image170155567.jpgI don't know about everybody else but during the hot days of summer days sometimes I just don't feel like making a huge meal for lunch or dinner not only heating up the kitchen and making me more tired than I already am. And then there are the nights I'm just too busy, a day sometimes does not have enough hours in it!

On days like these I make simple meals, most of which you can find by just looking in the cupboards and fridge.

Tonight's quick and easy meal was very simple, even laughable but not all of us are Martha Stewart are we? So, here's what we had:

"Sandwich wraps" with Mac n' Cheese and cucumber on the side. Simple, quick and easy.

All you need is:
-Pita or Fajita wraps
-Whatever you want inside (we had lettuce, tomatoe, onion, cucumber, cheese, meats, mustard etc)
- Kraft Dinner (for those who don't know what that is, it's mac n cheese in a box, very simple the directions are right there)
-Extra veggies from pita decorating can be a yummy side, cut cheese cubes or pickles etc.

Basically just lay the pita flat, put on your toppings and wrap it up. We put foil on the end to prevent garnishes falling all over. Place on a plate, side with mac n cheese, veggies, fries or whatever else you desire and there you have it!

For those of us who are no Martha Stewart on any good given day-- this ones for you.



  1. Yep! I hear ya! On hot days like today, I don't feel like eating anything hot! I don't feel like using the stove or oven! LOL! I usually make salads of various sorts, and we have lots and lots of refreshing fruits!

    Thanks for sharing this! XO

  2. That's a perfect meal for today - it's going to be sweltering hot here so I don't want to turn on the oven. Quick prep and clean up too - thanks :)


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