Today we took a walk to run a few errands, beating the rain might I add. Anyway, I had coupons for a free product I had received for review purposes. So, while we were out we figured we'd stop by and pick it up.

We got what we needed and headed to the cash. I handed the cashier my coupon and her smile fell upside down into a nasty frown. "hmm well I guess this is it?" she grunted after five minutes of examining the coupon like it was a fake bill or something. I took my goods and left thinking, wow seriously what is with the attitude when people use a coupon?

The cashier herself doesn't have to physically lose anything, the product company reimburses the store and cashiers don't make commission that I know of. So why the frown when a customer is trying to save a buck at the store you work in. Honestly I dont understand it. I'm a good shopper, I even bring my own shopping bags yet these disgruntled employees scowl at my coupons. Your job is to ring in the cash not judge by a coupon. Looks like today I got a coupon for free rudeness.

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