There was a time in my life before becoming a mom and before meeting my now Hubby that I had a dream to travel.

I wanted to travel anywhere I could just to see different places, faces and learn about different cultures. I did travel. Not as far as I wish I still could go but I did travel.

My mother, her bf at the time, myself and sometimes my older brother would take summer trips. We visited 1000 islands, we visited New Jersey and NYC but the best trip we took was one that'll be in my memory forever.

We visited Europe, Holland to be exact. It wasn't just any visit, it was a reunion of friends when I found my childhood best friend online, ICQ I think.

My mother and her mother were close friends, all of us were but they had to move back to holland when I was around 7 years old.i still rember the sleep over we had the night before they left.

13 years later and having grown up in different worlds, the reunion trip is a memory to cherish and I would love to one day relive it with my own kids.

Seeing so many travelling makes me wish upon the dream I once had. I will one day, maybe in another 13 years ;-)

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...




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