes to women - most are trying to lose for whatever reason be it health, self-esteem, image whatever, they are on a constant battle against themselves - to lose weight.

I have been battling a weight problem for about two years now - but it's the exact opposite of everything I just said. I'm trying to gain weight. For my own reasons such as health, image and well that's pretty much it. I'm tired of being "the skinny one".

It didn't happen on purpose, I'm not annorexic or have any eating disorders - my love of chocolate can tell anyone that! But with pressure & stress of almost losing our son back in 2008 put me into a year long depression with terrible eating habits and I slimmed right down to the point my doctor, family and friends became concerned and I was just not happy with this skinny rake like figure I had become. I felt like hiding under sweaters and big clothes. It's sad when you aren't happy with that woman staring back at you in the mirror.

Finally my son was out of the danger zone and I started being me again. Eating my healthy meals and getting out, enjoying life that for months felt like it was over. Enjoying my kids with the new energy I thought I had lost. Doing more of what I love, laughing.

It has been 2 years since I hit my low point - I've found out several things about my health that made me really open my eyes and realize a lot. I was taking care of everybody but me. Now, I'm taking care of me, and everybody.

I haven't reached my ideal weight yet - it's been a struggle trying to keep it healthy but also keep to foods that can help me gain back that weight. I'm very active - walk everywhere, helps for somewhat of an exercise routine besides running after the little guy all day!

So, anyone struggling with a weight problem, trying to lose or gain - we are together in this because our main goal is to be happy right? A happy mama makes a happy family - that's where I want to be and I know I'm headed on the right path as long as I keep doing what I'm doing and that's not giving up.

I thought I would share this with everyone, a more personal post....

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