What's worse than falling down the stairs? The sound of your child falling down the stairs.

It happens to us all at one point in our lives, we fall down the stairs. Picture this: a little girl supposed to be in bed, hears mom & dad have guests and decides to be sneaky. She leans over the railing to listen and suddenly slips on her socks and face plants it down seven hardwood steps. That was me, around the age of four. I remember the fear of both myself and my parents who had to rush me to the hospital.

Tonight my little guy toppled down three steps - while I was preparing the two kids plates for supper. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I got to the stairs (which are three steps from my kitchen) as he landed and luckily there was no injury, he only scared himself and we are lucky. One of my biggest parenting fears I have is seeing my kids fall down an entire flight of steps like I did, bruising my entire face.

Typically he will go down the steps on his bum if he's caught climbing but today my little man tried to be daring. A long cuddle and he was alright.

It's the little things like these that are sometimes the biggest wakeup calls.

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...



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  1. Glad he is alright and no major injuries.. I think the worst so far for me with my kids is the night I was sitting at one end of the livingroom and Parker ran to the other to look out the window and tripped on his own two feet and landed face first into our radiator.. :( 3 stitches later and a scared lil boy of the hospital.. I look back and wish I had left all the toys on the floor cause they just might have coushined the fall!


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